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  1. CAF Patch and Alpha 16 Status

    It's great to see flying transport trucks
  2. Aim Down Sight (ADS) FOV slider

    It doesn't really fisheye that much.
  3. Aim Down Sight (ADS) FOV slider

    Well, as I said, I use 120 (the maximum FOV). Try 100+ for a match or two and then 90 for another two and see what works - It's mostly personal preference (besides scopes being objectively harder to use at a wider FOV).
  4. I'm a freak and prefer to play with a 120 FOV. This is great for close quarter fighting but it makes using scopes pretty difficult (especially the marksman rifles). It would be great to set a specific Aim Down Sight (ADS) value so I can still have my glorious 120 deer vision (I know a deer has a wider FOV than 120) while making scopes much more useful as I can have the ADS FOV lower. Being able to specify the FOV based on scope magnification would also be a nice bonus, but just having a general ADS FOV value would be enough for me.
  5. Squad's helicopter flight model?

    Ah, my apologies. Thanks for redirecting me to that thread.
  6. I know helicopters aren't the main priority now for the dev team but I'm curious if there is at least any idea as to what Squad's helicopter flight physics will be like? As much as I enjoyed flying choppers in PR, I never really liked the flight model, as it was vastly easier to other games and didn't simulate a few aspects of helicopter's that make them interesting. This was understandable as PR's flight model was based on BF2, a game that is over 10 years old, but now the dev's have way more potential with UE. I'm not expecting a flight model as complex as DCS Huey (and I actually feel that would detrimental to a game like Squad) but I do hope for something with more depth than PR's. Also, the big factor I'm curious about: Vortex Ring State (Settling with power) - Yes or No? If anyone is curious about this; it's, in a VERY basic term, when a helicopter gets caught in its own downwash and starts rapidly descending. It's extremely dangerous and completely changes a virtual pilots whole perceptive when it is or isn't simulated.
  7. What guns would people like in the game

    You're on to me!
  8. What guns would people like in the game

    Russian DSHK machine gun, this thing is terrifying.