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  1. Are flash bangs planned for this game?

    thats exactly what a grenade it makes a bigger chance to kill the enemy yourself
  2. Do artillery and helicopters need nerfs?

    only takes a few ap shots to take down a heli with a bmp , btr , bradly , aa just know where to aim AND NOT TO MISS and i think artillery should be buffed in my oppinion i mean driving or running through artillery with almost no problem is a bit silly in my oppinion and those shells are quite easy to evade
  3. Commander in charge of rally

    " hey commander could you drop down rally" "dude im busy with uav" "commander could you drop down rally??" "im busy throwing artillery " "hey commander could you drop down the ****ing rally?" "No!" "***********************************" (because he was muted) "hey commander rally plz" "im enjoying the a10 warhog" "commander could you drop rally" *drops rally in spawn*
  4. Jumping gives no aim deviation

    BuT cAn YoU FiRe In MiD-aIr? and have to tried keep jumping and moving it reduces speed but you dont jump fast enough so you wont see it but its there dont worry
  5. hey, I dont mind rally i think its OK how it is right now i dont mind friendly nor enemy rallies. With hab i disagree because if you got grievers in the game the just throw thier fob on the edge of the map at the start of the game then the rest of the team cant use them , btw doesnt have to be grievers they also could be the mortar team but still having fob limit is a bit to much you already have 150 radius of building with 300 meter radius to provent friendlys to put their fob in that distance, Commander is 2 tickets not 5 its been changed a while ago so i play a lot as fighting commander and you dont need to be at the hab alone if you check those in game tips or errors it says "Must be nearby VEHICLE or HAB to use commander abilities" but having those boost would be nice in the game to see so you kinda wanna make the medic useless here so you are better taking of rifle man to heal friendlies then a medic if you want thise because rifle man can heal then up to 22 friendlies where the medic can only heal 1 guy so thats litterly nerfing the medic a lot and you knew that medic has reduced revive time then a normal soldier kind ragards , DarrenGamingNL (Brutal 6.0)
  6. Remove option to "Give Up"?

    why there is already a panalty for giving up inmidelty of 40 seconds ( friendly hab) and same goed for rallyi got a few times for giving up directly by accident and get a wait time on rally up to 95 seconds ( no teamkill involved) so idk what you trying to say here
  7. Increase Realism.

    about that 5 min afk kick i mean that would you get some empty servers and almost most people joins an empty servers that might kill some of the population of the game because there is a think called seeding a server are a think and they keep people joining servers
  8. just a question what you trying to say here i mean you could already use thier assets if you didn't knew that i use thier own mortars when i find some all the time and tow missles so besides that i dont know what you are trying to get out of here besides ging a radio more heaalth
  9. i mean bearly see people doing that only salty people that got tk'd by mortar team but i do remove somethimes my own fob's because hostiles are getting to close to it or its in the middle of nowhere and its just 10 tickets waiting to be dug up
  10. Fast-roping

    this would be nice but what if the pilot is a troll then your hanging there... but this would be nice for urban combat because mostly mostly the first 2 floors are mostly gaurded by hostiles and most people dont pay attention if you com from above i noticed (just put a ladder to the wall outside of the building or jump from another building in to the building with hostile and start clearing from the 6th floor downwards. and having a breacher kit with a shotgun and a breaching grapple hook would be nice
  11. Some suggestions (SPG, Game)

    switch to your sidearm , its faster than reloading Pvt. Allan! - mw2 pit officer
  12. because the computer thinks that you are using a diffrent weapen not ammunition thats why
  13. So what about destructible environments?

    thats true i mean if you would put in destructeble envirement in the game now it would be a pain in the ass putting this in the maps and the amount of time that it would take for every map to do so
  14. Helicopter Joystick Support

    get better with mouse and keyboard is something i dont say much But i gotta say this varriant of flying a chopper is way easier than Project Reality and War Thunder so i think people shouldn't complain about that mouse and keyboard is hard in this game for flying a chopper (my oppinion)
  15. Reduced range for prone throwing

    oh i thought it was already in the game .... good to know that it is not thanks