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  1. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    Sorry, bro. Batteries will die after 2minutes on t-72 or t-80. There are 4 huge AKB boxes (they were made from wood, now plastic 75kg each), so no chances. =)
  2. Russian mil Veteran suggestion

    Thank you, guys, for your comments!
  3. At first big thanks for developers and consulters. It's a perfect piece of game art. My suggestion is boring but important: Some times our folks turning the engine off to hide there position what is fine for BTR or BRDM, but it's not working for TANKS. You cannot operate with a fire system using only your battery, especially Russian tanks with crew members just 3 and an automate shell's loading system. You can do that with a manual regime, but... you know. So Tanks (except Abrams and T-80) and BMP or Bradley cannot shoot with no engine started. Please fill free to ask me any questions. Best, Czar