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  1. So are you guys still 10th Mountain Division or did you rename to the 506th Infantry Regiment? The TeamSpeak and forum post are conflicting and throwing me off. A little clarity would be AWESOME!
  2. Squad HUD Enhancements

    You're right about this, and my reply to this would include the virtual reality aspect that you mentioned. In a combat situation, knowing which way is north, east, south, and west can be extremely hard to remember when everything around you is in complete chaos and turmoil. This is why we have the compass mechanic and always have. You can't expect your average gamer to look up at the sun to tell the direction, hitting K to pull up his compass to get his bearings, or cloning the bulky ShackTac HUD. Let's not make Squad out of Arma functions, we can all agree on this. We have an Arma, we do not need another one. It's easier to lose focus in a game than it is in a combat situation in real life. You have your training, the voices of your battle buddies recognized which coincides with their current location by hearing them, knowing what weapon they carry because of months of training, using your learned tactics to keep your movement and spacing, etc. I can go on and on with the things the human mind thinks of at any point in time, but let's face it, we already know these things. With that said, situation awareness can be a bit difficult when you're being shot at. This is why we have the compass mechanic in the first place. We can call out bearings and directions to squad mates or even support assets throughout the battle. I agree, it is very hard to balance MILSIM with realism and still keep the game fast paced and fun, which is another reason we have the compass as well as the map to know where we're going because we didn't get to sit down for a long and tiring briefing on the upcoming mission. After all, this is a game. This suggested mechanic could emulate a soldiers own situation awareness as I described in the previous statement, but I think it's just a bit too much. Yes you have new players coming to Squad that won't have any idea what they're doing or where their Squad is when they come into the game, but the learning curve is part of the fun. This is what makes and keeps tactical FPS's tactical. You learn how to use the map, sounds, compass, and cover and concealment to your advantage. If you know that the players in front of you are part of your squad, this takes away from the surprise of seeing a soldier and making the split-second decision on whether or not he's an enemy or part of your squad. Keeping communication and preaching it to new players and players in your squad will help give you an idea on where they are located, which door they are going through, which way they are covering, and many more things. After all, communication is also another huge aspect of this game. I didn't say this wasn't a simple solution, I only said to keep it simple. By "it" I mean the mechanics of knowing where people are located. I've read your suggestions and I agree with a lot of them. In fact, this suggestion is superb. Because of guys like you and others posters like myself, the developers get a large variety of opinions to come up with one solution that relates to everyone's needs. I only reply to this suggestion for that purpose; to give the developers and other players more and more ideas and knowledge on top of yours to come up with their own opinion, solution, or suggestion. We can just call this... constructive criticism.
  3. Natural Stamina System

    If the current system has a realistic amount of stamina based on the average combat soldier (which I'm sure it does judging by the work done so far), I say we keep it the way the developers are making it. We don't need an unlimited amount of stamina because this is obviously unrealistic. Humans can only exert themselves to a certain point before they have to stop and rest (even humans that are in good shape, i.e. combat soldiers). But we don't need a very small amount of stamina to the point where you run 50 yards and you are completely drained and combat ineffective. Again, this is unrealistic. I'm sure the developers are working on a system that keeps realism and immersion but still gives you enough stamina to get the job done and yet still make you feel like your soldier is experiencing adrenaline. Let's face it, the only time we generally sprint is to get from cover to cover, when we're under fire, or when you want to get to the fight faster. The same goes for combat situations in real life. I'm sure we'll have enough stamina to compensate but keep it so you still have to be aware of the situation so you don't over exert yourself and use up all of your energy so you still have it when you need it the most.
  4. Squad HUD Enhancements

