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  1. Alpha 11.1

    Tows just got dearer. Any nerf for APC ATGM Though?
  2. The animations are fine. (not too long or short) However, maybe the game needs better punishment for dying. I dont want the game to hold your hand, but as one person said "people take risks because they know they will respawn in 20 seconds." This statement cannot be dismissed out of hand. maybe when you die you forfeit your spacial kit role? special kit rolls would be less happy to take risks, regular roles might stick closer to special kits. maybe give regular kits an ammo bag for special kit roles to stay close to them and encourage teamwork. maybe add 10 seconds to your death timer for every time you die.
  3. yeah, so why have a "like" system on the forum, and not have it in game? Im a dedicated mature gamer! Please try my god damn idea already, im certain it will bare fruit. It aint perfect but the current system exposes the flaws in the current system. We couldnt do it in project reality, but you can do it in squad. Im so tired of playing these games for 10 years+, with no prestige or experience system. MMOs have exp systems, even vanilla bf2 had xp. But squad could ACTUALLY benifit from an xp system. If you dont want to be squad leader you just give it to the most experienced person in the squad.
  4. I dont like the quality of the average squad leader. There is no way to qualify if servers are run well, or if squad leaders are trust worthy. there needs to be a qualification like a 10 star system or a thumbs up from squad members to validate squad leaders as being good.
  5. cant see the legend because its black and so is the background
  6. SQUAD uninstalled

    Everyone knows that fans are unpleaseable. The game is NOT the reason for the problems you listed. The server admins are, and PR has the same problem. When your server might cost $100+ a month to run, you cant take risks i guess. I was just speaking with a friend today about the concept of a 100% whitelisted server, where ALL the server slots are reserved, and my friend suggested that you have to agree to a server obedience and good behavior contract or you get banned from the server. And i think a combination of the two would be a good idea. I dont know if it would work, but i'd love to see if someone would give it a try and have the devs advertise it to give it a dry run.
  7. February Recap

    i didnt think of that, also there was the hmmwv issue.
  8. February Recap

    Your hescos say hasco on the side.
  9. Benchmark goof

    K, so in game i accidentally clicked Run benchmark and it froze my computer. I had to cold restart. Duh, i know...right? But could you make a "are you sure you want run benchmark now?" dialogue where you can press okay or cancel before the benchmark runs? ty
  10. POLL - v10

    I love your attitude, i played pr for the last 10 years too. However, v10 doesnt feel like pr to me. or maybe it did but the bugs i encountered distracted me from the other gameplay enhancements. I did notice the slower prone to stand time, and i like it. But until the vaulting and the strange bugs are fixed, i agree that the slower pacing should stay, though the major enhancements need to be fixed before implementation.
  11. POLL - v10

    there are texture loading problems with the acog for me. a bunch of climbing and faulting issues also. the bi-pod is great but uncomfortable to wield healing seems more difficult as the corpse seems to not want to register the equipment (for me) and sometimes after i get revived ill see a 1p and also my 3p scope floating in front of me. its headache enduing after a while. fix the problems then launch. otherwise squad will get a ****-tonne of negative reviews on steam and it will ultimately damage the integrity of the game
  12. Devblog - Out and About

    All the writing is inverted horizontally, please dont make the tanks inverted DEVs!!!
  13. Fix the problem. In my squad.exe properties, under compatibility tab, it was set to windows 8 and i'm windows 10. TURN OFF compatibility mode if you are using windows 10.
  14. from desktop to main manu 4 mins from main menu to level full load 2 mins. I used ultimate defrag to allocate the game files to be at the outter edge of the Hard disk as it passes through space faster, and therefor the laser can read it faster than being on the inner disk. I assume people know that. HDD usage 2MB/s 65% CPU: i3-7100 HDD Hard Disk Summary Hard Disk Number,1 Interface,"S-ATA Gen3, 6 Gbps" Disk Controller,"Intel(R) 200 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller (AHCI) [VEN: 8086, DEV: A282]" Disk Location,"Bus Number 0, Target Id 3, LUN 0" Hard Disk Model ID,WDC WD10EZEX-22BN5A0 Firmware Revision,01.01A01 Hard Disk Serial Number,WD-WCC3F2VDYFD3 Total Size,953867 MB Power State,Active Logical Drive(s) Logical Drive,D: [2015] MB: asus b250-mk I dont know how page files work