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  1. Founders - In Game Credits Name

    I have linked my steam account, but I don't get the options to add the name in my Profile...
  2. Backer Tag Redeem!

    Can I choose a name or does it have to be ingame squad name? Asking because my steam account name(my email) is my ingame name and I haven't figured out how to change it..
  3. Modding

    Alright great, thanks for the fast reply!
  4. Modding

    Hey, when the game is released will the community be able to open maps and files in UE4 to see how stuff is done? I've tried to make maps but since there are a few ways of doing it will it be possible to open official maps as guidelines when making new maps?
  5. Terrain and shadows

    Great! I was just worried changing the terrain would be a pain since everything on the terrain would have to be replaced, but I guess UE4 have smart ways of handling that. Btw does someone know if the terrain in Squad is made with the terrain tool or if it's a static mesh?
  6. Terrain and shadows

    Will you fix the terrain and terrain shadows(shadows cast by terrain) to be more smooth? Right now the terrain feels very much like BF2 terrain ("pointy" and not so smooth basically too big grids)
  7. What Kind Of Ai Would You Want?

    Having atleast a separate gamemode with AI like Co-op in PR would be nice, and it would make the game playable for a longer time after players move on to other games in the future. It would also be nice for lan.
  8. Ah thanks, can you give me a link? I can't find the free projects..
  9. This seems to work pretty well for me: http://srtm.csi.cgiar.org/SELECTION/inputCoord.asp I had to play around with the scale setting to make it look good. That said I have no idea if this is the correct way to do it for Squad.
  10. When you release the game will mappers be able to use the statics that are in the game already, like with PR:BF2? I bought UE4 but now I noticed it comes with almost no objects in the content browser:(
  11. Multiple factions on each side

    Having civilians that could collaborate freely with both sides would be cool though.
  12. Mapmaking question

    Hey, First of all I would like to say this is really awesome! Good job getting this far! Basically when I saw the screenshots I kinda fell in love with it.. At the moment I'm a bit lost.. Does someone know where I should start? I know nothing about UE4 atm.. So I really only got 2 questions so far: Do I need any coding knowledge or can I create the maps entirely without that? Should I start by buying the license or are there any cheper versions/demos that works just as well?