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  1. PRTA | EU - prteamwork.com

    PRTA is back and we have increased our player slots to 72 players, come and join us if you want too have great time in Squad!!
  2. Are you also looking for a Group or Community to join then checkout our Units and maybe you will find the right one for you!
  3. One of the largest and most experienced Project Reality community is looking for admins! Do you have what it takes to admin a server than Click here and apply for an admin position!
  4. you can, get steamcmd , login as anonymous set install location with force_install_dir then do app_update 403240 no need to have an account to download the files
  5. PRTA | EU - prteamwork.com

    We had to change the player slots due to performance issues.
  6. PRTA | EU Squad Server Announcement ______________________________________________ PRTA Presents: PRTA | EU Squad Server | 5th April 2016 PRTA | EU Squad Server We are delighted to finally announce that PRTA is launching its first EU-based Squad server wich will go live on FRIDAY 8th APRIL 2016. Server Name: PRTA | EU - prteamwork.com Server IP Address: Server Size: 70 players (+2 reserved slots) In order to help administrate our new server, we are seeking applications from mature and responsible players to join our new admin team. If you think you have what it takes and want to help out, you can fill out an application form here . As an aside, we are also looking for people to fill these staff vacancies. Server Rules: PRTA hosts servers to provide mature players with fair gameplay and good teamwork.The server rules are not exhaustive and the expectation is upon players to interpret them responsibly and not exploit preceived loopholes. Ignorance of the rules is not a defence - by playing on our server you are agreeing to abide by the rules and the consequences that may arise from breaking them: English is the server language. Join a squad. Squad Leaders must, and all other players are strongly encouraged to have a working microphone. Squad Leaders may require Squad Members to have a working microphone at their discretion. Work as a team. Follow orders. Play the objective: Don't attack uncapturable flags unless there is a legitimate tactical reason to do so. Respect each other and play fair. Never spawn camp. Don't team-kill. Apologise for accidents. Don't advertise other clans or communities. Cheating, exploiting, griefing, trolling, racism and homophobia will not be tolerated. No player or squad names that are inappropriate, offensive or inflammatory. Admins are present to enforce the server rules and their instructions must be obeyed. Their priority is the continuation of fair gameplay and good teamwork for the enjoyment of all players. They retain the discretion to deal with undefined disruptive behaviour that is not conducive to these priorities however they deem appropriate. "Alone on this battlefield, you will not survive." Supporting squads of up to 9-players and maps up to 4km^2, the battlefield can be a big and lonely place. You'll die quickly if you go out there on your own. A number of PRTA Units will likely be supporting Squad through multi-gaming expansion in due course, but for now you can join Foxtrot. If you want top-teamwork and to fly the PRTA flag out on the field, you can apply to join a Unit here. As we do in Project Reality, we will too in Squad; Communicate. Coordinate. Conquer. We hope to see you on the battlefield! - PRTA Management
  7. Communities opinion on VOIP Mute

    As someone coming from PR with 7 years experience, ive never had the need for a mute button for other players IF somebody was spamming VOIP we would report it to an admin and the admin would deal with him either with a kick or a temp ban. So a No from me.
  8. Server License but no files?

    Can you make a shortcut from squadserver.exe and go to properties and in the Target field behind "C:\Program Files (x86)\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Squad Dedicated Server\Squad\SquadServer.exe" put this "MULTIHOME= Port=7787 QueryPort=27165 FIXEDMAXPLAYERS=100 FIXEDTICKRATE=15 RANDOM=ALWAYS -log" so it looks like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\steamcmd\steamapps\common\Squad Dedicated Server\Squad\SquadServer.exe" MULTIHOME= Port=7787 QueryPort=27165 FIXEDMAXPLAYERS=100 FIXEDTICKRATE=15 RANDOM=ALWAYS -log change MULTIHOME=your ip here now you can also turn on run as administrato in compatablity
  9. Server License but no files?

    can you change the login to +login anonymous and try again
  10. Server License but no files?

    what command are you using ? if you want to download the files this is the command you should use: app_update 403240 validate
  11. Licensed server in custom list

    does your license.cfg files look like this: id=161213 key=/ kkqdofk^sodgk^dkg^ks^dpgkdg\ ;s;d^g;s^g,^psdg$sdpgks^dgk^sd\ oksdokgposdkgpsd= and so on ? did you make an batch file or shortcut from squadserver with start SquadServer.exe "MULTIHOME= Port=7787 QueryPort=27165 FIXEDMAXPLAYERS=50 FIXEDTICKRATE=15 RANDOM=ALWAYS -log" if you use a shortcut from squadserver you just have to put this behind the parameters: "MULTIHOME= Port=7787 QueryPort=27165 FIXEDMAXPLAYERS=50 FIXEDTICKRATE=15 RANDOM=ALWAYS -log" if you make a batch file put this in it: start SquadServer.exe "MULTIHOME= Port=7787 QueryPort=27165 FIXEDMAXPLAYERS=50 FIXEDTICKRATE=15 RANDOM=ALWAYS -log" ofc change the multihome to ur server's ip.
  12. Licensed server in custom list

    Did you put ur license in the license.cfg file ?
  13. Squad Server Files Released!

    Nope, still same error: ERROR! Failed to install app '403240' (No subscription) Can i ask for those who are able to download it. did you get an steam cdkey that made it possible to download the server tools? or did you just receive the license key to put in a config file?