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  1. The thing is Nikko is that it is now showing up to everyone else. Back when I ran this site it was only the devs, staff and the actual member that could see it but now I can see all of them. Doesnt matter to me, I dont care if people know that I live in Ottawa.
  2. There is no way to change it. The setting for that is behind the scenes and only accessible to an Admin.
  3. I skip the intro by using that time to go to the fridge to get my beer!!!
  4. So far there is only one person in this thread that is acting like a little *** by calling other people little dicks. That is disrespectful to others who are just voicing their opinion to the thread topic.
  5. Irontaxi is more than just a Dev at OWI but that is besides the point that Im going to state. Irontaxi is a human being first and foremost. Do not put him on a pedestal of being above being a human. He, like most other people in the world, will utter the same things as regular people do and will accept the same treatment in return. I know him so I know that he has good character from dealing with him outside of these forums. If he was truly anti-muslim he could have made this game with the allied forces having guns and real weapons and all the muslim factions would have sticks and stones perhaps. I understand where you are coming from but really I think you are making a mountain out of a molehill here. I find it annoying too sometimes listening to the same over cooked expressions but it is just people caught up in a game and kicking back and having some fun. I would bet that some are even of various ethnic backgrounds and are making the comments too. Saying one or two statements in a game does not make a dissertation or a thesis on a race or your views of a race. In other words.....Chill out and dont be so sensitive to silly expressions in a game. I dont like to be called a motherfuc*ker in real life or in a game and yet while Im in the game I hear AI using it and other equally colorful expressions. Im not going to ask the Devs of any game to stop using it though because I understand that it is just an expression without any personal bias or slant against me nor anyone else personally. It is really sad that people complain in forums like this over things like this when in the real world evil in the form of the Taliban - Isis etc exists and practices daily atrocities against any race and yet you do not single that out as being unacceptable. This game, this forum is not about bashing Muslims so please come down off of your soapbox and relax.
  6. These forums have been up for a long time now.....There are lots of threads talking about performance issues with MONSTER rigs that run AMD. Did you read any of those reports? Did you stop to think that your MONSTER might have issues with it? Stop playing now before you hit the Steam limit and get your money back and save it up for a different rig maybe... I dont mean to be harsh with you it is just that you probably didnt do your research and paid the price.
  7. Did your guy donate that 80 through PayPal? Use his credit card? Either way, have him contact them and have a chat with their anti-fraud group and attempt to get his money returned. Worth a shot. Has anyone got this twits SteamID? Contact Steam and see if they can punish him too somehow.
  8. Are you trying to connect with a bookmark? You may have to delete it and then reset it again. Try clearing your browser cache as well, in FF it is ctrl-F5. Then reboot to make sure that everything is clear. This may work or not but wont hurt to try.
  9. I understand what you are saying but I dont really think the game is being taken in any direction by some "elite group". The game was designed to be slower and tactically driven since the day that the Devs gave birth to it. There is no "elite group" unless you consider that every person who bought the game and completely understood that the game was not going to be Run&Gun ever is that "elite group".
  10. Oh Yeah Raging!!! You get it!!!!
  11. He knows that he made mistakes last time and sometimes lost his head but he just wants another chance to be great so he is petitioning early for re-enlistment!!!
  12. That special time of year is soon to be upon us again. For almost a year now this fella below has been quietly awaiting his chance to return to the battlefield. He knows that he made his buddies better when he was in their Squad. Everyone wanted to be him and mourned his departure when he vanished from the scene. Put your hands together and pray that he returns to once again make us the best that we can be!!!! Vote with your heart as he would for you!!
  13. There was a couple of debate threads going on about the "Reputation" option and then some guy took away the option. Personally I think it was an over reaction but then again it isnt my call and one that I wouldnt have done.
  14. You cant see it and neither can I my old friend but I just hit the "virtual" LIKE button!!!
  15. So the whole system is totally ****ed up and geared only toward one final goal and that goal is to stick it to the Jack's and Jill's of this world to separate them from their hard earned money to pad their own lofty needs..... Why then are you still buying games, getting pissed off after getting (in your opinion) screwed over again only to buy the next game on the whispered prayer that this next game "WILL BE THE ONE" while in your heart you already have made up your mind that once again you have been had. Do you enjoy the pain? Please try to get it through your head that not every gaming group, studio, Dev, level designer is out to get you. There are many that are doing a fantastic job and only want the best for their customers and I feel that OWI is one of those companies. You dont have to agree with me as I would never ask that of you or anyone. I actually agree with you to some degree that there are some AAA studios that are more concerned with pleasing their shareholders than their customers and yet they still manage to produce a game that while possibly being flawed still provides many hours of entertainment. The more that I think about it I am getting the distinct impression that you demand perfection and perfection my friend does not exist. Have you ever been to a restaurant and ordered a steak that was not perfect? Did you eat it, send it back or what? Did you give feedback so that they could improve or did you just leave and never go back?