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    Good points. Just an idea off the top of my head tbh. One of the reasons I bought Squad initially was specifically because it had no DLC I had to buy along with it, so I see what you mean. And I agree with the medic call thing btw, it seems extremely superfluous (I only use it when I wanna hear some shouting in Arabic). However, character customization and weapon skins are not the same as say what an emote would be, as those wouldn't be encountered in real life. Maybe something like an emote isn't the way to go, but the avatars in Squad just feel very stiff. Maybe more idle animations? Just throwing ideas around, no need to agree.
  2. Emotes

    Perhaps this could be a post 1.0 release feature, but a big part of games these days is the ability for players to stand out (by paying money) without any gameplay effects. Skins is how this is accomplished in many games, and Squad is already planning to have the Founder ones working by the time of the official release. I suggest adding certain small actions for different factions executable when you're playing as part of that faction. For a small price (say $1.99), as the Insurgents, you could perhaps raise your right or left arm in the air, shout something in Arabic (or Pashto if they're from that area, idk), and fire rounds off from your AKM (or whatever you're using) for maybe 5 seconds as like a victory stance. Different factions could do different things as well. This wouldn't have any balance effect and a long timer can be placed on it (like 15-30 mins) to prevent spam. Although this feature isn't absolutely necessary, and certainly doesn't add much to gameplay, it's a cool distinguishing feature I think a lot of people would enjoy purchasing and it wouldn't be hard to animate a few small actions like these. The return on investment for the company could be pretty big. New voice-overs in B17 are fantastic btw and I can't wait to see what other CO abilities will be added as well.