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  1. Smoke grenades are realistic.
  2. Sometimes it seems the games end too quickly.
  3. Love it. Clear expansive areas are desperately needed in squad maps.
  4. Flash (most prominent), dust, frag and temporary disorientation. In that order.
  5. This didn't turn into a disagreement between players because you said so, it was clearly a breach of your server guidelines. Anyways, I'm going back to playing.
  6. I didn't expect much honestly but thanks. It used to be that you guys would investigate a breach of your server guidelines.
  7. SERVER: [M] MUMBLERINES AlBasrah 24/7 #2 [ENG ONLY] ADMIN: TARTANTYCO. On behalf of a friend id like to make a complaint. A severe violation of Squads server guidelines (especially on a free weekend) and abuse of power. There was no promotion of teamwork. Our squad was working together effectively and Tartantyco abused his admin power to disrupt gameplay. This admin wasn't respectful. Screaming down his mic, getting agitated and abusive. There was no constructive environment. Quite the opposite, their way or the highway attitude. Quite frankly a terrible impression for new players. Would greatly appreciate the staff looking into this.
  8. Chance, what are you saying? Thät all content created so far is now obsolete?
  9. Chance this is absolutely amazing mate, thanks to everyone else involved too. Great work.
  10. I have a sneaky suspicion it's being worked on.
  11. The A3 is an in development prototype upgrade that isn't in service yet, and isn't finalized or even finished. I doubt we'll see the A3 in Squad anytime soon.
  12. Hate to be that guy but the rear sight aperture on the L110A2 isn't correct. sue me
  13. You got any updates on that dude? No
  14. Here's your problem brother, your cpu doesn't meet the minimum requirements. Personally i've owned one of those and it's garbage, it struggled years ago, so I cant imagine it trying to run games in '16. I recommend an upgrade.