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  1. How does that prevent anyone from lone wolfing?Lone wolfs don't need to know where the rest of the team is, they don't give a shit about team-play anywa. Again how does not knowing where the rest of your squad is prevent Squads from splitting up? Players that don't work together don't care where there squad mates are. Valid concern that has nothing to do with teamwork. There are better ways to prevent this: 60s re-spawn time after team-switch as well as a limit of one team switch every 60s, that shpould prevent players from quickly teamswitching to check where other are. In the end what you are trying to do is to encourage teamwork by making it harder to work together. That won't work since players that don't work together wouldn't really be affected by it.
  2. I think removing the player markers would probably make teamwork worse as it makes it extremely hard to coordinate, have you ever had the bug in PR where Squad-leaders don't show up on the map? It sucks. Teamwork will improve once people get more used to squad and also once vehicles are in. What we have right now is essentially skirmish mode with FOBs and even in PR you will see a lot less teamwork in Skirmish than in AAS or Insurgent mode.
  3. I noticed somehting yesterday while playing a night mission in PR(It was evening and I had the lights turned off to see better) as well as on Saturday while testing Squad with the Oculus Rift DK2. When your eyes are used to the darkness opening the map which is mostly sand colored really ruins your night vision. This could easily be fixed by reducing the brightness of the maps(and maybe menus) while playing night missions.
  4. When spawning always M4 on full auto

    It depends on your gun what the default setting is. On an AK the selector is safe -> auto -> semi and on an M4 it is safe -> semi -> auto(or burst), so the Ak starts on Auto and the M4 on Semi(ingame there obviously is no safe). This is the way it was in PR and I think it should stay that way, there is more than enough time to hit the middle mousebuttons once. Yes it can be annoying if you are on the wrong setting, but everyone has different preferences on what should be default, I for example keep it on semi by default, except for close-quarters and supressing fire auto isn't really useful in milsim games anyway.
  5. Should MEC forces be in Squad?

    I think better training is a bigger factor than slightly better equipment. And training doesn't really matter as that depend on the players not the game. The Egyptian Army has pretty much everything the MEC have, or at least something equivalent. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Equipment_of_the_modern_Egyptian_Army http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_aircraft_of_the_Egyptian_Air_Force I think having one real middle eastern force is better than having one fictional one. I don't see a problem with using a real force as a stand in for another real force until it is ready. German, British and French forces are quite different from the US forces we have right now, more so than both Norwegian and dutch forces, who both mostly import their equipment.
  6. Media Creation Logo Pictures [High Res]

    Wallpapers: I just dabble in Photoshop so sorry I didn't get too fancy with the wallpapers, Illustrator is more my thing, and even then, I'm not a formal student of design. Hope you appreciate the idea, and please take it and run with it if you feel so inspired. Also, if it says something in Arabic, it was unintentional. Nice! But I would remove the diaeresis(dots over a letter) of the d, it is rather confusing if your native language uses diaeresis. EDIT: like this
  7. VR Headsets

    That left eye rendering issue is pretty common in UE4 games, so I think this is something that will be fixed by EPIC at some point. Other than said all they need to do for basic VR functionality(which would be enough for vehicles) would be to allow to map akey to reset your head position( this is a default function of UE4, so it shouzldn't be to hard) as well as add a button to toggle the console command stereo on/off, which also should be rather simple. This alone would probably be enough to make the game playable in VR for vehicles such as cars and helicopters once they are added. If they would render menus onto a virtual screen if stereo is on that would make it perfect as far as vehicles with cockpits are concerned. Making VR playable for FPS gameplay is a lot harder, due to motion sickness for one(which is solvable, but a lot harder, this worked for me for example) and secondly aiming, which if you want to use ironsights pretty much requires you to use a motion controller such as the razer hydra/stem.
  8. Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in Pre-Alpha?

    Are you talking about the current pre-alpha? NDA for that is available on the site where you registered your key.
  9. VR Headsets

    UE4 supports oculus by default meaning even the curretn alpha can be rendered on oculus. that said th menus are nearly unusable and to spawn you have to turn oculus off and the on again via console. Also the left eye is currently not rendering most textures and I couldn't find a key to reset the oculus position. I do think basic Oculus support could be added rather easily to squad since it is UE4, but getting it to a perfect state will be a lot of work. Also aiming is near imossible with anything but the reddot and even there the pnt is nearly invisible
  10. DLC Why the hate?

    Have a donation/income bar with Stretchgoals. For Example when we reach the next $100.000 we will make a German faction New sales of the Game count towards these stretch goals as well as donations. Donators get forum fluff, like they do now and/or reserved slots on official servers(e.g if only 2 slots are open on a official server only donators can join) They could also sell simple Merchandise like Dog tags, patches, hats, T-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads etc. Stuff like that is fairly cheap to produce and can be sold with a good markup. E.g. if they could sell patches for $10 which would cost them about $1 or $2 per patch in production if they buy around 1000 of these
  11. I noticed that the description of the Company Clan packs says nothing about pre-alpha, despite them costing more(per key) than the Commander pack. Do they include pre-alpha or not?
  12. Paypal backing?

    So I would like to back the game during the Kickstarter, but I can't because Kickstarter only allows credit cards and I don't have one(I don't see a purpose in getting one just for this either). Will there be an option to back the Game with paypal and get the same rewards as the Kickstarter?