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  1. Geeze, they're just trying it out, it's a first step, what's not to like?
  2. So is Conquest Hardened Vehicle only, or vehicle heavy I guess would be more accurate, or infantry with vehicle support like our other gamemodes? I'm super interested in that and I'm looking forward to watching the Stream later.
  3. It's going to be huge, just don't expect it to be much different from the last few versions. Why mess with success?
  4. Yup. I was shocked when I was killed ONCE playing around on Jensens with a guy sitting at a crate launching endless rockets at me. Never in game. They are super cool, but they need a bigger splash damage to be effective, if you are behind any cover you are fine, it has to literally land right at your feet to kill you out in the open.
  5. I'm not arguing against any of the points made here, I think they are valid techniques, but I think the entire HAB/FOB mechanic is getting increasingly gamey. Obviously, I don't know what the final plans for the FOB teamwide spawn mechanic are and this could simply be an interim solution. If you look at what a FOB is supposed to correlate to IRL, a small base, and how an enemy would take that down, by either forcing a retreat, cutting off reinforcements and killing everyone inside, or over running it, I don't see why a single symbolic radio, that can be hidden in a bush and that ONE soldier can remove is the key to taking it down. It just seems silly, as well as the game mechanics that have developed in response to it. I like the increased size of the HAB and what that has done, that should be kept. Having X number of enemy within the spawn point radius increasing the spawn times is also good. If you want to simulate a base being overrun by the enemy, these things do that, once the enemy has numerical superiority within the spawn zone, it already stops spawning, just give it a set amount of time in that state and *poof* the spawnpoint vanishes. No more searching for a hidden radio, or shoveling down a bunch of wire and sandbags around it. No more, "Someone is on the radio! Everyone leave the base and run over to where we hid it to kill the two guys trying to dig it up!!" All that stuff has no bearing in reality. It should be simple, gain control of the FOB itself and you kill the spawnpoint. To defend the FOB, stay and defend it. As far as spawnkilling goes, big deal. It still happens now, it will always happen as long as spawnpoints exist, splitting the spawn and radio only change how it happens.
  6. I'll pay the PS team whatever they ask and leave you guys behind
  7. I like the dumpsters and trash bags We need more assets like that on other maps, the detritus of normal life.
  8. I tried to play it years ago several times since on paper it sounds awesome. It was really creaky then and the playerbase was at best.... nothing but Rambos and infantile, I could never have a decent experience. Like most sandbox games, it probably played well if you were in a clan, but I just couldn't get into it. It looks like they're making some major improvements to the game, I can't believe that it's still running on the same engine from 2001.
  9. That suspension movement is awesome. While I love the exhaust smoke and hope to see it with armor and heavy vehicles if the performance hit isn't too bad, it's in the wrong location for a Sherman, the exhausts are on the rear under the armor. It's also a bit heavy. The Sherman had a unique sound due to it's radial engine, it sounds like a plane.
  10. karasu

    Looks great
  11. I sort of remember dev chatter about tactical ladders a long time ago....
  12. Yeah, a global limit might be called for down the line. Or make them more limited in how many repair points they hold and by needing resupply more often, it would be harder to keep many of them operational.
  13. That pic is pure win
  14. I'd be happy with this TBH.