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    This is a real simple one. People don't know what covering fire is/means. I suggest a loading tip or tutorial aspect. Its really bad that Automatic rifle still uses the roll like its a bloody sniper. Kind regards,
  2. Hi there, Just had one idea When a sl makes a squad perhaps he could have the ability to "forbid" certain kits from being taken. Love the game, the community and the devs are awesome, thanks. x
  3. then, drive even more carefully. i advocated for a flip command for PR, but that was because if we ram the flipped vic with another vic it wont flip back over, it just stays that way or slides down a hill in it's present orientation. In squad you can ram a vic over with another vic. Call for assist. This is a realistic resolution in squad.
  4. More tickets, longer games

    This If the team is garbage, let it die. Then shuffle.
  5. Please help with looong load time

    windows scans files as they load, you can turn this off. solid state drive helps a lot. have lots of ram, ideally over 8GB total. squad devs are going to start optimizing the game now, so hopefully future loading times will be shorter. and also, what the other guys said. i bought a cheap ssd last week for 40 bucks, i dont have it yet, but the other forum members recommend it.
  6. Why I dont want Helicopters

    what if, if you take the pilot kit, you are bound to the kit for the entire round and you cant drop it? Would that help stop noobs crashing choppers? would it restrain the size of the trans squad?
  7. Degrading Constructions overtime

    When CAS comes in the future, destroying bases will be different. Overhead cover will likely need to be even stronger. Abandoned vehicles due to irresponsibility however maybe should be cycled back into the pool. I wonder will there be AA emplacements? Hmmm?
  8. Complexities

    There's no way to tell the competency level of the people you're supposed to trust.
  9. i got an ssd

    yeah just expanding, cheap 120gig ssd for 30 bucks. and yeah i have two other HDs, now im wondering if i have a spare sata port on my mobo for this, becuase i had to sacrifice my disk drive for the port....yikes.
  10. i got an ssd

    cool thanks dude
  11. i got an ssd

    So, I got an ssd, it's coming on tuesday. is there anything i need to know?" I never put one in before. Do SSDs need to be defragged at all? Do i have to move my entire steam directory to the new drive? or can i have a couple of steam directories on the two drives?
  12. i agree also, there is something fishy about the steepness of some of the roads, the inclines are such that i doubt any road paving vehicle could make it up hill much less a deuce. (mestia outside russian main base.....Kohat toi outside russian main)
  13. General v12 Feedback

    you forgot to mention very slow transport trucks. im gonna keep bringing it up.
  14. Game constantly freezing

    I have the same problem, i'm guessing it's due to low memory. It would require a large degree of game optimization. I get my worst spikes when approaching the front and the enemy team start appearing. Also nearby explosion effects give me a large spike. But the highest and longest spikes are when the game is loading in. That's why i think it's memory related. Turn off super sampling turn off pre-load textures. Turn off any background programs make sure the game isnt running in any compatibility mode. basically free up as much memory as possible. But it mightn't be solely to do with memory.