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  1. Cant join Servers

    just for all wirth same error ... download can be found @ http://prealpha.joinsquad.com can be closed
  2. Cant join Servers

    founbd it - wrong version - anybody knows where to get the right one? don´t got a mail
  3. Bad Ping and bad decision

    Hi there, finaly the Pre Alpha is starting - was so exiting last day and then ... pure frustration. I am living in Spain and when opening the serverbrowser - i start to cry. Why in Hells name is my best Ping (ireland) about 350ms??? And in General between 350 and 600+? Unplayable for a FPS and Hell for my opponents - its like playing BF4 with Servertickrate off 20.In EVERY OTHER GAME i have pings under 100ms - in whole Europe.I am playing Ark on a privte Server in Germany - my Ping is about 50, i am in the open Beta of WoWS - Ping about 80. I am a good Driver in Trackmania - Server in Germany - ping about 50ms.So what is wrong with your Servers? It feels like you named the Server Ireland but the locations seems to be US/Canada.BTW. My InternetProvider is in the TopTen Worldwide - that cant be the issue:to irelandConnected and checked the Ping - goes down to 100-150 - not realy perfect but playable .. Thx for pointing me @ Melbo Another thing is this Event "Ranger" Weekend - why when only ~70 Rangerpackages was selled - servers are empty ... this is also disapointing. You should have open this weekend for all Backers! And to all the Players that call "Alpha/beta" - this is about Networking (Ping) and making good decisions (Rangerweekend for only 70 Rangers/server are empty) - not about coding or gamedesign. p.s. German Friend has also high Pings.
  4. running with lightspeed ...