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  1. Game needs more maps ...

    Kohat in my mind is a map that needs a serious overhaul when it comes to the terrain because it has not changed since it was created, it really needs to look like Tallil's rocks and ground texture look like: https://media.joinsquad.com/2018/Aug/Recap/tallil_3.jpg
  2. September 2018 Recap

    Sounds like a really nice update!
  3. I dont know what kind of servers you play on, but this happens in every match i join.
  4. The Wrench, May 2018

    The battle royal mod could either be really good for Squad or really bad, as in bring in allot of good and new players, or bring in allot of players that are just downright free steam weekend toxic.
  5. Odd grass in Narva

    When i joined the grass looked like this, i got no clue what caused this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1404769225
  6. EAC Security Violation Detection

    Gonna necro this thread, i got a new pc, motherboard uses Asus Aura, also to control RGB lighting for my case, in my case it was Lightingservice.exe that caused me to get a Security Violation error from EAC. This should be added to EAC as a safe file! Now i gotta deactivate the RGB all together to even start the game.
  7. Founder Weapon Skins

    Only saw them appear while i was in the Shooting Range this week, never seen them online in V10
  8. in-game character voices

    I honestly wish they would, only for your guy or team to hear it and not the enemy. They added it to Day Of Infamy and it helps allot with the immersion:
  9. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    How? They tested it in Post Scriptum and works great. Rising Storm 2 also has it and there is no issues.
  10. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    They basically can't, the maps would have to be huge for it . Like ARMA huge.
  11. I thought it was just me not playing on a resolution above 1080, especially the SAW is really hard to read now. I actually made a video this week, just showing the new weapon animations, and you can see how just tiny and thin everything is inside the scopes: All recorded with TXAA: 2:38 AK47 with scope. 4:33 Dragunov. 6:26 SAW m249, still easy to see but still too tiny. Increasing the thickness and the size would already make it allot better. Maybe it's realistic but whats the point if you barely can see it.
  12. Will Squad introduce airstrikes?

    Seeing they won't be adding actual flying jets, they probably will do it this way just like Post Scriptum has done, a Warthog A-10 doing a strafe would be fricking awesome!
  13. Sound issue in V10?

    It's because you got a AMD CPU, the engine has issues with the sound, Epic doesnt seem to give a damn to fix it. Something that can help you is putting the Audio to Low in the options, this has helped me.
  14. Where Did My FPS Go?

    I had waited for a long time for V10 to play Squad again, as for over a year ago it was promised that that build would give us optimizations. Now in V10, my performance is worse than a year ago! I have noticed that Bashra is the most un-optimized map there is and i avoid it like the plague.
  15. Optics for M249 and M240B

    Don't understand why the M240B is without any optics at all.