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  1. Modding 2.0: CAF, Space Crew, and Beyond

    Surprised it took this long for you to graciously gift us with this FREE content.
  2. [2nd CAV]

    [2nd CAV] ts.2ndcav.com - www.2ndcav.com Important Before you join it is essential you read a little but about us to make sure that you meet our requirements, and to ensure that we are the right unit for you. About us We are an effective and disciplined combined arms unit that utilises infantry, mechanised and avionic tactics to allow our members to fight together without friction for an optimal game-play experience. We coined the term “war-sim” to best describe our clan and the way it works. Founded by real world veterans from all over the world we imitate military tactics and strategy within the games we play. What we offer Powerful game servers, we use premiere NFO services to deliver the very best Arma 3 and Squad servers. A close knit, relaxed community that solely focuses on our lethality in game not hierarchy. Tactical realism, we implement legitimate tactics where applicable to get the most out of our gaming experience. Requirements Be over 21 Speak English A serviceable mic Receptive to tactics No stupid names No stupid steam profiles Not be easily offended Play Squad, ARMA or Escape from Tarkov What to Expect Joining us all members will be placed into their preferred role and expect to hit the ground running. Any individuals that are unfamiliar with the workings of Squad are free to join our scaled down version of the US Army Training process, providing a high level of immersion while implementing game relevant tasks for new members to test their abilities. (There is no requirement to join training providing you are familiar with the workings of squad). If you are still interested please join our Teamspeak or visit our website. Links Website: www.2ndcav.com Teamspeak: ts.2ndcav.com
  3. September 2018 Recap

    nice, we'll get to play fallujah assets on talill
  4. Hello, Squad.

    Way more common than you might have anticipated. The adherence and enforcement of the 'server guidelines' is non existent. When playing Squad on dedicated servers you are at the beck and call of that servers administrators. However not all are pricks but you'll definitely encounter some brain dead, know it all, arm chair ground force commanders.
  5. Territory Control?

    Thanks @Dubs.
  6. Territory Control?

    After a year of it first being hinted at there has been no further update, where is it?
  7. servers not showing (have tried all advice)

    With all respect, did you check your server filters?
  8. What are you working on?

    Do you have an update on this?
  9. [WIP] Mogadishu Map (Black Hawk down scenario)

    Fantastic, keep up the good work!
  10. Sun & Compass

    I don't think hes criticising it in a disapproving way, merely an observation and highlighting it. What an interesting take.
  11. Is it difficult to get parabolic trajectory correct in a game? I have no idea. I think Squad has found a decent medium when it comes to bullet trajectory and that its been somewhat simplified for game play reasons. 'Aim higher to hit targets at a further distance' simple.
  12. Range Estimation on the map.

    That's the beauty of a map, you have the ability to get an exact range. Either ask the squad leader to use the tools he has to get you a range or use the grid squares and a bit of wit to get your range.
  13. March 2018 Recap

    Lord, why o' why aren't you adding the LDS instead of the SUSAT?
  14. A Little Update from Merlin

    One thing you ought to address is the abhorrent "corruption" between licensed server administrators and your development team. Look into the complaints made rather than dismiss it as a squabble. But then again, why would you do that since you've been friends with these people since pr. Regulate the servers as developers and cut the cancer. I've seen multiple guidelines breached and complaints ignored while your buddies get away with blue murder that is completely unwarranted, based off of their ego trip because they know they are untouchable. And yes, you could say just join another server but that defeats the entire purpose of having offical licensed servers.
  15. Medic progression in Squad

    I addressed that exactly in my post.