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  1. Locked squads Good Idea or bad idea?

    Only for future vehicle squads or future sniper teams, but for infantry i don't think its a good idea. I hate it how in PR the only squad left available is a locked infantry squad with just 3 people.
  2. Anti-ballistic Leaf

    Didn't you know that they make kevlar from those leaves? B)
  3. I think some people just don't know what a flag is they can and cant cap, i ask why that squad is going to that flag and they say, to cap it of course, and than i explain they can't cap it unless a orange attack icon is on it.
  4. I have over 160 hours since it went to early access and 300 more since May, and since it went to EA i have been tked allot. There are assholes out there and just because you have not seen it does not mean its not there.
  5. Bringing this thread back to live, as of now the teams have just become worse and worse, entire squads not going for objectives, not communicating with each other, i just actually just quit mid game because nobody bothers to play for the objectives anymore! Right now its either one team completely reks the other team and the other one just have to bend over and take it. Its no fun this way.
  6. Lethal Headshots.

    Don't know if you know already mate, but these days combat ethics are thing of the past, especially when it comes to "insurgents". ;)
  7. Weapon sounds

    Never base weapons off of Hollywood movies, don't forget they use weapons with blanks, they are cartridges that just go boom, and no bullet being send forward and designed to be a bit louder than normal bullets. The only movies that had great weapon sounds that were just right was in Saving Private Ryan and Band Of Brothers.
  8. Bleed is too harsh?

    I have noticed rounds are much shorter now, mostly because of the ticket bleeds, i think its because we need like 100 more tickets. I have also seen allot more fast paced attacks, people just running in head over heels, dying and respawning without thinking of tickets.
  9. Lethal Headshots.

    So is spawning out of thin air from a pile of backpacks. :P
  10. Vac banned?

    One of my steam friends had a hacker come in, use his profile while he was unaware, the hacker did not even change his password and made sure to play on his account when my steam friend was not online, one time he did got in steam and noticed someone else was logged in, but it was already too late as two days later he got a VAC ban on RO2, i have played with him many times and he was not good at the game so he was far from a hacker. Maybe this happened to you as well, hackers love to get into your account, use it to hack, so they don't lose their own account.
  11. Set your resolution scale to 100%.
  12. List of Weapons and Vehicles

    C'mon OP, update that list with the new weapons they added in update 4.0 and that will be coming in the future! :) Like the KS-23 Russian Shotgun, PPSH-41.
  13. new guns?

    The current US and Insurgent models are actually not from their hand and are mostly placeholders from another engine. Someone digged it up from what engine it was, can't remember if it was on squads reddit or here.
  14. Supply chain, how will it work?

    Get a logi truck/chopper, drop the crates at the squad asking for it, go back to base to rearm new crates, drop it off again!
  15. I hope we get explosion decals that last maybe a minute, RO2 has them so its possible.
  16. problem with the game

    But the thing is, after this update it has started to performance worse! I now have random FPS drops once in a while and the VOIP framedrops when someone talks, and i never had this before 4.0! Managed to the VOIP lag with removing the radio asset file.
  17. I have been stuck many times between this rock and the wall many times and also seen other players get stuck there. It's a old screenshot but i think the rock still is there: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=618100126
  18. Dont understand how we lost this...

    Insurgency at the moment is a mode i skip, its no fun with weapon emplacements and vehicles.
  19. Won't removing these two files now put as at risk of being banned by EAC?
  20. Vac banned?

    Did you happen to remove the voice asset to make VOIP stutter go away?
  21. Massive lag spikes in firefight

    I have noticed it happens allot when a explosion happens, mostly from the RPG.
  22. Found this, ground being to low for the fence and logs: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=617066414
  23. Video driver reset?

    Mine is not overclocked as well, and the strange thing is, it happens in like 1 times out of the 5 times i start the game. And it only happens if it's Fools Road, gonna see if it still happens with the new version of FR from the latest patch.
  24. I never had the issue but now in 4.0 i have and removed the files and fixed the VOIP lag, but than i still get some framedrops to 4 fps when a explosion happens.
  25. Alpha 4 Released

    I got some serious issues with framedrops that are caused when allot of explosions happen, first it was also happening when multiple people were using VOIP, but i used the fix where you remove two files and that was fixed, but still sometimes have them. Did not happen before the 4.0 update.