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  1. It's especially annoying on US vs Russia maps.
  2. I've seen the closest matches in ages since V9. A 1 ticket, a 2 ticket and a few under 20. As well as a bunch of 200+ steamrolls lol
  3. Hab

    I'll be interested to see how strategies play out with the HAB/radio since AFAICT, you still need only 2 people to kill a spawnpoint. Playing around in Jensen's, this is what I figured out so far. Drop a radio, get your points and you can drop a HAB anywhere within the build radius. Shovel the HAB up and it's good to go. Shovel the HAB halfway down, or completely obviously, and it's unspawnable. Shovel it back up to reenable it. If the radio is still up, you can drop another HAB to replace the one lost. Shovel down the radio and the HAB also vanishes. I'm assuming that with 2 enemy players on the radio, the HAB is no longer spawnable, just like it was before with the FOB. I can't be sure of that, but that's how it's appeared to work in game. So, what's the ideal placement? IMO, if in the open, the HAB needs to be near enough to the radio to keep tabs on it. Within line of sight, or just over a crest of a hill in the direction of the objective, so you always have friendly players moving near it. If you're in a compound, stick the radio in a small room with only one entrance so you can nade it if it's under attack, or upstairs and blockade it in. The HAB still needs to be close enough that you can respond to radio threats. I haven't seen many radios inside HABs, so I can't comment on how defendable they are, it seems it would be just like before. I haven't formed a clear opinion on the new HAB system yet, I like that they are bigger and harder to hide. But we're still stuffing radios in bushes and corners. I see defenses going up around HABs to protect players leaving it and radios sitting off alone somewhere. Radios still seem to encourage gamey behavior and I'm not sure they make spawnpoints more defendable.
  4. Agreed, at least on my setup, the scoreboard is pretty massive, I'd like to scale it down to what it was before.
  5. I wouldn't mind seeing some basements added to appropriate buildings on the various maps we have or future ones. Insurgent tunnels as well. Only something realistic, IRL, underground rooms and tunnels are expensive and rarely built without good reason, I don't want to see Dr. Evil underground networks added just for the hell of it.
  6. Thanks for this, very helpful.
  7. Hmm, no controller, but I'll see if there's anything else that could be providing input.
  8. This is a new one for me, but if I open the console to type, my cursor skips across like I'm holding the spacebar down constantly. I can type other characters, but it's while the cursor is already moving. When I go into my settings to configure keybinds, anything I try to change instantly becomes "Spacebar" Other than that, this behavior doesn't show up in any other software. It's new since V9. Anyone have any ideas?
  9. Just because you have Strykers on Sumari doesn't mean you should use them, or use them as hummers or a techie was used. Hummers had limited value/vs ticket cost on Sumari already, fine for dropping a squad off on the edges of the map, but not that useful as a gun platform. Once they stop and have a line of fire, they usually die quickly.
  10. Pings seem higher to me as well
  11. The new sounds are awesome! The only comment I would make, and it could be in the works for all I know, is that vehicle sounds could use more love. I've never been in a military vehicle, but every truck or work vehicle I've ever driven in on and off road is full of creaks and rattles that get more numerous when the terrain gets rough. There's always loose stuff inside that bangs around and the suspension will make noise at more extreme movements. If those sort of things can be added, it would increase the realism, as of now, all you hear is the motor. Keep up the great work!