    Not sure if I would support this idea just based on the realism factor. Kudos to the OP for throwing an enable and disable function out there though, for server hosts and clients alike so we can keep the immersion. I know that I would most likely keep it disabled in my server and on my client side. Don't want to feel as if I have a special compass in my glasses/combat goggles that automatically knows where my squad mates are by their pulse or GPS location. If you want to know where your squad is either command it, keep up with it, or find it. Situation awareness. Everyone in the squad has a job of sticking together as is. You shouldn't need special assistance to find them, nor them you. Even if one of you did require assistance there's always the map or using communication to assist you in rendezvousing just like there is now. I say we keep it simple. Hashbrowns.
  5. Great to see that the greatest generation of veterans are being recognized by resurrecting their original name for special operations. He's 15, he's been a member of the forums since the 14th of this month (5 days ago), and he has 60 posts. Maybe his posts aren't suppose to make sense?
  6. Understandable, but he could have investigated it a bit further before jumping the gun and banning me because my name was similar to another person. I didn't mean to make a big deal out of it, but maybe this can be a learning experience for the future of 2nd Marines. Glad to know it was an accident, and I accept the apology. Good luck to you 2nd Marines.
  7. Well, I noticed there was a couple realism units finally popping up in Squad, so I decided to join the TeamSpeak 3 server and see what the 2nd Marines were all about. I was immediately banned 10 seconds later. <23:37:50> Trying to connect to server on<23:37:52> Welcome! Website coming soon. Most rolls are available. Talk to Sgt J.Bascunan to be enlisted and added to first platoon. Enjoy Your stay<23:37:52> Welcome to the 2nd Battalion 2nd Marines "Warlords" Teamspeak 3 Server. Enjoy your stay and stay frosty!<23:37:53> Connected to Server: "2nd Battalion 2nd Marines "Warlords" "<23:38:03> You were banned permanently from the server by "1stLt B.Millerz" (y) Good way to greet your new guests and potential recruits for Squad and Arma 3, 2nd Marines. Best of luck to you with this approach.
  8. Destructible lighting?

    Being plunged into a house with an intense firefight, room to room fighting, or just a few guys coming through the house and running into a couple soldiers, all in the darkness because the lights were blown out from a flash bang, stun grenade, or a frag? Added with the lighting in Unreal Engine 4, the muzzle flashes from the rifles and handguns firing, and the sound effects that SQUAD will have? YES! Definitely hope this will be a feature. Will definitely make everything more intense. Small details are always a good thing.
  9. I'm glad that Squad and Offworld Industries has someone like you, SgtRoss, that looks at every possible realism factor and changes them for the sake of immersion. Good to know that it will be changed. Salute to you guys. Thank you for reading and replying, keep up the great work!
  10. Leveling/experience points.

