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  1. A Doctors Gripe

    Interesting to read that the US Army Medical Corps got in wrong in 1902 as well sparking the misuse. Well every day is a school day.
  2. Release more content at once and do fewer updates

    Everyday is an over exaggeration. There's been one update this week, two the week before and then nothing for a few months. Are you sure you're not getting confused with mods you subscribed to during the free weekend recently? Separate note though that the way this game updates is ridiculous, 30mins+ to patch 25MB. That needs sorted especially seeing as the dev cycle is to drop patches at prime time on a Friday...
  3. Why is updating so slow?

    the best part of 25mins for 5.87MB update...
  4. Why is updating so slow?

    Something that's bugged me for the past few builds now. How come Squad is the single game in my steam inventory that takes an absolute age to update? Just now updating to 15.1 has taken 6 mins to preallocated around 40seconds to download and now 10mins+ doing whatever? A 600MB update for R6:Siege took all of 2minutes start to finish...
  5. Alpha 14 Patch Notes

    Sweet turn around on the patch release! Hopefully more content and changes in the future too. Really like the TC gamemode, adds a really good dynamic and some tactical thinking rather than just funneling 80 odd players into a tiny flag cap zone. Just a point to note that the SUSAT is zeroed at 300m in real life, that's the lowest setting on the sight. So technically it was fixed before when it read 300m (I initially thought this was good attention to detail).
  6. Alpha 13 Feedback Survey Update

    Cool. Will be interesting to see the results come out. Do we at this stage know the proportion of the playerbase that took part?
  7. Alpha 13.1 Released

    Good to see a quick turnaround to fix some fundamental stability issues with the game. Nerd mode: Love the use of pernicious "having a harmful effect, especially in a gradual or subtle way." Would have hoped for a few extra changelog entries relating to non-insta death on revive and buddy rally. Seeing as suppression and sway got nerfed in 12.1 with minimal feedback. {end cynicism}
  8. Trucks wth cargo cover(tent)

    If you were traveling through territory where you determine that there's a possibility of enemy contact and you were unfortunate enough to be in a transport truck you would travel with the canvas rolled up as to provide situational awareness. Otherwise if you get contacted the guys in the back will have no orientation of their surroundings. For logistics trucks on the other hand... Would easily differentiate the two. From a nerdy point of view I would prefer the trucks to look a little closer to their RL counterparts. You would NEVER travel in the manner that the Brits do on the MAN SV.
  9. Alpha 13 Patch Notes

    A lot of interesting and cool stuff in amongst that list! A hefty set of patch notes indeed, good job. Though I am surprised to see the non-perma death revive stayed in. Seemed most feedback was to have it bought back to v12 standards. Then really gobsmacked to see that buddy rally is still a thing?! Almost what was the point in the public test?
  10. Fall Out 76

    Not really co-operative if there's not another human being that you're working with! That's what everyone is rumouring and I hope they're wrong. Always wondered why there was never any vehicles, especially in FO4 where you could create a city from junk but couldn't repair a car or bike. Though I'm guessing it's to do with the ability to quickly traverse around the wasteland. I did like the implementation of the vertibird taxi in 4.
  11. May 2018 Recap

    No. In the hope that RPs get tweaked to stop the individual squad lemming assault the FOB will become the main respawn mechanism for everyone. 1 FOB per team would negate pretty much the whole support/logistics element of the game.
  12. Fall Out 76

    I'm hoping for a little bit of 2 player coop so me and my mate can play. Failing that I just want a good setting, story and soundtrack. The rumours about it being a battle royale, MMORPG online thing. I just hope they're wrong!
  13. Changing up FOBs a little

    June recap?! Still waiting for Aprils!
  14. Alpha 11.1

    Great that a patch has been pushed out. On the first note reference medics does that include the revived soldier teleporting upwards which often leads to getting stuck in structures or pointlessly exposed to further enemy fire?
  15. I was excited for the change when reading the changenotes. I've often fell victim to being killed by an enemy because the friendly who's dead on the ground is right next to the enemy soldier and their tag is near them, blocking my line of sight. Agree either have the option for how transparent they are or say any friendly name tag beyond 20m get replaced with a green/blue dot/chevron above their head with nothing if they are incapacitated/dead.