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  1. Founder stuff

    Ok thanks :). Just sent an email
  2. Founder stuff

    Sounds lovly! Cant wait to see the stuff but then again I guess we all have to wait for the delevery. BTW how do you check up ppls adresses? Ive had the time to move like 4 months ago and I dont remember if we filled our shipping adress anywhere?.
  3. Founder stuff

    Hey I think I donated for Ranger Edition. Im just curious when the pysical stuff will be sent?. Kinda eggar to place it in my gaming room :). Or did I understand it all wrong and there wont be any pysical stuff?.
  4. Backer Tag Redeem!

    May I ask what the difference betwen backer and found is? :).
  5. =FU= Freelancers Union

    We are always on TS when we play squad to join servers together, and our TS requires push-to-talk which makes you able to be on ts and in Squad and use the in-game voip while in the rounds. then we talk a bunch of crap while waiting for the new round or to inform new user which server we are on :).
  6. Speeachless!

    Squad had been only for less then a day on Steam now.... AND its already gotten 260+ reviews which all are positiv!! Dosnt that say something?. GOOD FREACKING WORK DEVS! :) you all deserve to just lean back enjoy a BIG beer and just tap yourself on the shoulder and say "Im awesome!". Thank alot for making this happen :)
  7. Helper for new players

    Yeah I wasnt rly happy with that either, but did this in 5min for a friend at first(which I can discuss and explain via Teamspeak) but then I thought I might aswell share it with the rest of the community and maybe help some people. Im not that good at English. so if anyone wants to edit,add or remove something. Feel free to post it :)
  8. Helper for new players

    Hello May be the wrong forum part but then move it please :) Ok so lots of new players and unexperienced ones coming on, which I love, since I want (and need) an active community for the one game that Ive waited ages for. And the only one that is bringing any fun for my part. Well I made this little field helper which is very basic and yes all is made in Paint. Hope it helps someone for easier get going in the field :). Seeing that the image is pritty small, try click the link and make it big on there if youre having trouble to see something http://i251.photobucket.com/albums/gg281/SkyNex0/Squad%20helper_zpsoix1g8cs.jpg
  9. Its solved. Thanks alot :). and Sorry everyone for me taking the devs time for this stupid thing. wont happen again.
  10. Ok so here is the the deal. I donated 300 Cad for Squad. got 3 Codes, where one was dedicated for me as the founder key and the I got two to give to friends. I gave one to a friend and then I was supposed to give the last one away this weekend. I found out that I accidently had removed all mails with Squad somehow. so I dont have the Email with the codes. and I dont have the email with my conformation from Kickstarter where it says what I will get then it was done, the dog tags, laminated maps, actuall fastrope and that things... Is there any other way I can find these codes again so I can give my 2nd friend my last code?. Thanks in advanced SkyNex0
  11. The price

    I payed 300CAD, stop the crying
  12. The even newer guy

    Hey and welcome . Here you go mate http://forums.joinsquad.com/topic/2349-squad-sweden-sqswe/
  13. Help to clearify! :(

    Yeah got an email with 3 keys last weekend . and yeah I can search the forums and the link what was refereed to me on here by "CR8Z" (thank you by the way). I had already read. but since english isnt my Mother language, I sometimes have hard to understand some things. Hope your not too offended by that tho Mullins1165, since I want to keep a good spirit amongst us all in here And thanks all for all the info with somewhat more understandable english for me .
  14. Help to clearify! :(

    I donated 369 CAD / 300 USD, I think I was Ranger? not sure tho?
  15. Squad Sweden [SQSWE]

    Jag va inte hemma!, så jag tror jag missade min chans på Pre-Alpha access -.-. FAAN