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  1. FDF Mod - Finnish Defence Forces

    Wow, i loved it. Still with your good work man!
  2. [Faction] French Forces

    Wooooow. Fast fast! I'm exciting to play with!
  3. Clans Looking For Modders

    I can do some Photoshop work, if needed, call me in PM.
  4. State of War: 41

    I liked ti. Would be great to play WWII gameplays in Squad. Eheheh! Still with your good work camrate!
  5. [Free Assets] British Asset Pack - Version #2

    Woow, i liked! Still with your good work
  6. Hello community. My main suggestion of correction, is in the brands, by the Fire Teams (Bravo and Charlie). When you place a mark on the map, the symbol appears, but the distance between you and the mark does not appear. (I refer to the marks of attacking, defending, observing, building ...) I think a distance indicator would be useful, as it has in the main Squad. Sorry for my english, isn't very good ..