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  1. Ger #1 server not working

    Can't connect to that server . PS:Not enough servers running.
  2. Don't worry man , they will give you the link tomorrow , and you will be able to download the game from upload servers capped at 24kb/s .
  3. Bullets and You: A Quick Intro to Stop'n Powah

    So , you are talking about lethality. All bullets have lethality , but lethality is not what you are looking for when shooting someone , incapacitation is what you want. Why ? Well why don't you read about the 1986 FBI Miami shootout. To summarize , bad guy got lethaly shot by police officers , bad guy continued fighting for almost 2 minutes after being lethaly shot. So what you want instead is a bullet that has enough velocity and mass to cause severe hemmorhage and the temporary cavity to cause shock and incapacitate the bad guy , aka make him drop like a sack of bricks. Bottom line kids , most bullets are impotent , 80% of people shot by handguns survive. So..... shot placement. There isn't a round that has knock down power , even a 120 mm cannon round will not knock someone down , it will just go through them.
  4. Firing from ladders

    Seems stable to me.
  5. Stat tracking

    PR does not appeal to a larger audience , changing PR to UE4 with awesome graphics would still not be appealing to the "larger audience" , because the larger audience wants twitch reflex fps games with stats , level ups , weapon unlocks .... etc
  6. Stat tracking

    Stats should be collected for the sole purpose of balancing the game and should only be seen by the devs. Any implementations for players to see them in FPS games impacted the gameplay in a negative way.
  7. Stat tracking

    I did not sign up to back a game that aims to be "successful and rake in money".
  8. Stat tracking

    Carmikaze if I see your accuracy stats to be 0.04% I am going to kick you out of my squad . Just because . How does that make you feel , even thou you might be the best machinegunner on the planet.
  9. Stat tracking

    How would that affect this ? "You let people bleed longer / get unconcioous so you also get a revive +1 !"
  10. Stat tracking

    You accidentally drop grenades short , to boost your healing rank. You let people bleed longer / get unconcioous so you also get a revive +1 !
  11. Stat tracking

    We don't want this game to appeal to a larger audience. A larger audience is what fucked all the potentially good games out there .
  12. Stat tracking

    This would still encourage squad stacking , I know games in which SLs check members profiles. Do you want to be kicked out of a squad because you have x time on this map and 30 hrs on another ? Or that you only play rifleman and SL needs a medic ? And not be allowed to drive a bradley because you only drive humvees ?
  13. Stat tracking

    And then SLs are not going to allow you to play other roles because you have good STATS on something they want you to play on . Bad ideea.
  14. Stat tracking

    I am seriously concerned about the stat tracking implementation. What exactly will it entail . Because if it's anything like what we see with other FPS games then people's gameplay style is going to change , and not for the better. What do you guys think ? Possible scenarios as seen in games with stat tracking: People camping allot; People not using suppressive fire; People not taking shots at exposed enemy parts unless they can get a HS; People not wanting to go and clear buildings; Squad stacking; Team stacking; . . .
  15. Squad pre-alpha PVP test session (with M203 action!)

    It's looking really promising!