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  1. Squad founders- where are they now?

    I still pop in and check the forums.
  2. Custom Heightmaps

    Thanks!! It is working now!!
  3. Custom Heightmaps

    Thanks for the resources! Could we have some more detailed instructions on how to get these to work. I have tried to import into content and it does bring in the png file but I have no idea if this is what I should be seeing and the fact that I cant really do anything with it when it is imported. Thanks and no rush! Steve
  4. Sometimes the Windows media pack is outdated so you may want to check this out.... https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/3145500/media-feature-pack-list-for-windows-n-editions
  5. Forums Favicon

    Depending on the theme author sometimes the favicon goes in the site root and sometimes it also needs to be set in the forum theme settings. Sometimes site/theme upgrades can mess that up so they have to be reset.
  6. Constant Unreal Engine 4 Crashes

    What settings are you running the game at? From what I can tell from your specs you are at the lower end for performance. I suspect that you will only be able to run the game at lower values.
  7. Constant Unreal Engine 4 Crashes

    What are your system specs and video card? And, are the drivers all up todate?
  8. Forum Software Feedback

    Turning the signatures back on is very simple to do but usually the policing of that feature is something else. Unless the mods here keep a real close eye on them and set some very solid rules for it then it can really slow down and junk up the forums. The "Who is Online" feature is again really easy to add or activate and should be returned to the forums right away. I like it and use it on my site. There is lots that could be done with these forums but doesnt happen. This is either because the owners here dont want them or are still holding on to the belief that 3rd party addons (features) open the site to hackers and such. This is archaic thinking but it is their forums and they can do whatever they want with it. The forums here are using, by the looks of it, the latest software upgrades and IPS has really come a long way with their ver 4.x. At first I hated it but it has evolved nicely and continues to shine brightly.
  9. A simple system to encourage search function.

    If you could invent such a program you would be rich beyond your dreams. Search functions in any forum software is generally just on the sane side of tolerable usefulness. A simple system like you suggest would be great but raises two problems. The first problem is that there is no way currently available to really make that work and the second problem is that 99% of the average forum users still would not use it...
  10. The thing is Nikko is that it is now showing up to everyone else. Back when I ran this site it was only the devs, staff and the actual member that could see it but now I can see all of them. Doesnt matter to me, I dont care if people know that I live in Ottawa.
  11. There is no way to change it. The setting for that is behind the scenes and only accessible to an Admin.
  12. INTRO

    I skip the intro by using that time to go to the fridge to get my beer!!!
  13. So far there is only one person in this thread that is acting like a little *** by calling other people little dicks. That is disrespectful to others who are just voicing their opinion to the thread topic.
  14. Irontaxi is more than just a Dev at OWI but that is besides the point that Im going to state. Irontaxi is a human being first and foremost. Do not put him on a pedestal of being above being a human. He, like most other people in the world, will utter the same things as regular people do and will accept the same treatment in return. I know him so I know that he has good character from dealing with him outside of these forums. If he was truly anti-muslim he could have made this game with the allied forces having guns and real weapons and all the muslim factions would have sticks and stones perhaps. I understand where you are coming from but really I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill here. I find it annoying too sometimes listening to the same over cooked expressions but it is just people caught up in a game and kicking back and having some fun. I would bet that some are even of various ethnic backgrounds and are making the comments too. Saying one or two statements in a game does not make a dissertation or a thesis on a race or your views of a race. In other words.....Chill out and dont be so sensitive to silly expressions in a game. I dont like to be called a motherfuc*ker in real life or in a game and yet while Im in the game I hear AI using it and other equally colorful expressions. Im not going to ask the Devs of any game to stop using it though because I understand that it is just an expression without any personal bias or slant against me nor anyone else personally. It is really sad that people complain in forums like this over things like this when in the real world evil in the form of the Taliban - Isis etc exists and practices daily atrocities against any race and yet you do not single that out as being unacceptable. This game, this forum is not about bashing Muslims so please come down off of your soapbox and relax.
  15. I regret I bought Squad!

    These forums have been up for a long time now.....There are lots of threads talking about performance issues with MONSTER rigs that run AMD. Did you read any of those reports? Did you stop to think that your MONSTER might have issues with it? Stop playing now before you hit the Steam limit and get your money back and save it up for a different rig maybe... I dont mean to be harsh with you it is just that you probably didnt do your research and paid the price.