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  1. Can we add bracing to the game?

    I was playing Rising Storm 2 Vietnam the other week and was noticing that when you are peeking left or right around a tree or wall/structure it would brace your weapon and your weapon steadiness would increase. I thought it was a cool idea and didn't see any posts about it so I thought I might throw it out there. Would be very nice for a MG or sniper who doesn't have the time to deploy the bipod but realistically could still use the cover to rest his weapon up and take a few quick shots with better stability. At 9:01 he explains how the bracing system works if anyone is curious there weren't many videos out there showcasing it.

    So I was playing Skorpo and noticed the russian infantry had forest color camo and the US had desert camo i noticed i was sticking out like sore thumb with the desert camo. And the russians were very hard to find with their forest camo. Please add forest camo for US.