    I do not back a leveling/rank system at all. Squad does NOT need to be like every other FPS out there. This a huge factor in the support this game is getting because it is a whole new world of its own, and an entirely different gaming experience. It's based on teamwork and fighting with the man beside you who is no better or worse than you are regardless of which kit he has or what rank he is. Every soldier needs the man beside him just like every APC squad needs their infantry. While playing Project Reality I've found myself in the same game multiple times with people I've played with for months or years, and their name alone makes a statement; their experience speaks for itself. The game doesn't have to do it for them. For example, you see John Doe as a squad leader in the server. You've played with John Doe in a squad before and he was a very tactical and efficient squad leader. You notice he has a spot left in his squad and you quickly join it. John Doe notices you and welcomes you to the squad with a "Long time no see", and asks if you wouldn't mind being the medic. You agree because you know he needs you as his medic from your shared experiences. You end up having a blast because the immersion makes you feel as if you are in the game and as if you played a very important role for the victory of your team. When you play a game like this, the feeling you get from the experience you had will cause you to completely forget about the fact that you didn't level/rank up like every other FPS. This is Squad.
  11. My initial post is based on the individual 9 man squads within Squad itself. For example, Project Reality supports 9 squads per team supporting up to 72 players on each team and then the commander. You would have a Squad Leader leading the squad, and then the 8 men under him with 4 men for each of the two fire teams, which is completely realistic and is how the United States Army currently functions. Real rifle platoons are usually around 42 men comprised of 3 rifle squads and a weapons squad which all consist of 9 men. You then have your Platoon Leader, Platoon Sergeant, Platoon Medic, Radio-Telephone Operator (RTO), and the Forward Observer (FO) and his RTO. Technically, an entire team consisting of 50 men in Squad is a full platoon with the supporting roles such as Close Air Support (CAS, the pilots), your armor crewman, and your transports and APCs which act as support units attached to the platoon. So, the commander of the team is basically the Platoon Leader. My only suggestion is to change the name of the "Officer Kit Role" to something along the lines of "Squad Leader Kit Role" or something similar, like I said towards the end of my main post in the 3rd paragraph. Commander is not necessarily a big deal like squad leader considering the fact that U.S. Marine Platoons call their platoon leaders "Platoon Commanders", as well as other armies of the world (i.e. the British, Australian, and Canadian armies to name a few). Not only that but he is the commander of the team. Thank you LtRob for your reply and for posting the Wikipedia information which will give others a clear point of view on squads and platoons of armies around the world. Thank you Xx-RAGING-DEATH-xX, glad to be here. Exactly Assifuah, by no means would I want to change the vision of the game. This game is one of a kind already and will blow minds when it's released. I'm just wanting to add to the already FPS industry dominating immersion and realism. Thank you for your support on this suggestion.
  12. First of all, I want to point out what an incredible job Squad and Offworld Industries has done on the making and realism of this game so far and give a BIG shout out to all the 2300+ backers and the future backers that have helped make this all possible, thank you. I can not wait to play the closed pre-alpha soon. Secondly, I was reading "Update #5; Boot Camp: An Introductory Series - 1 - The Basics" and it brought something to my attention that has poked at me since I started playing Project Reality when it was first released. The squad leader in the squad is called the "Officer" and takes the "Officer kit/role" to carry out his duties as Squad Leader, right? Well, the beginning of this game is based on the United States Army, and will include the British and Russian Armed Forces in the future. Realistically, every squad leader in said armies is a Non-Commissioned Officer (NCO) rank or an enlisted rank of some sort. For instance, in the United States Army a squad leader is usually somewhere between the ranks of Corporal (E-4) and Staff Sergeant (E-6) depending on the availability of Sergeants, and in the British Army and the Royal Marines the Squad Leaders are typically the rank of Corporal (OR-4). I believe this is the same if not close for the Russian Army. These are all enlisted/NCO ranks, not a commissioned officer rank (i.e. Lieutenants, Captains, Majors, Colonels, Generals). The current role is not only called "Officer" but includes the U.S. Military Captain bars/insignia for the icon and role picture, which indicates that he/she is a commissioned officer. Now that the history lesson and information flood is over (which most of you fine gentlemen probably already knew a lot or all about), my suggestion is to change the kit/role of "Officer" to something more realistic and suitable for the game to keep the realism and immersion, which could be something as simple as "Squad Leader" to keep it universal. As for the icon or picture that goes along with the kit/role, it could be sergeant or staff sergeant stripes, vary for each nation in the game, a star, or maybe just another icon that doesn't resemble a commissioned officer. With that said, if there is going to be a Commander slot in Squad like the one that Project Reality currently has, then this could be the NEW "Officer" role. This role could be a completely customized load out that includes all of the equipment and actions appropriate for the commander of the team. I know there are military advisers in the staff and that it is entirely possible that this has already been brought up or that you have a completely justified reason behind the "Officer" name of this role, but I thought I'd get my suggestion out there just in case it had not been addressed. Also, I do realize that this is a relatively small idea compared to the ones that are currently being looked over, brainstormed, and discussed by the developers at this time, but I figured I'd bring it up while it was fresh on my mind and release this suggestion to the community to have it looked over and discussed further. Questions, comments, and concerns on this topic are greatly appreciated, and I thank you for taking the time to read my suggestion.
  13. Some of my best times playing Project Reality were on the Tactical Gamer servers. I had always wondered where they disappeared to. TG will definitely see me again on release.