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  1. all recoil values have been increase in squad for gameplay reason. So if the rcoil of main canadian weapon match "youtube video", it need to be increased as the others weapons in game
  2. Tank control T-72

    you need to use the "handbrake" a lot more, with that in mind the t72 is very easy to drive
  3. Weird nerfs to T-72B3...etc.

    because REDFOR are the vilains, so they need to have bad stuff so the democracy always win
  4. Iron sight zoom better in post scriptum

    - IRL iron sight work even at 500yard , which is not the case in squad or any game (past 200m you are "pixel hunting" with your face at 5cm of your screen) : - IRL we dont have pixel or resolution. That why a game CANT be realistic for this kind of things and thats also why since the creation of the GPS genre, there is always a zoom (even a small) on iron sight. - do you think this kind of gameplay is a "feature"? - Its also the main cause of lot of imbalance in the game and why militia/rebel faction are rare. Its also the reason why nobody take kit/roles when there is no zoom. Its ridiculous, even when it work perfectly IRL (I'm looking at you m249 red dot), etc...
  5. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    First, @fuzzhead, thanks for the answer. Its quite rare to have a discution with devs (all game, not squad specific) now a day. - Agree with what you said, about the "average number of shots to kill". Thats why I've talked about the huge imbalance between AK74 and other weapons: Basically with 2 shot center torso, M4 and ak74 kills in 2 shots, but in the case of 1 shot center torso + one shot to the arm, the M4 kills in 2 shot but the AK in 3 Shot. Thats a HUGE imbalance since this kind of things happen A LOT with the size and position of arms. So basically in the majority of situation the M4 is 50% more efficient than the AK74... - For the iron sight, there is IMO a lot of easy solution: -If we just look a PS were about 95 of weapons have iron sight, the zoom of the focus is X2 AND focus time is unlimited. Its a HUGE difference, and in PS i've been able to easily kill someone at more than 250m. So this simple solution just work, and shouldn't be too dificult to put in Squad. This PS example also show why iron sight in game simply dont work without adjustments with computers/screens technical limitations, and I dont think that being at 2cm of your screen to try to see something is a "gameplay feature" - An other solution could be to have a base zoom of 1.25 (or 1.5) like the majority of FPS game, and keep an focus mode with slightly more zoom (1.8 or 2), or even have the option in the "gameplay option" to have permanent zoom if some peoples want to keep playing with the actual iron sight no zoom madness. - Today the iron sights are so unreliable that entire factions and roles are just avoided (insurgent, militia, lmg without zoom, etc etc....). A huge part of your game is just going to "garbage" because of this. The fact that the insugent/militia faction have a very low winrate ration in front of others army is not a balance issue like "tunnel" or things like this, its just the fact that their weapons are mostly unusable because of screen and computers limitations. Thanks
  6. Beta 17 Notes from Game Design

    Hello do you have any plan about the weapons / sights balance? - The difference between ak74 and 5.56 NATO damage is HUGE (far too huge from a gameplay perspective), its the difference between a 2 and 3 shot kill if you hit an inner limb. So in practice the ak74 kill in more or less 3 hit while all the other weapons, only 2. I understand that the 5.56 Nato is slightly more powerfull than 5.45 but not by this amount gameplay wise. I think bumping the 5.56 to 64 and 5.45 of the ak74 to 62 could do the trick if you want to keep the "5.56 is more powerfull than 5.45" aspect. or at least balance it recoil wise. Also, why all the others 5.45 weapons have 62 dmg? its the same ammo. The 60dmg to ak74 seems to be an "overnerf" to whole factions, because when its the "main" assault rifle, the whole faction is impacted with no reason behind it. Here is the dmg stats for informations: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1wx2hNbvcr9g5w14JiamjvqBvnsphkFDGYwnVinFzNfs/edit#gid=0 -There is also a lot of issue/errors with zooming levels of each sights. - do you have plan to rework russian zoom scope? with the zoom level and resolution of computers the ranging dots are more or less unreadables, which is not the case in real life. - There is a sensitivity issue with iron sight when focusing, the sensitivity stay the same as unfocused, so basically when focusing the sensitivity is too high because of the zoom level. - Do you have any plan on improving iron sight? Since IRL there is no" pixe"l or "resolution" you dont have any issue seeing "things" at longer range. Thats why in lot of game to compensate this, there is a zoom even with iron sight. In squad we are forced to use "focus" with the sensitivity issue above. Maybe remove the zoom level of focus and add the zoom for "base" unfocused iron sight? Thanks