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  1. Terrain Party

    That's cool
  2. Hatch closed, all tucked inside, hatch open with your head out exposed. Think of the commander of a tank.
  3. Squad Mod France: OPEX SERVAL

    I like what you've done with the shipping containers! I'm fond of the glitched version too
  4. Warning before squad kick

    I'd second a menu function that visually warns of an impending kick from the squad, mainly because I commonly find myself in situations where I can't hear the SL due to noise in game, being under heavy fire or in a vehicle. I don't think it needs to be mandatory, but it'd be nice to have the option.
  5. "Give Up" Timer

    I don't think you should be able to give up at all. Wiping a squad, medics included, is commonly only a minor inconvenience to them in game now, since they can respawn on a rally if they have one, or FOB if they have one and be quickly back in the fight, leading to non stop conveyor belt battles. I'd rather there be lulls in the fighting where you have enough time to do something strategically after you clear out a point, or if you wipe a squad you come across out in the field. Make that be damaging to the other side. If players paid a stiffer penalty for dying, they'd play smarter and with more caution. And, as a medic, I find it endlessly annoying to have people give up on you for no reason.
  6. Vehicles: Controls - steering.

  7. The suggestion for individual ADS and movement sensitivity has been made several times in the past, since we've gotten our hands on the game actually. I would support it and I'm sure the devs are aware that it's been requested. I haven't heard if they have plans to change it, or to leave it as is, but I don't know much.
  8. The long awaited "monthly recap hype thread"

    I just want to see more of those sweet mocap dance moves
  9. [Free Assets] Puddle Decal Material

    Bravo, very nice. This will be a nice touch in excavated areas and wetlands.
  10. Yamalo 8km [WiP]

    Very nice
  11. To be clear, it's a standalone game and while they're getting help from OWI, it's not an OWI or "Squad" project. I'm still looking forward to it. http://postscriptumgame.com/
  12. View on kids playing?

    Pretty much this
  13. AASv(*)

    Randomly spawned caps that are hidden until you cap the current point, would make rushing riskier. It would still make controlling territory important, so you would still have fluid, non linear fighting to destroy the enemy's supply chain and movement more than sitting in an empty cap waiting for it to become active. I find the current rushing meta uninteresting gameplay except for the first 5 minutes. You either wipe or get wiped.
  14. I think having a few preset squad types would be a good idea, instead of turning an inf squad into a armor squad. Within those, there could easily be some flexibility. You could lock it and have a 2 man squad running a single btr, or a 6 man squad running 2. And, totally agree with being able to claim vehicles in the ready up period instead of all plans going into the trash when the wrong squads take the wrong vehicles. It'd be nice if the squad could see their preclaimed vehicle as well on the map, so we don't have to mill around like idiots trying to get to the right truck.
  15. It happens for sure, I don't feel compelled to stick out a round with a SL providing a bad experience anymore, I'll just leave. It's a game, it's about having fun, don't waste your time on idiots when there are so many good people to play with.