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  1. Mortars

    There are other threads as well....
  2. Medic mechanic overhaul!

    Someone has to sit at a radio and wait for other players to bring injured players via transport to the medic building for treatment and they'll get a little intel, that will likely be stale by the time that all happens? If it ever would, since people won't even wait 30 seconds for a medic now? No thanks.
  3. One way to help incentivize returning tansports and logis to base is to give the driver a free spawn instead of a spawn penalty.
  4. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    Who would get airdrops? Just conventional? Even ragheads without RL air support? I'm not necessarily against airdrops if there's a downside to using them, as in they are a risk, both in they help the enemy locate your whatever, since you can't move them. You're restricted to an X meter radius to use the supplies. As well as, if it gets overrun, you lose the supplies out of a finite amount, which could be fairly substantial. Instead of just tickets that represent lives, you should also only have so many supplies at the start of the match. While I concede we need magic spawns in some fashion, I don't like the idea that they are limitless unless destroyed or until the end of the match. I'd like them to require a resupply, and I have no problem with them being mobile spawn points/vehicles. What seems more logical to you, to have a radio you can only place in arbitrary areas that have no correlation to real life, that you have to shovel up and shovel down if it's in danger, or a vehicle you can park anywhere you could in real life, and if in danger, you drive it away. Out of tickets? Drive it back to main for a refill. In the meantime, the other guys have a vehicle(s) to find and kill. Give every transport it's carrying capacity in tickets and let it act as a spawn point if stationary. If that was the case, and thin skinned vehicles actually acted like thin skinned vehicles where you can easily shoot the occupants, you'd have to control the areas around a cap to bring your people in close, to either attack, or defend.
  5. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    Don't get me wrong, I'm all for giving irregulars more abilities that are asymmetrical, that suit the fact that presumably it's their home turf, like they have an earlier initial spawn so they can set up defenses in certain game modes, instead of only riflemen having sandbags, give all on their side small deployable defensive positions, more smaller vics for greater mobility, suicide trucks, more ieds, more motorbikes, bring back 2 HE rpgs for LATs, stuff like that. I don't think the factions are balanced, especially with the additions of new armor, I just don't think the issue is as simple as "Bluefor has more optics, so that's why the militia gets wrecked. Give the other guys the equal optics" Insurgents/militia shouldn't be able to win going nose to nose with bluefor, that's the point. Insurgents should be strongest when swarming, flanking and ambushing.
  6. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    I've seen the Brits shut down on the first cap a number of times because they roll in, the insurgents are already waiting out at the river, they lose their vics and hab, which gives the insurgents even more time to strengthen their position and that's that. All caps will eventually fall, but if most of the insurgents are aggressive and out attacking to buy time and cost the enemy tickets, one squad can be fortifying the crap out the active cap, and another setting up a hab at the next cap. It's open terrain for both sides, force the enemy to cross it while you're in cover, it'll cost them more than you.
  7. Kamdesh - GB Optics vs Militia

    The advantage that militia have on Kamdesh invasion is that they can set up in good positions and then lay in wait for the Brits. The only time I've seen British success is when they can out manouver the militia. If half of the militia can hold them out of the cap, the rest can flank, kill their vics and rallys and camp their habs. Keep the brits under supplied with vehicles and they're doomed.
  8. Armored Technical

    I still see un armored techies shot up by small arms fire and the occupants surviving. They seem to have bulletproof glass and open windows.
  9. In addition to sandbags, I'd like everyone to have the ability to dig ranger graves. Without deformation, they'd lay on top of the map, but imitate a very shallow wall/pit you could just prone behind.
  10. Logi Truck and Supply Suggestions

    Also, and I know this is your idea as well, decouple HABs from FOBs, and allow a SL to place defenses/statics anywhere on the map. Defending on Invasion? Set up a line of 50 cals across the map with interlocking fire if you want, and can supply them with ammo. Lose them to the enemy, and they can turn them on you. Who in their right mind IRL would ever set up defenses for a cap point, only on the cap point? Where you can be surrounded and attacked from any direction? You'd set up fortified firing positions outside, where you can hit the enemy from the sides, forcing them to split their focus on the cap, and before they get close. As a logi driver, I'd much rather drive around dropping supplies at multiple locations as they need them, than the same run from one super fob or mortar pit to main over and over.
  11. Paratroopers

    Not yet, but it would be appropriate considering the setting. I wouldn't be surprised to see it at some point.
  12. Invasion/Insurgency 24/7 [EU/EN] Server

    If you make it just Invasion, it'll be packed 24/7, check out the other invasion servers, always full, always a queue.
  13. I could support a stamina drain in an extreme situation like moving through a hedgerow for an extended period of time. I can't think of where that really applies on Squad maps though.
  14. Separate Tickets Armour

    I'm fine with all of the assets being in place on the map, but not all should be active at once. I know that there should be plenty of strategic options available, so people can do what they want, but it'd be a sandbox shitshow in pub servers if the team could grab everything if they wanted. Let the map makers decide how many vics and which of them are available in the first wave, and then they could be released like now when the first ones are destroyed after a cooldown.
  15. Separate Tickets Armour

    One aspect of having a limited # of vehicles is that for good or bad, you know exactly where you stand in the match. Lose all of your vics in the first 15 minutes? You'd at least have a shot at changing your strategy to reflect that you're now infantry only for the remainder. Or, if you were playing on a cooperative team, you could withhold your heavy stuff while you load your team with AT and try to take out theirs initially, then roll your armor in when they are weak. Having vehicles mindlessly respawn means that no one really thinks about it, there's always going to be more vics right? It gets proven that no one gives a rats ass about tickets until there's only 50 left in the last 10 minutes of a match every match I play in, equating vics with tickets is pointless most of the time.