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  1. Space, checking-in

    Whoa! Didn't know you could use gifs in avatars here. Cool. Welcome to Squad!
  2. Logging In

    Remember that it is caps sensitive. That's gotten me once or twice.
  3. Insurgents VS Insurgents

    I'd just like to point out the title "Insurgents vs INSUGENTS" (the latter being spelled incorrectly) and how funny that actually is considering the content of this suggestion.
  4. What is the community like here?

    This community is really great. However, you may find that we have low-tolerance for those who do not use the search function...
  5. Founder Tag in forums ??

    Why was it removed?
  6. Founder Tag in forums ??

    Where did that incredibly useful and large attention-grabbing banner at the top of the page go???
  7. Das bewbs.

    I know what you're talking about, but I don't think it's against forum guidelines unless it's directly pornography of any kind. People may use whatever avatars they wish as long as they don't infringe on the rules or the mods decide to take action by their own discretion. I can understand those who have specific moral/religious beliefs, or if there are under-aged members within the community, though. But something as common as barely-covered breasts shouldn't be too much of a shock to anyone in a community focused around a semi-realistic military first-person-shooter.
  8. Shoot yourself in the foot?

    I demand a refund!
  9. Can we get a character template for modding?

    "Ouch," says MURay.
  10. Can we get a character template for modding?

    Development Kit.
  11. Easter-eggs

    I don't know why on Earth peoe wouldn't want easter eggs? It's not like the devs will be spending days placing in minor nods and references. Even so, easter eggs would be added in after the important stuff is all done...
  12. Remove Where did you hear about us?

    Only you can see it. Nobody else sees that little area. Kind of annoying when you don't know that it's hidden.
  13. Report a Player Thread

    That is blacklisting, and is very often frowned upon in gaming communities. As said by others, it is public shaming and I don't support this. Complaints about certain players should be handled privately with the appropriate admins.
  14. Signatures

    Now that I think about it, the width could be more. People having banner-style signatures doesn't cause too much more of a problem. Methinks that this rule was targeted towards people with national flags and the like, where it works great.