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  1. Seeing that vehicles were the main motivation for me getting this game, yes it is the reason. After playing several matches where the vehicles sat in the main base being unused, I started to wonder "what's the point of having them?" At the start of the game, yes, people work together to get in and move out, but once the battle gets spread out they are hardly ever used again. They sit in the base because you can never get enough re-spawners to claim one.
  2. Microphone Talking with Attitude

    I wish there was a mute function because there is always that "one guy" who just talks nonsense and makes lame jokes through out the whole game. Seriously, grow up. ( you know who you are )
  3. The vehicle claiming system is far to restrictive. Say what you want about team work, but this is never going to lead to good gameplay in open servers with random people. This caused me to lose interest in Squad almost immediately after v7 release. The old PR group is not going to be enough to keep this game profitable and viable long term. Not everyone has the time to commit to an organized league ( or whatever you call them here ).
  4. whats wrong with my MP?

    haha, you're right it is 4 ghz. Just updated it last month and still have my previous chip in my head FPS was fine yesterday. That hotfix did something to the servers.
  5. I think it should be 3 for armed vehicles and 2 for logistical vehicles, but that may make to much sense.
  6. whats wrong with my MP?

    Well I have a i7 6700k @ 3.8 GHZ with a GTX 1070 and can barely hold 30 FPS today after having a solidly locked 60 FPS yesterday. That hotfix was a ball knocker.
  7. Vehciles are lagging alot

    Tried 4 servers after the hotfix and my FPS went from 60 yesterday to 30 today. I shall cry now....
  8. Claiming vehicles.

    Thanks Desmo, I can see this working well for trained units in leagues, but it's just a little chaotic in open. Maybe they will adjust it since most people will probably play this in open servers.
  9. I've played several matches today and there seems to be one big frustration. While the claiming system is a good idea and works well, I think it needs a few tweaks. There should be tweaks to the amount of squad members allowed to take different vehicles. While I totally agree with the 3 member rule for ARMED vehicles, I think the logistical vehicle threshold should be 2 or even 1. You shouldn't need 3 squad members to drive a logistical truck to the front. This is completely assuming that the squad leader has given you permission to take this vehicle. This frustration is compounded on the larger map where there are like 8 trucks lined up at the main base and the battle is in a lull. No one is dying and two guys are stuck way in the back with all these empty trucks taunting them. I guess I don't understand why a squad leader can't give two guys permission to take an unarmed logistical vehicle. Thoughts?
  10. I liked the old player map symbol. It takes too much focus time now to try and pick out my yellow arrow. It should be another color or maybe have a thick black border on it so it can't bleed into everything else. I actually got a pretty good boost to FPS in this version. I can run pretty much locked at 60 FPS.
  11. Alpha 4 Released

    Nice update!!
  12. Tank Controls

    As a former Abrams crewman, it bothers me every time I see a gun tube displayed inside the gunners sight. Please don't do that in Squad :)

    That seems a little backward if people can't spawn in and have to leave the server because of it. Good call there....
  14. wow LOVE it

    I have always use the arrow keys for movement, because all the supporting keys around that area are more natural for me to use.
  15. New UI Feedback

    I am totally confused. I just got into a game where I couldn't re-spawn after being killed. I clicked on one of the rally points and got the yellow circle but 3 minutes went by without spawning. (yes I hit enter several times during that time period and had already clicked "give up".) Also, where is the respawn timer? I have to be honest, I liked it the way it was, now it makes no sense to me. I think the old system just needed some small tweaks to be perfect, I liked having a yellow dot as a spawn point, not green squares that do nothing when you click on them. I think I've been traumatized