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  1. 60FPS and unplayable due to constant freezing

    One thing you could try to check is if you have enough system RAM. For me, Squad on Fools road can take as much as 7 GB of RAM, so that might be part of your issue. You may not have enough RAM. Start the task manager, go on the performance tab, then click on resource monitor. Click on the Disk tab. While you're playing the game (after you have these freezes), if you look at the boxes on the right and see a blue line like in the image (or look at highest active time in the Disk Activity section), that means your system is waiting on your storage (SSD or HDD). If this happens (and you're not doing anything else that's related to storage like an A/V scan, etc), it likely means that you're paging out of memory (what was intended to go to RAM has to go to the disk because there's no place in RAM anymore). The fix for that is getting more RAM.
  2. No slot reservation on joining server?

    It seems the client doesn't even check if the server is full before loading the map.
  3. WW1 Warfare @London training server

    I think this is what he's talking about Looks like it took a lot of time to build.
  4. Buy into squad?

  5. New graphics options............

    Resolution scale is a bit like a resolution multiplier. For instance, if you've selected the game resolution to be at 1920x1080 and put the resolution scale to 200%, the game will actually be rendered at 3840x2160 (4K). As for temporal anti-aliasing: https://youtu.be/-6YUVwGQvzM?t=1m13s and
  6. v3 - No pagefile = Crash

    It does. While loading Fools Road, Squad's RAM usage jumped to 6 GB and went back to a stable 5.4 GB.
  7. Game "stuttering" or freezing

    Do you have an SSD? It might help. Also, if your GPU has dedicated VRAM, you could check out the usage with GPU-Z, to check if that's the problem. If you don't have enough VRAM, then there's no quick fix for now. Maybe in the future, after optimizations, the game will use less VRAM. Also, you might want to check your CPU / GPU temps to see if there's thermal throttling. If your temps are very close to 100C (like 96+), then I suggest that you open up your laptop, remove dust stuck in your heatsinks and reapply aftermaket thermal paste, if you're comfortable with that)
  8. Closed Alpha Version 3

    Did everything work properly? Has anyone gotten their keys?
  9. Closed Alpha Version 3

    Yes, Riflemen tier will get their keys on December 15th.
  10. Closed Alpha Version 3

    You need to get in touch with him. The two keys should be sent to him. (From what I understand)
  11. Closed Alpha Version 3

    Because this time they'll be steam redeemable keys. They need a way to give us the game through steam, and steam keys is pretty much the only way to go. (For those who pre-purchased the game)
  12. Closed Alpha Version 3

    ^ Who knows, maybe the forest map now pits the US against the Russians.
  13. Level System for classes

    Are you sure about that? ;)