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  1. [Faction] Brazilian Forces (BRA)

    Of course! If you´re talking about the body armor, Inbrafiltro make your armor based on ROB (Basic Operational Requiriments) publish by the Army, with some modifications, like the Laser Cut Molle insted convencional Strap Molle, and some add's: http://www.dabst.eb.mil.br/_upados/_biblioteca/_cobra/colete_balistico_modular_completo_cobra_1.0.pdf It's the same about combat helmet and another things: http://www.dabst.eb.mil.br/_upados/_biblioteca/_cobra/capacete_de_combate_modelo_ach_cobra_1.0.pdf All be going to implemented until 2022, based on program schedule, but in low rate because funding constraints. EB not decide yet who's start production of combat helmet, testing models of Glagio or Inbrafiltro, but the Inbra it's about to be chosen for Body Armor. It's know Tranche 1 fase of COBRA Program. About the time of forces using this equipment, the example, the image, it's not Special Forces, but 1st Company of Light Infantry of 4th BIL, using the ACH no-Cut, in Olive Drab) and the Pathfinder Team, using black ACH High-cut. It's a Regulary Unit mix Special Operations team. Are a big differences betwen Special Operations and Special Forces. If you´re talking about Special Forces meaning trops like COPESP, Comandos, Special Forces Battalion or something like that, they don't use IA2 rifle, but M4A1 or HK 416, and another body armor two. You can find another Regulars using ACH and new body armor in field testing in units like 27th, 72th, 1st, 4th and 11th Battalions . All this units are FAR-E, this is why they are receiving this equipment fist, especially Brigades like Paratroopers, Airmobile units and specific terrain units, like 72th BIMTz (Caatinga) and 11Th Battalions. They still regular troops, but have speciallity in some environment ou combat doutrine. You can take more information from user Coronel Jairo, from Defesa Brasil Fórum, and anothers "Foristas", members of Brazilian Army, active or reserve. Those provide me informations about this. Members of 4th Battalion. I hated that color of the boots for this unit, especially for our pattern. Something like Coyote or Sage Green, but...
  2. [Faction] Brazilian Forces (BRA)

    First, sorry for my bad english, but can i make a few sugestions? Brazilian infantry have a new equipment, includes new body armor and new combat helmet. The new body armor will be probably make by Inbrafiltro and helmet, or Glagio do Brasil, but its the same Helmet. Here is two examples: http://grupoinbra.com.br/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/Grupo-Inbra-Colete-Exército-Projeto-Cobra-Nivel-III-placas-laterais.pdf This Body Armor is very similar to CIRAS 2.0, but in Laser Cut. Some units are receive the new equipment, like 4Th BIL and Pqdt. They receive ACH in two versions, High Cut and No-Cut, for Pathfinders (Organic Special Operations/Recce Team) and Regular Troops, respectively: AGLC has been descontinue production. Imbel start develompment of a new one, in polymer. For the DMR rule, EB is considering use IA2 7.62, with Kahles scope. One of them has been spotted in test on Pqdt, with M203 copy of Imbel and anothers IA2 7.62: Actually EB uses FAL with ZF-01 scope for this role, in the past used Galatz in Pqdt Brigade, but repleced by M110. All optics of our Army uses are HDS 3AA (some cases with 3x Magnificier), ACOG TA33, MARS Sight, Eotech 533, Kahles K418 and Leupold MK4, Schimt & Bender (i don't know what model is it). AMX strafe-run with yours DEFA 30 mm it would be interesting to see in field. Never the less, i'm enjoying a LOT your job, i1m sure it will be amazing playing with Brazilian Army in Squad. My congratis!!