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  1. Hand Grenade Concussion

    Something i hope that will not be added is a beep sound like after a explosion. I myself already have Tinnitus and when i hear it in a game or movie it makes me want to throw my headset off my head as soon as i hear it. :unsure:
  2. How does the text chat work?

  3. I don't know what the hell is going on the last few days, but its getting harder and harder finding a good server and especially a team, when you are on a team that is not the American side you can bet you will have a bad time. Auto balance is ruining teams, i see entire squads going to flags that cannot be capped, sitting on fob's miles away from the fight, tkers, trolls and teams that are just complete derp. I really hope the next patch will be a good one that can compensate for all this because i had no fun at all this week.
  4. Q: Ticket loss for giving up, true or false?

    That would explain why the rounds end so much quicker. :o
  5. I have noticed Insurgents not being able to win allot of times, especially since the Russians have optics now as well.
  6. I say no, the Insurgents are already getting their asses handed to them by the Russians and US factions, now add the option of body armor, than you will have people leaving the server as soon as they see they are on the insurgents side, i already hate being on the Insurgents side as its the weakest faction right now, on the new Chora they lose the map 8 out of 10 times.
  7. Invisible Wall in Logar

    Should have reported it here: http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/9959-logar-feedback-bugs-and-issues-no-theories-ideas-or-opinions/
  8. How does the text chat work?

    You stated you haven't even bought the game, so stop trying to demand a option for a game you don't even own! I have been playing the game since May and not a single time been annoyed about the chat, and if you don't want to buy it and stick to BF that even has a more annoying chat, your loss, someone else and more will take your place and buy it. And this is the first time someone ever complained about the chat, so its just you, and not a single developer will add a or remove a feature because 1 guy complained.
  9. Anybody else seen this before?

    This guy got shot with a grenade from a grenadier: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=615471586
  10. Remodelling.

  11. Found a floating rock: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=622782872
  12. Have been getting the same, server switches over to the next map and you only get a black screen and than after a minute it kicks you back to the main menu with a server disconnect or server lost connection error. The loading also has increased for me from 30 seconds to 1 minute 30!
  13. So, basically because i have observed a lack of teamplay i am a asshole now... Now i now why people start to call our community toxic. :ph34r:
  14. Game crashes when/after loading map

    Had the same just now, seems the happen just when you load into the game after the loading screen, than it just crashes without a error. End of my log states this: Strange thing is it states this over and over again but with different servers. Seems it did not even had time to log the error.
  15. APC Interiors confirmed... Tank.. Unknown

    We only ever saw the inside of those tanks during the single player campaign, multiplayer would immediately set you on the turret camera.
  16. The problem at the moment is not just a single squadleader, its entire teams not knowing what they are doing, going to flags they cannot cap, sitting on hills and just shooting away with their long range optics, etc... I wish i could squadlead more but i work mostly during the day and i am late at home, so when i really start playing Squad, most of the people in my house are already sleeping, so i can't use my mic like i would, or i would get a frying pan to the back of my head from my significant other. :P
  17. I don't mind a arcade WW2 fps, but i would love to see it in singleplayer, one of my favorite FPS games is Medal Of Honor Allied Assault, the last big developer who had the balls to do a WW2 fps with singleplayer was Activision for COD: World At War, and that is already 8 years ago! EIGHT years we have not seen a solid WW2 shooter with singleplayer. RO2 is mp only, and there also was Enemy Front in 2014 but that was just meh. But i dont really see the appeal in this at the moment as i hate tiny maps, i already find them too tiny in RO2/RS, and these are even smaller! Thats what i like in PR and Squad, the huge maps where you can actually flank the enemy!
  18. I dont care i am getting a reputation, and i haven't had a good match in two weeks, i have been on all servers available and they all eventually turn into a shitfest with people thinking this is Battlefield. I also see allot more tkers and just asshats ruining the fun, even got tked by a squadleader! There seems to be a complete lack of teamplay at some moments, i am healing a guy, ask the guy behind me to watch my back, he says no and walks away, i get shot in the back and so did the guy i was healing. Nice job teammate!
  19. I'm pretty much officially done with the game, im just gonna go back to PR, tonight was the most horrible experiences i have had in Squad, every-single-server almost nobody is going for flags, they just run around the map shooting like its call of duty, going for flags they cannot cap, leaving flags they need to defend. Squad was great before all these Early Access Steam morons came into the game.
  20. Escape from Tarkov

    Looks to be like S.T.A.L.K.E.R, but there is nothing that interest me in this game. I have had enough of post apocalyptic worlds.
  21. Why Not To Lone Wolf

    In a squad, you can get revived within 1 minute, if you lone wolf, you gotta sit waiting for friendlies to come around with a medic for minutes until you bleed out being completely useless for your team Or worse, give up and loose a ticket every time.
  22. Eventually it will look like the original PR, various versions:
  23. RPG arming distance

    Something i hope to see is that if you get hit with a RPG rocket on your body that is not armed, it should damage you, that thing will bury itself in your body in real life.

    I think the devs should experiment inside Squad where everyone can hear VOIP for maybe like a month, if its not working, just change it back to the old way. In PR people started to maybe use local less, but you can still talk in Squad channel and the enemy won't hear it. I think seeing its a game in developmental, we should experiment with it. Squad is not PR! Just because something happened in a similar game, does not mean it will happen in this one!
  25. Also found that one, and saw that more walls don't connect properly. And found this spot between two rocks where you cannot pass through: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=620418502