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  1. Canadian Forces [CF] is Recruiting. Your career awaits.

    Bump. Recruiting is going very well. Come join the fun!
  2. Canadian Forces [CF] is Recruiting. Your career awaits.

    I second what Furie says
  3. Canadian Forces [CF] is Recruiting. Your career awaits.

    bump: New discord invite link - https://discord.gg/PEyrF5Z
  4. The Canadian Forces a new milsim unit for Squad. We are comprised of experienced, mature players looking for a realistic yet social environment in which to play, while framing our structure on that of the Canadian Forces. Our experience is not just one of social gaming, but an entire career in which your solider progresses through ranks, enrolls in training, earns qualifications, and is eligible for medals through performance in events and contributions to the unit. While you do not have to be Canadian to join, the majority of our official play will be with the CAF faction. If you're looking for a friendly yet competitive environment in which to grow a virtual career with the Canadian Forces, complete with uniform and military record, come check us out - just be sure to bring a Timmies! Join our Discord at: https://discord.gg/PEyrF5Z Visit our Website at: https://www.cf-squad.com - You must be 18 years of age. - You must have a working microphone. - You must be willing to dedicate 1 hour per week. - No VAC bans. We look forward to seeing you.