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  1. Long story short - sq 10 created MBT squad. They saw empty tank, took it from base and dived into the battlefield. After 2 or 3 minutes admin writes in chat to return the tank to base, because they are sq10 while admin MBT squad is sq2. At that time, they are at the second point already. sq10 refuse, and admin start banning them. After that, admin sq 2 solo takes warrior, drives it to the second point, leaves it empty there, and solo takes the tank. My mate says thats unfair and got banned for "toxic behavior". IDK what they did after, as we left the server. For me, its just seems unfair. Screenshots added. https://imgur.com/a/JXe6wI3 Gold cobra is my mate, and hast taken single asset that map. He was engineer. If you need I can add a short video with screenshots above