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  1. Hello again! I have returned from - i dono - 2 years break? The last thing I remebered that i have heard that new animations system would be implemented and players could vault over things :). Thats the day I took a break from Squad. I've returned meaby 2 weeks ago. And animations, helicopters, new vehicles, new mechanics, new maps, new factions, texture upgrades, commander role, improved marksmans... I was so excited that I've enrolled my friend into Squad and he loves it! Keep it that way!
  2. Night Maps & Ranks

    Night maps - OK. With the animation of puting ON and OFF the nigtvisions. That would be awesome. Also adding green point lasers. Exstra awesomness. Ranking system- Negative. Nope. Nada. It is great just like it is now. You have fast and furious system of connecting to servers, with chance to switch to another server if you see all squad are locked - buddy squads. Or in foreign language. Or other things. Squad need to be fast and friendly towards jumping into servers with no penalty for leaving. When I find the good one - I stay in it. And how long time will I spend in it - it depends only on me. Tutorials - meeeh. You have simple tutorial for basics, and shooting range with everything. if you need more info / playstyle - u need to go to the actual game and speak. Ask. Search for info. Squad has friendly comunity, and proper question will get proper answers.