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  1. US Logistics Truck Upgrade

    Think this could be something interesting to consider in the far future, when other aspects of the game is in place.
  2. A simple leveling system

    i agree with Guubus but a simple leveling system can be done in many ways, there is systems like this in newer BF games and COD ofc.. which i hope to never see in squad. A system similar to BF/COD will have a negative inpact for sure! But i belive a system can be made that fits squad. For example, No points toward K/D, or hide it totally, this demotes run and gun gameplay like what we see in other games. Points to medic if you revive teamates, we need this! im beeing constantly overlooked by friendlies who run over my dead body. Obviously there is alot more examples to be made but i just want you to get the idea. Also a system like this could help the devs to shape the game into thier vision.
  3. A simple leveling system

    A system that saves stats and displays rank, like the one in BF2 whould be great! Any other kind of levelning systems you see in todays modern games ruins gameplay, like you hinted already. For me it then comes down to how I’d like the devs to prioritize certain features but I hope to see this being implemented in the future.
  4. World of Warcraft - Combat Priest!

    Bandage and heals in vics, yes please!
  5. Tactical Ladder

    In PR they had ropes for this as seen in this video: Also I remember that the devs “promised” fast ropes from helis as seen in this squad intro video. Maby it is a planned feature?
  6. Queues need fixing

    Like other mentioned, it has to do with map change. I typically join a queue and monitor a couple of servers for map change. As soon as a server changes map I change to that queue. I think the devs is aware of the situation and i hope this gets fixed soon.
  7. Add ability to put weapon on safe.

    I play on my laptop and sometimes I accidentally press my touchpad. This would be a great easy feature to avoid that. I would also suggest that you could turn off the safe mode by left mouse click similar to standup from prone pressing space. Problem is still all the keys to bind tho, but I’d welcome this as a option.
  8. I came across this post on a reddit subject, all cred for this Idea goes to that person. I will leave a link to the discussion below if you want to read more. ” Personally, think it would have been a much more sane feature if they treated it like a mini capzone with enemies having to outnumber by 1 or 2 in the radius. That would make the hab actually “overrun” ” I wanted to make sure that more people saw this because i think its a really great Idea to fix our current not actually overun problem. Also it feels more fair being actually overrun rather than exploited by a vehicle rush for example. My own thoughts, With this idea implemented, extend the radius from 30 meters (2 players) to 50 meters (3 players). This will make it so that attackers might have an easier time to disable the FOB but it would also make it easier for the defenders to defend it. A good outcome of this is that you are fighting for control over the area and the HAB rather than just the HAB. To eliminate the risk of a meat grind like we have seen previously you could keep a hard disable if an attacker enters the interior of the HAB. If you are worried that the meat grind might reappear consider this. If the FOB is actually overrun like suggested, the spawn is disabled. If an attacker sneaks in to dig down the FOB whiles defenders are present the FOB is not actually overrun and defenders can react to a possible FOB takedown within 50 meters. If the defenders tries to camp inside the radius to let teammates spawn the FOB gets disabled when an attacker enters the HAB. In short, could be implemented without the reappearance of the meat grinder. What do you think? Is it good already, prefer that the devs focus on other areas? Do you like this idea, hopeing to see it being implemented? Let me know in discussion below. Link to Reddit post: