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  1. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Well, no. The obvious counterargument is a squad with a Styker, it's two crewmen, and seven dismounts. Ideally the SL would be among the dismounts. So, someone in the vehicle needs to be FTL to mark since he is fighting the vehicle and needs to communicate with the driver at the very least. This is even more important in for instance an armor squad of more than one vehicle.
  2. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    If you assault a position and kill everyone on it, you should take it. Instead of having to deal with companies-worth of soldiers streaming in from a nearby HAB, which is what happens now. Likewise, if you kill off the attacking force you should benefit from your successful defense instead of having them stream in continuously from rally points. Because, see, the way rallies work now Squad is more a game of rally management than combat. I kind of like the idea that Giving Up lands you at Main, actually. Then you have to find a ride, or walk, and it makes the medic even more important for keeping an attack/defense going. Conversely, it may help you go grab a logi now and then.
  3. I would just increase the cost of Giving Up to 2 tickets. Bleeding out or insta-death remains 1 ticket. (Actually, if I had my wish the option to Give Up would be removed, but that'll never happen, due to all of the short-attention-span juveniles taking over the game.) But this should not be implemented until buddy drag is implemented, so that the medic can be more survivable.
  4. Topographical Map Suggestion

    I just started yet another thread about how Squad needs topo maps, and I was pointed here. And, see! I was right! With just a glance at that single Yehorivka example topo I already learned something! What is that big pit to the west of the airfield? I'm going to go find out. And I'm already picking out great potential overlook positions to investigate. Damn, Squad needs topo maps. EDIT- But I now see why the devs might be hesitant. The topos reveal just how amateurish some of their earlier maps were- Al Basra being an obvious example. But on the other hand the later maps are outstanding! They obviously started putting them through some sort of algorithmic weathering or something- here Sumari is an obvious example. But they don't really need to worry. You wouldn't see anything at all on the Al Basra map if standard 20-meter contour lines are used.
  5. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    There is already a 1 ticket penalty for giving up. Maybe make it 1 ticket for dying or bleeding out but 2 for giving up? But I think people would still think it's easier to give up and get back into the action. Most people really aren't team players.
  6. How do you automatic-rifleman/machine-gunner?

    Very often you should be using suppression fire, anyway, which you can do fine with iron sights. You shoot at doorways, windows, and corners while your buddies advance, to keep the enemies' heads down. That's the real job of the automatic rifleman.
  7. HAT Question

    I'm not sure what you mean by order mattering. But tandem is the "best" penetration, then HEAT is second best, and for high explosive or frag there really is no penetration- those are strictly antipersonnel rounds. So, for instance, you would definitely prefer to to use tandem on a tank, by which I mean an actual tank, like an Abrams or T-72. (A lot of players say "tank" to mean "any armored vehicle". It drives the rest of us nuts.) HEAT is good for things less than a tank, though the Bradley is also pretty tough and I personally would use an tandem on it if I had one. If you go to Jensen's Range for training there are models of all the vehicles that show how thick the armor is in different places, as well as the location of the engine, ammo storage, etc. That's how you know where to hit them. As a generalization, the front has the thickest armor, the sides less so, and the rear the thinnest armor. And yes, you can take out the tracks to immobilize a vehicle. In fact, if you don't have a tandem and you're facing an actual tank that's the best you could hope for from a HEAT, probably. In such a case the crew might try to hop out and repair it, so be ready to deal with them.
  8. Commander in charge of rally

    Rather than change the rules for how the rally works, how about just get rid of the option to Give Up? Either your buddy resuscitates you, or you bleed out. This would limit the ability to keep spamming players from a a rally. Then maybe, y'know, players would use actual tactics. All the Ritalin-soaked youngsters would hate it, though.
  9. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    An issue that I have seen mentioned here a lot is that Squad has become too "gamey", with the actual point of the game seemingly shifting to rally management and spamming objectives with respawned infantry. And the people making these complaints have a point. It hardly seems realistic to not fear death, and streams of infantry nickle-and-dime-ing in from a respawn point isn't the teamwork that the devs claim to want to encourage. On the other hand, it's a game, and players want to play. So, it sucks if you are that first guy who gets picked off and then the game ends for you. Escape from Tarkov is sort of like that. Yes, it has great immersion and players fear death, and act accordingly, because they only have one life in any given raid and they lose almost EVERYTHING they were carrying when they die. But I don't think Squad really wants to be that, beyond the special events that SquadOps and some others run. So, how about removing the option to Give Up when wounded, as a sort of a middle ground? Either the medic gets to you, or you have to sit around for 4 or 5 minutes while you bleed out. (An opportunity to go pee, or get a sandwich?) Do you think that might mitigate the issue? It would mean no more endless defenders respawning in their HAB and rendering it nearly impossible to take some objectives- players might use actual tactics instead. Because if you have good enough tactics you can probably overwhelm your opponent before everyone bleeds out and respawns in 5 minutes. When the game is ostensibly an hour and a half I don't think that 5 minutes is too much. Of course, artillery would really have to be nerfed, as I mentioned elsewhere.
  10. Personally, I think the next faction should be China

    The flip side of that is that it would be very easy to implement a lot of such factions in short order, so why not? You just mix and match equipment, and make new skins for the camo patterns.
  11. Better Maps

    I don't think you'd necessarily need the unit size markings. The NATO manual even mentions them as an optional element. Actually everything including the unit type is an optional element, though unit size and type is essentially always included, for obvious reasons. But I think that omitting them for this game is a reasonable simplification. At this scale we know, for instance, that the armor symbol means a single tank.
  12. Do artillery and helicopters need nerfs?

    I don't mind that the commander isn't near the action when he calls in an artillery strike- that's sort of how an FDC works in real life. It's just way too powerful. I don't feel as strongly about the airstrikes. They seem to miss occasionally, which limits them enough, and neither is as devastating as the artillery. Really, with artillery the way it is building any sort of FOB is idiocy. They're just targets. Nowadays all anyone ever does in plop a HAB down for respawning, and maybe an occasional ATGM just because you need them to take out the armor since the LATs are so weak. Nobody fortifies any more, unless it is someplace protected from artillery, like in a hanger or bunker.
  13. Tank reload

    Toggle switch, sure, but you still shouldn't need to reload the main gun when you switch back.
  14. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    No matter what their ticket cost is kamikaze helicopters will still be a thing, because it is an even trade in tickets. So, as long as the enemy helo was loaded with a squad trying to make a FOB somewhere, crashing into it with an empty helo is a win for you. A cooldown period where you can't claim a helo after you lose one would be a better deterrence. Frankly, I kind of like the idea of the cooldown periods.
  15. The devs say that they want to encourage team play and discourage run-and-gun playstyle. So, they should never have submitted to the run-and-gun juveniles by turning up movement speed. Sure enough, the game is now a lot more run-and-gun. Turn it back down.