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  1. Voice activation

    If you dont wanna hear my rant skip to below the blue line. I've been playing video games competitively for like 10 years now (tournaments and such not just public matches) and having voice activation on is 100 times better then having push to talk on in literally all aspects. I don't care if you're one of those push to talk experts who swears by it and complains about mic feedback. Having voice activation on is without a doubt better communication wise. I DONT CARE HOW COMFORTABLE YOU ARE USING PUSH TO TALK. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT THERE IS A DELAY BETWEEN EFFECTIVELY SHOOTING AND SPEAKING WITH PUSH TO TALK. So if you guys are going to sit here and complain about a little feedback that is barely noticeable while playing that is ridiculous. I guarantee you if everyone had voice activation on (who doesnt have a shitty laptop mic or something) there would be so much more and BETTER communication during firefights and room/building clearing and everything. I'd rather have every single player (who isn't using a laptop mic or something super sensitive) to have voice activation on then for everyone to have push to talk on. This is probably going to backfire on me but I don't give a shit I'm going to say it anyways. I've played Call of Duty competitively (tournaments with more then 100 1st place trophies on gamebattles/umg) on Xbox which literally ONLY has voice activation and it is an extremely sound whorey game as well, so if someone whose been playing games that REQUIRE you to listen closely to the game sound I would 100% be the first to complain about mic feedback but it's literally NON EXISTENT with a good headset. So I think it's ridiculous to not have the option to use voice activation. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here are a couple of solutions to annoying mic feedback: 1. Put the game on push to talk by DEFAULT. Which will make sure that ONLY people who purposely want to use voice activation will turn it on. Now you might say: Well there are going to be trolls and such who just put it on to annoy people!!! No dude. There are 100 times better ways to troll barely anyone is going to purposely annoy people with it. If people constantly complain that your mic feedback is annoying most people are going to fix it or switch back to push to talk. But... if it's still annoying here's solution 2! 2. Add a force push to talk vote option for teams. If someone's mic feedback is annoying people can just vote to force them to push to talk for the next 5 games and keep it that way UNTIL THEY CHANGE IT BACK MANUALLY. 3. Add a mute button.................. There you go problem solved, just mute the ****er. I'd rather have to mute 1 person then have literal 0 communication in a CQB firefight or building clearing. IN VIDEO GAMES AND ANY SPORT IN GENERAL OR REAL LIFE SHOOTING OR WHATEVER!!!!: 0.5 seconds or even 0.3 seconds to press a push to talk button is a HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE AMOUNT OF TIME!!!!!!!!! Also........ HOLDING THE PUSH TO TALK BUTTON UNTIL YOUR DONE SPEAKING MAKES IT SO THAT YOU CANT EFFECTIVELY SHOOT UNTIL YOUR DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you use a wireless mouse? Do you use a wireless keyboard? Do you use a wireless headset? Do you use a monitor with a 20ms delay or one with a 1ms delay? Do you care about having a monitor with 144hz? If you're a casual player you probably don't give a **** and just use whatever. But for anyone who plays competitively and wants to win, they use everything wired and 1ms delays. THINK ABOUT HAVING A MONITOR WITH 300ms DELAY!?!?!? Point is, every single millisecond COUNTS. Here's a fun fact as well: Dispatchers who have to multi task so many things at once and talk through multiple channels use foot pedals as a "push to talk" button for certain radio channels and what not. If THEY who have way more time to react then someone who is in the MIDDLE OF A FIREFIGHT have to find a work-around to juggle multiple channels QUICKLY then why the flipping **** can WE not? Just because of a few bad apples who have extremely sensitive mics? Mute them. Or add a force push to talk vote option. Or both.......... dont ruin it for everyone else. There aren't even that many bad apples. AND 1 side has multiple things that can be used as a solution where as the other side has nothing they can do except for just deal with it. You guys can just mute the bad apples (there are barely any....... maybe one every like 5 games? Or less? Way less probably). Id rather have 1 bad apple every 5 games then have shitty communication every game !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!PLEASE ADD AN OPTION TO USE VOICE ACTIVATION IN LOCAL CHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks. :-)