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  1. MG's

    yup, the MGs are laser beams. hope they make them less accurate so people cant shoot a steady stream of rounds over 500m away
  2. Rally Point Changes Needed

    Ok, I think I understand. Right now rallies are used as a spawn point before you get into combat. You are proposing making it a spawn point after you get in a fight and lose a few guys. Definitely a huge change of pace if the SL dies in the first contact. This would stray from the arcadish type gameplay that OWI are leaning towards (because who doesn't want to draw in more people for more money and players, right?). I can see how your proposal would be good for making Squad more serious. I'm starting to like the idea of the 60 second rally. I miss the feeling of importance to a single guy on Squad and your proposal might bring that back. Actually sounds pretty nice right now with all the new guys running around playing for themselves and not the team lol.
  3. Rally Point Changes Needed

    I never played PR so I don't know about how well it worked with 60 seconds but I strongly believe it will not work as well in Squad. One minute can maybe get you to a point that you are attacking and then it will burn and you will have to spawn at a FOB, no one will be able to even spawn on the rally to use it (especially with respawn timers after they die). 60 second timers will only encourage people to rush to get a use from the 60 seconds on rally.
  4. Rally Point Changes Needed

    The thing about what I said is not really "spawn, run, pew pew until you die, repeat". 5 minutes gives people time to have a comfortable window (not too long or short) that they can respawn with if they die. Let's say you were attacking Radio Tower on Chora after defending your FOB on Upper Orchard. You put a rally in the river halfway to the obj and you have a 5 minute timer so that if you get contact on the way, you can get one (or two if you're lucky) respawn out of it if you die in the engagement. It gives an ample time for respawning while not reinforcing a careless, rush-in-and-die type gameplay. A timer of one minute would be too short, as you wouldn't even have time to die and respawn on the rally if you played carefully. A 60 second timer would do the opposite of what you are trying to accomplish from my view because people will say "oh, we only have 60 seconds on rally, might as well rush in and risk dying super fast because I only have a minute to respawn". No one would be able to use the rallies because the timer would be too short to get a use out of the rally unless you rushed in and died soon after. I believe a 5 minute timer would give time so people won't feel pressured to rush in and die so they can respawn before the rally burns; but will also burn out as to not make the rally a permanent spawn point for the squad. On larger maps like Gorodok or Yehorivka, you would get little to no use from the rally because you can't place it close to the enemy because they can burn it, but with the 60 second timer you wouldn't be able to place it further out because the timer for the rally would run out as you're running to the area that you are attacking. Edit: Wanted to clarify the reason I said "so you can spawn, "run to where you need to be, then die and respawn". is because you have a high possibility of dying when attacking an objective. I by no means believe the gameplay is "run, die, respawn, repeat", but that you have a high chance of dying so if you run to where you need to be and die, then you have the option to respawn without the timer running out. Hope this makes more sense.
  5. Rally Point Changes Needed

    I like the idea but I think 60 seconds is too short. Maybe 5 minutes? You have to be far enough so the enemies won't destroy it but it may take a minute or two to run to where you need to be, then you die and respawn with maybe 3-4 minutes left so you might get another respawn or two out of it. This will allow for rallies to be used to attack areas and get a few waves of guys out while giving a time limit so the enemy don't need to hunt the rally.
  6. Favorite maps?

    this helps a lot, thx
  7. How should armoured vehicles be used?

    I believe vehicles work best when they have a friendly squad within 200m of them so they can help deal with AT classes and protect someone if they need to repair. Some vehicle crews go off into the boonies to fight enemy armor and contribute nothing to the fight over the objective and it just gets them killed because they have no one to support them when a HAT runs 3km to finish them off after they were tracked and shot when one hopped out to repair.
  8. Map ranging

    I don't think many people notice it lol. I use it often when running LAT and it helps a ton to have FTL. I've had a few guys say "just use the map without FTL" but it's a lot easier to mark it, check it, and fire rather than scouring the map for something that resembles where you're shooting.
  9. Please fix the f**n CTD issues

    I don't crash as frequently as I used to, maybe once a week now (if that) so hopefully in this next update they'll have whatever keeps crashing you fixed
  10. Admin Camera

    Someone told me a while back that they could only see it when they were in my squad. Hopefully they can't see it at all now because if someone starts digging up a friendly radio to troll and I head over in admin cam to see their name, my squad knows where their FOB is.
  11. The influx of new players has diminished gameplay for a while but let's hope that they soon decide to listen and learn to those that try to teach them. Maybe a bigger incentive for playing the obj would help a bit? If you hold the middle point you get an IFV or something? idk
  12. Statement.

    Squad has definitely lost it's magic with the newer versions, it feels a lot more arcade-like and feels way different than when they had the Humvees in the game. I have seen a shift from tactical/team gameplay to "rush in and kill more people to win". OWI wants the game to be more accessible to players of MILSIMs and games like COD and BF so I doubt they'll put in the reform that you'd like.