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  1. Squad vs. Project reality: discussion

    I loved how PR was a bunch of quality tested and approved mods.. I hope Squad doesnt become a mess of a million half assed maps each server can run as it pleases
  2. EAC KICKED:authentication timed out(1/2)

    same here
  3. lol certainly wasnt expecting WORSE FPS, after months of no real updates, but you dont always get what you expect +1 to OP btw. kinda wierd its not a thing after alll this time of dodgy performance
  4. V.6 community feedback

    Struggling to get 35 FPS w/ constant freezes and FPS drops to 15-25 FPS GTX 970 i5 760 @2.8GHz 8 gigs ram
  5. Update News?!

    lel PR was/is a free mod with people deving it in part of their free time, this is not. + you cant really count the last patch as an update, more like a "were still alive guys" from the devs
  6. Why does Sumari exist?

    Sumari gave a very negative first impression, both gameplay and visual vise (flat ground with unimpressive mud buildings). All it has to distinguish itself from bf2pr gfx is higher res textures and dynamic shadows just sayin..
  7. lol ok but then I dont see how kiddies camping emplacments and/or whoring rpg/ugl kits etc does not degrade gameplay
  8. idc either way but since some guys mentioned immersion: Soldiers getting rekt to bits by 50cals etc immersive? Yea. Reviving a pile of gore back to life immersive or "just" a dude with a bleeding bullet hole in his forehead ? Nope It adds immersion in X but subtracts in Y so the whole immersion argument is moot
  9. Alpha 3.8 Released

    no performance changes here, chorra is still ~30 FPS on all settings (quad i5 @ 2.8ghz)
  10. Why do the servers affect client fps?

    I thought its more about having lots of players to animate vs just yourself https://www.reddit.com/r/joinsquad/comments/3xmpis/devs_eli5_rework_the_animation_system/
  11. penalty movement on steep ground

    shush casual mod senpai. High ground should matter more, currently you can sprint up 60 degree hills on fools road like Captain Doritos in Call of Mountaindew. At the very least there should be a stamina penalty.
  12. ahh behold the power of dev tags, creating hype and hope with a single sentence that neither denies or confirms anything :D <3
  13. just saying

    BUMP!!! ITS VSYNC!!! I repeat, disable vsync ya'll I used to have 32 FPS tops at Jensen Range (training mode), no matter the graphic setting now. w/ Vsync off its about 60. Wierd thing is I remember seeing that.. ughh thing Vsync is supposed to negate with it actually turned on :o edit: re-enabled Vsync via Nvidia control pannel, FPS still high. now with everything on LOW I get about 176 FPS and on EPIC its around 47 - previously both being capped at ~32 with Squad Vsync on
  14. Gun Position

    it does feel "wrong" or not perfect somehow, idk if its gun position or the jerkiness when you move which kinda makes it feel as if you have FPS lag