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  1. Post Scriptum...wow

    Chapter 2 is about to drop...
  2. Helicopter Joystick Support

    Please add pedals as well.
  3. Alpha 15.4 Released

    Leave abandoned vehicles as they are, abandoned. Once helos and commander are in, that will add another option on how to retrieve them. Risky, yes, flying a helo to drop off a crew or driver, but that's the price you pay for f'ing up. If a critical vehicle is lost in enemy territory, the commander can also call in an airstrike to destroy it, and then it'll respawn at main. A costly solution to the problem, but one that should cost the team for losing it. Auto destruction and respawn will just mean that every vic will become a disposable taxi to the players who don't care about tickets.
  4. What SPECIFICALLY is your problem?

    That seems to be the implementation. I haven't heard that it affects server performance, or noticed any adverse effects. It works great actually, it's seamless, I hope OWI borrows the code and brings it over.
  5. Alpha 13 Released

    I'm not giving up on Squad, I'm excited by what the future might bring, but I'm also not playing it currently. I stopped because I was tired of non stop rushing, and non stop AAS. The meta was moving towards less in the moment strategy and trying to out think your opponent, and more of whoever can out blitzkrieg the other team using the same formula from layer to layer. I like having a game environment that rewards cooperation, creative thinking, and staying alive, while it punishes those who think they can shoot their way out of any situation. Players only value their virtual life when dying is painful. Once they don't, then they can afford to be reckless, and winning a battle is reduced to nothing more than who can outshoot the other. Which gets boring imo.
  6. Alpha 13 Released

    This patch has made me less interested in playing Squad than anything else they've ever done. Faster movement, easier/more rallies and revives? No thanks.
  7. Deployable truck/rally

    PS has slightly different mechanics for spawning, so the MSP plays a bigger role there. For teamwide spawns, there's a limit of 2 FOBs per side in AAS (no MSPs), and only attackers get FOBs in their version of Invasion, but both sides MSPs. So, the MSPs are critical in providing a spawnpoint. In order of distance from a cap, FOBs are usually farther out in a more conservative position, MSPs are closer in, they are somewhat disposable with a short cooldown at main. If your SL is decent, rallies are always available, and usually the closest spawn. Since they are easier to spot, and would therefore likely would be placed in a more conservative position, it would be interesting to have them act differently than a rally. Unlimited squad spawns on a MSP and limited on a rally for example. Use the MSP like you would a rally now, and use the Rally as only a limited regroup call. Rally dies, regroup on the MSP, MSP dies, regroup at the FOB.
  8. Deployable truck/rally

    You mean an MSP? Code already exists for that.... https://gameplay.tips/guides/2726-post-scriptum.html
  9. The Wrench, March 2019

    Can we map pedals and joysticks for the helo mod?
  10. What is Squad? Director's Cut

    The admin cam shots make it look like that's the HUD you'll be seeing.......
  11. Squad founders- where are they now?

    I'm playing Post Scriptum, waiting on Squad to come out with more appealing gamemodes.
  12. commander?

    Players are still happy to walk into friendly artillery, and mortars as is evidenced in PS, which has a similar PL/CO setup. It would be best to have some way to forgive TKs.
  13. Redeploy From Main Base

    Without a spawn penalty at main, everyone facing a long respawn wait at a forward spawn point, would spawn main, then immediately spawn again forward. I've made the suggestion before, if you're driving a vehicle for a minimum of say 45 seconds, and you return it to main, you, and only you, can then respawn forward without penalty. This would eliminate the time penalty for returning vehicles, and hopefully, reduce the amount abandoned.
  14. commander?

    Actually, they just need to be near a radio. So, at main, command vic, FOB, or Squad level radioman. At least in PS, the Platoon Leader is often roaming about on the edges of the fight, since without a UAV, it's helpful to be able to see to call in off map support. The best PLs aren't sitting at a radio all match, which I hope in the case of Squad, there's also enough flexibility to be out in the field.
  15. SquadChat - 10 - ft. Drav

    I don't enjoy being SL in Squad, I do in PS since there is less to deal with.