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  1. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    when fireteams stop being designed just to put marks on the map, start to be what they really should, we will know that the community begins to mature
  2. I am having trouble connecting with any server, at first I simply queued on any server, even if it was not full, and a few minutes later I was taken off the queue. After that I turned off all the firewalls I have, tried a few more times, and after a couple of turns I was able to connect. Sometimes I can connect easily, but most of the time I have to try many times, or even restart the game. Sometimes when it happens the game either does not update the server list, or it takes many minutes to refresh, in which case not even the menu news appears. Anyway, I have to try several times, restart the game several times to be able to connect. Any instructions or bug information? There is a way to see any log generated or the possibility of myself logging to see what is going on? ( I also tried to look for Easy Anticheat files to add as an exception to the windows firewall (which is already disabled), but couldn't find them ) I've been playing this game since its release on steam, I stopped for a while because I ran out of computer, about a year, it always worked normally before