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  1. This is what i hate about free weekends

    I am so glad the free weekend is over, had the worst rounds ever.
  2. What i want to know, a modder has already made a workable version of Al Bashra, and im pretty sure the work on Fallujah was started way before that, so how come we have still seen nothing from it?
  3. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    The render of the Kar98, is it the perspective on how the rifle is positioned for the screenshot, or does the barrel look really thick? Got a K98 myself (used in Operation Market Garden) and the barrel is not that thick.
  4. Game wont start after new update.

    Do you guys have a 32 or 64 bit OS installed? because it requires 64.
  5. Resolution is screwed

    This bug is still in the game, and i am NOT changing my scaling options in windows 10 because i got bad eyes and i need to have it at 125%! So not touching this game anymore until this is fixed.
  6. Somewhat disgruntled.

    Have you tried looking at the server browser from Steam if it's also blocked there? Just open the steam server browser and change the filter to Squad. And i recommend contacting your ISP because they are not allowed to block certain stuff. Also in Steam settings under In-Game, set the In Game server browser max pings/minute to a lower number like 1000.
  7. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    When are new German uniforms to be planned? Because the current ones look really off,
  8. Post Scriptum : The Bloody Seventh

    So, is this game really gonna be a full standalone game that you pay for? As Bluedrake just uploaded a video stating it will be a full standalone game you probably need to pay for, he is basing it on 'rumors he heard', sounds more like view baiting. Not that i will mind. Some serious good work is being done on the game and im more than willing to pay for it.
  9. November 2016 Monthly Recap

    Looking awesome, and i saw you bastards just sneaking in the bipod system like its nothing. But the running with the weapon animation still looks off, the weapon still looks too high on the body. And the weapon of the soldier is still constantly being aimed when he is just standing around doing nothing, even when lying down. I know that there is a big thread about this, but no soldier ever constantly keeps their weapon aimed, especially around friendlies.
  10. Sgt. Veld's (aka Sgt.Nightfire) Video's

    Some footage on Kokan, not the best of squad mates...
  11. AMD CPU performance is terrible

    Isn't AMD working on a processor that suppose to be their next big thing to beat Intel? But yeah, im not getting AMD for GPU or CPU anymore, been having so many issues the last few years with games that just run like shit on AMD systems.
  12. Uploaded on a new channel... Played a good round last week with Mellow Yellow Lemon, AK Mr. Blonde, Xfiles & Chill, Botmot, Temo and some other guys who did great. I think this video is a perfect example of how in Squad, when you got a SL who knows what he (mostly) is doing can keep total strangers doing their job in the squad!
  13. September 2016 Monthly Recap

    new update, already people complaining and nitpicking every thing those couch generals think is wrong, be bloody grateful they are working on this game and showcasing something, there are games out there that almost show nothing! And this is the reason why, people thinking they know it better!
  14. GTX 1060 not running when playing Squad

    If i were you i should not mess around in the BIOS if you are not known with it!
  15. Shot someone in head a bunch, he turned and killed me

    Do you get low fps? I notice that i barely can shoot anything when my fps is between 20-35, its been like that since the update. Some maps work better and i had a fps of 40 and i did really well.. But even than, i noticed that like a direct shot in the neck sometimes even doesn't do much damage, shot a guy twice in the chest from 20 meters with the SKS and he just turned around and killed me, i blame the netcode or lag/latency.