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  1. Post Scriptum Keys

    Yaas, I want my Pissed Scrotum, er, I mean Post Scriptum
  2. Ranging for rocket techi

    I think it was Sgt Ross who said in one of the past dev AMA's that they weren't going to add any targeting aids to the rocket techie, since they wanted it to be a blunt instrument. Which is a shame really, when they first came out, they were used as crude arty, with some effect, but now with mortars in game, I only see them used as transport, with a one shot rocket spam towards the target, and then abandoned. They're fairly useless as they are now, if you're going to do logi runs to supply anything, mortars are a far better choice, you can be accurate with them, and they have multiple shell types now.
  3. I like the idea of stealing an enemy APC, using it as a Trojan Horse and storming a cap from the inside, but you know in pub matches it would turn out like this.....
  4. [WIP] Karasu

    Seconded. Having tried to play on servers running mods and such, and failed, I'd just wait until they're farther along. I've got no doubt that your maps and other will see heavy rotation once it's sorted.
  5. You could create a new role, that of the diplomat, they could hold talks with the other side, and after long negotiations and at a mutually agreed upon time and location, both sides could trade captured vehicles.
  6. Two "cute" Ideas

    Didn't we have numbers in one of the early iterations? I vaguely remember that.
  7. Post Scriptum Keys

    I'm all set, thanks Odin
  8. Bipod seamlessness

    I much prefer the bipod management in RO2, where once you turned past its range of rotation, your avatar picked the entire weapon up slightly and then placed it back down once you stopped turning. While it was up in the air, you couldn't fire it. The whole thing was logical, and mindless. Plus, being able to duck while reloading or under fire......
  9. Post Scriptum Keys

    I haven't found a link on steam to DL it yet, or add it to my library, I'm assuming that it's not yet available?
  10. Enemy FOBs aren't hard to find if you come across a parked logi. It's either right next to it, or within an easy running distance, you look at the map, figure out where you would put it closer to the cap, and bingo, there it is. I'm not really a fan of the game providing hints, I think players should learn to use their brains. As it is now, if you kill a logi, it can hurt an enemy team pretty badly for whatever the cooldown is, 10 minutes. If it's abandoned and ends up in enemy territory, it can be a fun mini mission to sneak up and try to steal it back. Once the added features of disabling it come online, you can disable it so it won't respawn, and be that much harder to save and RTB. Which will make them even more valuable and players should learn to protect them. If you've ever been on a team that is logi-less, while you watch the other guys roll you up since you can't place a fob ANYWHERE, I'm sure you've learned to keep them safe.
  11. I don't like it, sorry. Maybe in a game mode like Insurgency, otherwise, it seems weird. I'd rather you could enter an abandoned vehicle and then disable it, either destroy it (because who doesn't like things that go boom?) or just render it unable to drive, like you popped the hood and wrecked some of the components. Either would also discourage people from abandoning vics, especially if they either didn't respawn at all, or with a long delay. With the ability to damage systems coming, and then the ability for crews to repair them, this might become moot. For example, you could shoot up a logi, rendering parts of it damaged, tires flat, or engine wrecked and inoperable, and then, if the enemy gets their sh!t together, they could come back and repair it. Otherwise, it sits there on the battlefield all match.

    Search for "Commander" "Commander role" instead, it's been discussed to death.
  13. Arcady Milsim? Suggestions.

    If a BTR wants to kill you caught out in the open at 500m, it's not going to have any problem doing it.
  14. I've been enjoying Invasion lately, I'm glad to see your server up and at it.