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  1. Is it difficult to get parabolic trajectory correct in a game? I have no idea. I think Squad has found a decent medium when it comes to bullet trajectory and that its been somewhat simplified for game play reasons. 'Aim higher to hit targets at a further distance' simple.
  2. Range Estimation on the map.

    That's the beauty of a map, you have the ability to get an exact range. Either ask the squad leader to use the tools he has to get you a range or use the grid squares and a bit of wit to get your range.
  3. March 2018 Recap

    Lord, why o' why aren't you adding the LDS instead of the SUSAT?
  4. A Little Update from Merlin

    One thing you ought to address is the abhorrent "corruption" between licensed server administrators and your development team. Look into the complaints made rather than dismiss it as a squabble. But then again, why would you do that since you've been friends with these people since pr. Regulate the servers as developers and cut the cancer. I've seen multiple guidelines breached and complaints ignored while your buddies get away with blue murder that is completely unwarranted, based off of their ego trip because they know they are untouchable. And yes, you could say just join another server but that defeats the entire purpose of having offical licensed servers.
  5. Medic progression in Squad

    I addressed that exactly in my post.
  6. Medic progression in Squad

    Squad needs a vastly more complex medical system. 1, for the game speed to be slowed and 2, to actually enjoy the medic role. Detailing different injuries and the procedures to manage them would shape the game and the medic role into something that would be a lot more interesting. The current medical system is bland and out dated, no offence. Squad is essentially using the exact same medical gameplay mechanics as battlefield2. The Gameplay mechanics should be more advanced now or at least a little broader in scope i.e. injuries and medicine. Hopefully we'll see medical mods in the future in tune with the ace medical system for arma, strictly for those that prefer a more hardcore aspect. Although there are people that enjoy the simplified med and revive system I think squad deserves to be much more detailed.
  7. Quid of Squad AIM Speed

    Realism and 'instructor' zero grouped into one post. Interesting.
  8. If anyone can do it, it's Axton. And now hes on the development team I believe there's a possibility. I read there was a bunch of issues with destruction and multiplayer. People not seeing things when joining late/render distance. That's all I know. Hail Axton.
  9. battle royale mod for squad ? :)

    @Gatzby what have you done?
  10. battle royale mod for squad ? :)

    Now you're just hurting my feelings!
  11. battle royale mod for squad ? :)

    Is nothing sacred.
  12. Will we see jets in the future?

    I'm 99% sure we will. The question is, will it be modders or developers who create them.
  13. Weapons of the BAF?

    With the change in the definition of suppression I see where they are coming from. But sometimes you just need to suppress everything. Last I heard is that they put it on hold. Thats all I know.
  14. Weapons of the BAF?

    The infantry is vehemently against this and is fighting against the review. We'll see what happens.
  15. Weapons of the BAF?

    I imagine that the end goal is to have all or most of the latest armaments that are utilised in a modern infantry platoon/company. L131A1 - Glock 17 L117A1 - SIG P226 L85A2 - SA80 w/ UGL (L123A1) L129A1 - LMT Sharpshooter L128A1 - Benelli M4 combat shotgun L110A3 - FN Minimi L7A2 - GPMG L109A1 - Hand grenade As for mortars, HMG's and grenade machine guns they might use assets that are already in game as they're basically interchangeable with US weaponry. I'm pretty sure there won't be any sniper rifles added though. It would more than likely (definitely) be the FN Minimi. The L86 was/is essentially a marksman rifle, although labelled as an LSW. It couldn't replace the role of a machine gun within a section. As far as the dual specialist vs rifleman class you suggested, I think a better alternative would be choosing between the L129 or the L86 as they correlate more to what your are suggesting. The main ones you might see in game are Javelin's, AT4's and LASM's. Others are used but I doubt you will see them in game. Most are interchangeable with what is already in game. A cool thing we might see is the variation of accessories for L85A2's in regards to optics, hand guards and foregrips. As there is a few degrees of variation they could play with to mix things up. And although technically it isn't correct you could label the UOR upgrades to the A2's A2.5's. Also, if you wanted to get really crazy it's entirely possible we could see the indistinct "A3" at some point in the future. Who knows.