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  1. For mappers. I found a facebook group where people share their made up maps. Not just for video games, but also for stories, and comics and things like that. It seems they strive for realism. https://www.facebook.com/groups/213631642376145/?fref=nf
  2. Graphic Updates

    I have a gtx 970, i cant afford another card for a long time because Im on disability. So should I beg my mommy to buy me a new card, or should the game developers who started developing this game back well before when i bought that card when it was new, start fixing the crazy instabilities? Im here ranting becuase a few minutes ago the game froze when an rpg rocket came into view, and hung there, then CTD. Its so frustrating. The hardware should be able to handle this game, I mean the game is so ugly and doesnt have that much going on in every level. So i refuse to believe its my hardware. Your argument is fine that upgrading is logical, but not with a 5 year old game. It has become CLEAR to me that most game developers push their games into instability to help graphics card companies sell more and more hardware. At the same time as phoning it in and cutting corners. And it's also CLEAR to me, that the problems I get in game, are routed in "effects". And the stuttering has something to do with next frame rendering. Im, fatigued by these inadiquasies, and it hurts because I dont have any options. If you are fine with spending hundreds of dollars on hardware, fine, keep chasing that dragon, but you are in the minority, and id say MOST people are laging behind in the race, and deserve a bit of a handicap. Squad Devs, please do something about this. I dont want you to lose me as a future customer. Intel Core i3-7100 CPU @ 3.90GHz GeForce GTX 970 overclocked 8Gigz DDR4 In my opiniont that should be the bloody limit, considering it runs EVERY SINGLE OTHER GAME ON HIGH, doom2016 FINE, The Witcher 3, FINE Grand theft auto 5, FINE, Batman Arkham Knight FINE But anything running on the UE4 engine, tends to look like dogshit and chugs like an old donkey.
  3. Beta 18 Released

    Nice optomization update
  4. Can we turn down the helicopter noise on main menu please?
  5. Can't Believe I Have to Ask This

    i think you cant jump when you're out of stamina
  6. Next frame rendering

    turning that on doubled my performance. now i gotta find a way to fix the fps spikes and stuttering.
  7. Next frame rendering

    thanks man i hope that helps!
  8. Next frame rendering

    ...really? No response? *tumble-weed*
  9. I have gtx970, how much regular ram do you have? Looking for tips on reducing stutter.
  10. I have a gtx 970 and just recently learned it doesnt have 4k ram. Its torturous playing squad half the time. I was geting the same bad performence in battlefield 5, however when I activated next frame rendering in nvidia control panel it cleared a lot of that stuff up. Thats why i opened a new thread about Next frame rendering in general discussion just a few minutes ago.
  11. Next frame rendering

    Does Squad use Next frame rendering? For those unaware, "Next frame rendering" Is where the GPU will render frame 1, 3, 5 etc, and the CPU will render 2,4,6 etc. I ask because in my Nvidia control panel it shows up for some games, but doesnt show up for squad. Is it called something else now?

    This is a real simple one. People don't know what covering fire is/means. I suggest a loading tip or tutorial aspect. Its really bad that Automatic rifle still uses the roll like its a bloody sniper. Kind regards,
  13. Hi there, Just had one idea When a sl makes a squad perhaps he could have the ability to "forbid" certain kits from being taken. Love the game, the community and the devs are awesome, thanks. x