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  1. I want the coffee table much more than the game. I'll give them credit for adding build functions though, as silly as they looked.
  2. Please give me a possibility to do this:
  3. It's so easy to respawn now in game, that it really allows a lot of risk taking because if you go down in an area where your medic can't get to you, no biggie, you can just respawn on the rally. Think about it. You can push hard into enemy defenses hoping to shoot or sneak your way in, you can try solo flanking attempts far from your medics, you can keep throwing yourself and squadmates at an objective trying to simply overwhelm/over respawn them because your SL is keeping a rally nearby and viable. If rallys were less often available, you'd definitely think long and hard about what risks were worth taking and you'd see players doing things to increase their chances of survival without being told, like grouping up before an assault, making sure the medics were up and nearby, and playing more like a unit. I play games for the experience, and I like for tension to build during the game. I find combat coming in waves with lulls in between more fun and memorable than just non stop shooting. So, I like it when you complete your objective, or your squad gets wiped, and you're forced to regroup, jump in a vehicle and figure out what to do next in the few minutes you spend moving around the map. ARMA is really good at that, although it's so wonky that pvp is almost impossible. I'm hoping Squad gets a little more like that. Who doesn't love hauling up to a point, everyone jumps out and works as a team to control the position? Or, as a defender, to see and hear enemy vehicles approaching and get ready to the impending battle? It's way more satisfying than to see enemy running out of the woods one at a time and hear "Well, they must have a rally over there somewhere"
  4. I think the OP's suggestions have merit, and not just for his situation, but anyone trying to seed a server. I've seen Jensens range used to successfully seed servers, it can be somewhat of a sh!tshow, but at least it gives people something to do. If there were people online in your region, at least it would provide a place to make contact, hang out and hopefully get them in the habit of firing up the game to see who was there.
  5. Most servers I play on usually have a queue of 1-6 and I don't think I usually wait more than 5-10 minutes. I'd never bother with a double digit queue, and if you jump on a server with @15-20 people, it usually fills up fast. That seems to be the sweet spot in seeding a server.
  6. So, you want 18 vs 82 on a night time map with no respawns? That guarantees as little fighting as possible on the VIP side, which means lots of wandering around for everyone. And if you die, lots of watching other people wander around. You can't even get people to play insurgency now because there's no real strategy except run around for a while until you find them, then try to kill them all. Finally kill them all. Repeat. VIP sort of worked in small shoebox maps since you couldn't hide for long, there was quick respawns and plenty of action, which is everything Squad is not.
  7. Until they make defenses harder to dig up than build, almost all fortifications are too easily defeated to make them secure. The team that places HABs with the intent to provide overwhelming mobility will always beat the team that places them on a point. I do see it done successfully of course, but usually by a team that rushes, drops a FOB in and fortifies a back cap in enemy territory, and is able to make it strong before it is discovered. Dropping a HAB in your first contested point is usually a recipe for losing it since it's too tenous a position.
  8. The devs have stated in the past that there will be some mechanic for fire teams in the future. My guess is that the SL might be able to designate XYZ as fireteam members with X as the leader and they might have tools specific to them, like X can mark on the map, maybe internal coms, things like that. Being able to switch SL kits instantly was how the game was initially and was abused as a feature, that's never going to happen, there's always going to be a penalty for switching. While I could see an engineer role being developed to drop fortifications, like Madcat says, taking away those toys from a SL would present problems. Not the least being, the SL in pub games would likely have to stand there "I want sandbags here and here, and a ladder here. No, not there, over here! Aaargh!"
  9. This has been discussed before in past threads, not that I'm busting your azz about that. The problem with VIP is that no one wants to BE the vip, since the goal is to keep you away from fighting and you're usually unarmed. Possible solutions have been to suggest that he's AI, or that you use a prop like a briefcase instead. If the goal is to have one team with an agenda to get X from point A to point B within a certain timeframe, while the other team doesn't have any intel or maybe the bare minimum, so there's constant movement, hunting and swirling combat, then a convoy mod would accomplish the same thing without a high percentage of matches ending up in a last stand stalemate with the VIP in a house with their back to the wall. Which is how almost all VIP matches I ever played in the past ended. Although with Squad map sizes, I could see a viable strategy being the VIP with a small fireteam trying to do it ninja style. A convoy type gamemode has also been discussed and would work better imo, give the transport team certain waypoints they have to reach to keep them on roads at least most of the time and balance vehicles so it's just not armor blasting their way out, forcing infantry to scout ahead and attack strong points before light vehicles get there. You'd also likely need an engineer role/repair function to keep things interesting. Not to mention a CTF type gamemode.
  10. Sweet! It looks well worn and used, I like it.
  11. VIP strategy in Squad VIP gets in a vehicle with one other guy. Drive like maniacs at the start of the round to some random spot or building. VIP jumps out Other guy drives off The rest of his team try to lead Hunters on wild goose chase VIP goes afk and into kitchen to make himself a sandwich VIP kills himself out of boredom after staring at a wall for 20 minutes Hunters declare victory
  12. As someone who plays medic 80% of the time, I'd appreciate a more interesting medic/health system, but if you make it take longer or more complex, even less people will take the role. I don't think the medic should be able to restore 100% of health in the field, it's pretty ridiculous that if you walk up on a squad and wipe it, you'd better make sure you killed both medics or the ENTIRE squad will be resurrected from the dead. A medic should patch you up if you're patchable and then you have to deal with those injuries until you respawn. Or get back to a medic tent if a system like that goes in. That alone would slow the pace of the game somewhat. Agreed that serious wounds should render you dead dead.
  13. Well thought out post OP, I'll back your idea. I prefer the idea of wave spawns in general for the reasons you noted. Regarding a couple of your cons, I think the spawn should be triggered manually by the SL, in RO2/RS, as a commander, you'd get a notification when you had a wave available which could be good when coms get cluttered. The rally icon could change color from yellow to green once you hit your ready mark, or just rely on coms. Lots of ways to make it work. I think the SL shouldn't be necessary in the wave, I can see situations like this arising, the FOB is going down, the SL sends the squad in in a last ditch attempt to save it while he respawns at main with a couple of squaddies to grab a logi and drop a fob in another location. Another con is that it might make people more likely to give up or suicide to enable the respawn for everyone else. You could likely figure out a way to make that difficult with a cooldown.
  14. Nope. Consider how you would allocate that role at the start of a map since essentially, the load out would be just a rifleman. As SL, where do you want your best squadmates? In important support roles, or driving/gunning armor. Riflemen are usually the untested cannon fodder. Once fireteams are in, you'll want the flexibility to assemble them as you see fit for the task, be it overwatch, fob hunting, CQB, armor whatever. It would get abused mightily. Want to teleport across the map? Send your second out ahead of time, once he's in position, give him the SL role, he drops a rally, you and the rest of the team spawn in and he gives you the role back. Sorry guys, while I can sympathize with you trying to balance RL and being a SL, if you can't commit to sticking out the entire round, you shouldn't take the role.