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  1. Steal supplies

    Supplies could be persistent, so as an enemy who captured a fob, you could either steal the supplies or destroy them like a cache.
  2. Scope kits dominating gameplay

    Just practice hip shooting.... Once rifles with optics get back up iron sights, they'll be the uber weapon.
  3. Mods are the answer. If the population migrates to one particular mod, (which never happens, let's be honest) they might review their gameplay design, but it appears that the pace and feel of Squad as it is now, is what we will end up with. Not that I don't enjoy it, but it's not all that I was hoping for. I'd love to see a PR mod.
  4. Where Did My FPS Go?

    My crappy fps has stayed the same from V9, @ 45 or so max.
  5. Night map?

    look on YT for vids of night maps, they're there, but not played any longer. If we get NV I bet we'd see them again.
  6. Yeah, it's like the 1st and 3rd person animations aren't exactly in sync
  7. I also see weird enemy animations from time to time. Their arms and weapon are moving around oddly or pointing off to the side and they still shoot me out of their chest. Haven't had the slime, but all the others.
  8. Scope kits dominating gameplay

    That's my experience too. With IS, you can either hit or get close enough to pretty much anyone on the map to cause them to move, unfortunately, if that guy has a scope, he's already domed you waaaay before you have a chance to see him.
  9. Ridiculous accuracy.

    True, but if more rl inaccuracy was modeled into the game, it would play better IMO, it's far too easy to line up on and hit a long range target. I'm a hunter, and shoot scoped long rifles, hitting a man sized target while standing out past 500m isn't easy. You move, there's wind, there's inaccuracy in your barrel, in your loads and more. It's certainly doable, but bullets don't always exactly go where you're aiming or think you're aiming IRL.
  10. All three games will draw from elsewhere, not just from Squad. There are a lot of people who aren't interested in modern shooters for example, as well as people who might be initially drawn to PS and then after that into Squad.
  11. Ridiculous accuracy.

    No kidding, hard to argue with that 1200m video. Nice

    If you ain't wearing flip flops, you shouldn't be able to swim.....
  13. I prefer WW2 over modern combat, so I'll likely spend a lot of time there.
  14. Opinion on vaulting

    Nice post OP, I agree with the sentiment of it, while I'm so happy to have it in game, we've become gymnasts, able to climb up on a fence and walk along it among other unrealistic behaviors. It could be dialed back a tad, as well add time to reset after climbing, and a stamina hit. It would also provide a way to tweak the asymmetry of the forces, lightly equipped soldiers would be more nimble than a heavily loaded conventional soldier. It's great, but needs a little adjusting