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  1. Ticket Spoilers

    No more stuff in the UI please. In the scoreboard, sure.
  2. You can rotate the mortar a full 360 cant you? Or close anyway. Just do the same. Shovel it halfway down, slowly rotate it like you do the mortar, shovel it back up. It'd make using enemy MG's possible too if they didn't vanish with the radio......
  3. Yeah, I agree, the mg gunner should be able to adjust the tripod position with an associated time penalty. This would also free up the SL from trying to place it juuuust right in the first place. Get it close, plop it down and let your guys adjust it afterward.
  4. Ticket Spoilers

    Yep, nothing has changed. If I happen to be on a team steamrolling, it's common to get to the last cap which is completely deserted. We clear it. Nothing. No counter attacks. Then vehicles roll in to suicide by our RPGs to try to run down the ticket count. Or, you can see the enemy team in main running around shooting birds and having a smoke party. While I agree that changing from numbers to a text classification sounds better, it's still about the same. "How many tickets do you have? We're below Low". I think you shouldn't know at all until the very end, like under 40. "Resources are low! Make your last attack count!"
  5. Squad Roles: Discussion

    As a frequent AT guy, having one squad being AT is a bad idea. Seeing that as a player, you are tied to your SL via rallys, you'd end up with the majority of your AT in one area of the map instead of being widespread and annoying the enemy. The best counter to armor in the game is to have it take rocket hits every time it stops, even if it's not a kill, it keeps them moving and heading back to base to repair. Ineffective armor is just as worthless as dead armor. Having an AT focused squad? Great, but keep LATs distributed with the squads.
  6. Please enable SL to lock their RP

    He'd unlock it? Seems pretty straightforward
  7. Razorwire Idea

    I'd like razor wire to be a better barrier, as has been noted. It's pretty useless as it is. To balance it, nades and other explosives should damage it to a realistic extent.
  8. Or just make them blow up randomly after the infidel dies instead of being garbage collected. Everyone likes when things go boom. It's not like they have Six Sigma Certification, there's shaky wiring, suspect detonators, heavy on the Khat assemblers....... Shovel it up if you want it to go away
  9. The wind is already much higher at altitude than it is lower, at least the sound is, I'm unsure if there is any actual wind. Having built plenty of tall towers on Jensens I can attest to this.
  10. Squad Roles: Discussion

    I'm assuming you'd have to limit squad types and specific numbers of each to the layer. Which means if you lose the race and some noob grabs one of the rare and vital squads, like AA, you're screwed. Or, you'd have SL's waiting to form squads because maybe not all options would be unlocked at the start? Otherwise, you could have an armor squad, a helo squad and everyone else unassigned. While I see your reasoning, I'm unsure it could be pulled off.
  11. My guess is that the caps are uncapped in AAS so that it provides an option to rush those caps and provide more varied gameplay. It forces at least a tiny bit of coordination from the team as well. Someone has to backcap or you're toast. If everything was already capped, and you simply spawned in the middle, EVERY match would initially play out exactly the same. Traveling from main encourages setting up fall back FOBS, and lateral strategies, spawning right at the cap does not. Invasion kills servers because on some maps, it doesn't play fairly and needs tuning, as well as if the advance stalls, it's hard to recover. Unlike on AAS, you don't really see the match flip back and forth, it's usually evident early on if the attackers are going to win or lose.
  12. Permanent zoom? NO!

    Because they said they are going to reduce peripheral vision ADS with optics, so irons would give you even more of an advantage in CQB, as they should, so adding in an auto zoom would start to defeat that. I hope at some point they will have backup sights for all optics, but there's been no mention of it yet.
  13. Permanent zoom? NO!

    I'd rather it was toggled with Shift tbh, I like having an unzoomed option for CQB, but I like the idea overall.
  14. Smoke screen for IFV's

    I'm looking forward to IFV drivers panicking, deploying smoke in an urban area and then getting hopelessly stuck, with said smoke providing easy cover for the enemy to run up and mine/AT grenade it. I don't see how it's going to hurt gameplay in the slightest tbh.
  15. I'm desperately waiting for earplugs.... I like hearing the environmental noises and footsteps, but being in armor is then super loud. Which may be how it is irl, but especially if you're crew, it drives me nuts. Adding earplugs like in ARMA would keep me from shifting my headset half off of my head and then missing local chat.