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  1. What would you like to see in Squad

    Things not already mentioned: 1) Tie supplies to something other than radios. PS has a much better system where all you need is a logi with supplies in it to drop anything, anywhere. Want to block a road? Go right ahead, stop, build some hedgehogs and then drive away. Ammo for your defenders out in front of the cap? Here ya go. Not have your mortar position be a dead giveaway to where your FOB is? Sure, put them far away. You can leave a truck and other SLs can drop tings, but only logi squad can drive a logi. 2) Designated logi squads. Again, PS has only one (which is sort of an issue IMO), but guess what? People that want to do logi runs and build stuff join a logi squad and no one expects them to do anything else. No one will give you crap about not being on a point, plus, with only 4 in a squad, it doesn't really matter. Plus, logi member have toys no one else does which makes it a little different. 3) Nerf HABs and Rallys. It's too easy to spawn, which only encourages a reckless style of play, as well as not even bothering waiting to be revived. It's often more efficient in getting back into the cap to just spawn in. Being restricted to what ammo you died with might change this, but I still think rallys need a longer cooldown and a limited life.
  2. "killable" backpack?

    I'd second the idea that if you shoot a backpack, underwear starts flying out. And maybe snacks, cheese puffs and the like.
  3. Hmm, it ain't that hard. I'd prefer the devs focused on other placement issues like getting bipods less finicky
  4. No kidding. Those are free weekend stats where a mg camps a FOB and the lemmings pour out.
  5. Similar fps for me. I set up PS the same as Squad and ADS was way faster, it was weird.
  6. I like the red zone for keeping extreme backcapping from happening, it would be nice if the redzone was a bit more random. As I accumulate hours in the game as a Logi SL, you begin to know all the likely locations the enemy will place fobs and MSPs. An interesting thing is that if you place a FOB in the clear, and then once the cap falls and it's now in the red, it's still spawnable, which makes for interesting strategy. Place a FOB that isn't useful now counting on the fact you'll take the next cap or two?
  7. From the PS devs: To address the issue of section cohesion and as a whole make teamwork more accessible, we are currently developing a new feature currently dubbed the “Regroup Call”. The basic idea is that there will be a new soldier class carrying a radio, and when the Section Leader is within a close range of this radio, he can issue a regroup call. This then turns the SL into a spawn point for the next 60 seconds that members of his Section can spawn on. In addition to this, Commanders will only be able to call in airstrikes when standing near a radio operator. There are certain things that will need to be fleshed out, like for example the spawn being disabled if the SL runs into an objective radius, but we plan to work out the kinks with testing.
  8. I have completely different settings in PS to get the same feel. I'm as puzzled as you are.
  9. July 2018 Recap

    I like this idea, leave it up to players to figure out if the risk of swimming is worth it.
  10. I prefer some aspects of PS spawn systems more than Squads. The MSPs are essentially somewhere between a rally and a HAB. Teamwide, and more robust than a rally, but still fragile. Enemy presence stops the spawn, and anyone with a rifle can destroy the trucks. They're essential, so people do take care of them for the most part. Being essential, MSP hunting is a valid tactic for a lone wolf, especially if they have explosives to destroy them. FOBs are more robust, you need some sort of explosive to destroy them, and once blown up, they can be dug down. They are usually set up farther from the cap, in a more safe area and used as a backup spawn to the MSPs. The pace is more deliberate since there are fewer opportunities to teleport across a map, and being infantry heavy, you end up hoofing it around a lot. There's no real rushing or backcapping since the only gametype is Invasion. The good: FOBs and deployable are not tied together with deployables. All you need to drop anything is to have the logi truck close by, and the supplies to do it. Which means you can put mortars anywhere and they don't give the FOB away. The same for repair stations, MG's, defensive structures etc. Once built, the logi can leave. The map is limited in where you can drop FOBs and MSPs and have them spawnable. This zone shifts as caps are taken and is around the active and inactive caps. You can set up spawns waaay behind enemy lines if you want, but they're essentially useless. This keeps spawn points out of the caps directly which eliminates the capture the Alamo meatgrinder thing. Only one squad can use logis and drop FOBs. The bad: Only one squad can use logis and drop FOBs. Deployed defenses are rarely used, and not to any great effect. As an attacker, you can only have 2 FOBs on the map, so a single logi squad has it's hands full keeping up with that during a match, and dealing with mortars. Defenders have no FOBs, but they do have temporary spawns on their closest cap to the active one. There's no superfobbing caps, or even more than a few sandbags or a mg. It just doesn't seem to pay off, so it's not done. Without a squad specific spawnpoint, it can be really hard to keep squads together, it's possible, but you need a good SL and cooperative squadmates. I'd like to see them add in a nerfed rally, just for that reason. Where you can rally your guys once every 5 minutes or something, 9 spawns only, something like that. While I don't think the Squad meta needs a radical overhaul, I think they could definitely learn a few things from PS.
  11. Increase Splash DMG on 30mm's

    Yep, I'd like to see this as well.
  12. Give SL more Power over their Squad

    lock/allow kits Yep - select the roles you want, and let your guys sort it out. enforce kits on individuals No way - Unless you like having endless discussions with your squaddies at the beginning of each round about roles. "But I'm the best LMG!!, Give it to me!" lock/allow spawn (for everyone/ individuals) on certain/ALL spawns on map I'd be willing to try that, I think it could be useful in some situations. locking/allowing all vehicles except those already claimed meaning you can not be passenger in a truck of another squad I don't think it's needed. People get in the wrong vic, it's hardly the end of the world. If they're ignoring you and getting in other vics, then kick. drawing tool for squad level so you have a easier time showing your squad what you want to do +1, I like the idea of map layers Indicator for squadmembers if they are further then x meter away from SL I think this is unnecessary as well. Besides, if it's someone who either doesn't care, or is intentionally far away, on a mission of your choosing, they'll ignore it. RO2 decreased your suppression if you were near squadmates, I'd support some sort of very slight positive reward for sticking together, but really, people will, or they won't.
  13. Mines are Bad for Gameplay

    I rarely see mines placed just outside of main, since on most servers, it's not allowed. I do however, see mines often placed inside of what the enemy might consider friendly territory, since you want them at choke points where the vehicle drivers are complacent and not looking for them. Which often isn't the easiest task for the scout. Like CptDirty said, they're more effective on some maps than others. It also doesn't hurt to drop a few on caps since the enemy often comes barreling in either in an attack or when they've capped it to pick up troops. Mines are an effective equalizer in a minor way.
  14. What position do you play the most? Why?

    LAT/HAT because I like to hunt unsuspecting vics and ruin peoples day. I've been enjoying AR as well lately, since it's such a flexible role.
  15. It's been 1 year next month

    Yeah, a very, very early build. It was wack a mole