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  1. Steam account already associated

    I'm having the same issue. Trying to apply my clan pack cd key but was already apart of an Australian server test way back when the kick starter had just started but cant associate the new key. Who should I PM?
  2. Squad TeamSpeak Icon

    As discussed with Melbo, that's a great start but I think the last 2 guys in the squad logo (as seen in Melbo's signature) would be heaps better. I'm using this for now as it's 10000 times better than anything else I have, but look forward to the new one
  3. Squad TeamSpeak Icon

    Hey guys, I'm after a 16 x 16 icon for TeamSpeak for those who have contributed to the squad KickStarter. Obviously 16 x 16 is very limited but I have seem some amazing work done on here with images and I thought someone out there would already have one surely? If so can I borrow it? Also might be worth getting into the official squad media files so others can use it too Cheers k4n30
  4. That's the best way to do it - cs:go does it that way Can't wait Ready to back the Company Clan 10 pack
  5. Any clans in Oceania

    Hey, k4n30 from aVarice gaming here. We're watching this closely and already the boys are looking at snapping up 3 clan packs at the kickstarter. If anyone wants to come join us, visit us at avagaming.com.au and play with us while we wait for Squad to be released