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  1. Opening roles in a squad

    Hello I still do not understand how the opening of roles in the game occurs. When a squad is created, at the call of each subsequent player, the roles open gradually in a certain order. It seems to me that these roles have a certain cost. I'm right?
  2. Tank control T-72

    Dear developers! What did you do with the control of the T-72? Why did it become very difficult to manage? Someone told me that the T-72 tank is also difficult to control in real life. Nothing like this! Bring back normal control of this tank! Thanks!
  3. Heavy sniper as in the game Project Reality

    For some reason, some of you thought that a heavy sniper would constantly run alone. Why? He will not storm the buildings and go there first, but such a sniper has a place to be in real life!
  4. Hello! I would like to see the role of "Heavy Sniper" in the game "Squad" as in the game Project Reality. At the moment, only the Canadian faction has a rifle with a sliding bolt.
  5. Tank reload

    Good day! I had a question - Why, when shooting from a tank from the main gun (120 mm smoothbore gun), when I want to switch to the coaxial machine gun, then I will again need to reload the main gun (120 mm smoothbore gun)? Why is the transition from gun to bullet and the reverse occur with reloading the main weapon?
  6. Free Squad Game Server

    Why can't developers finance this server for us? They need it. This is their game.
  7. Free Squad Game Server

    Server rental is expensive
  8. Free Squad Game Server

    If everything was so simple, Russian players would not need servers. At the moment, there are very few servers. How do I contact developers to get a free server?
  9. Free Squad Game Server

    Hello! I would like to know if there is an opportunity for a Russian blogger to get a free Squad game server? I've been reviewing Squad for a year now. I’m doing hard training videos. Many Russian players visit me on the YouTube Channel. Link to the channel further (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRRV6Ur6Lvul2BFGEty4xmA) Another reason was that there are not enough Russian servers at the moment and the Russian community has to stand in line for a server for 10-15 people. Squad lacks Russian servers. This will cause a negative attitude towards the game Squad. Russian bloggers are not ready to pay $ 100 per server. Yesterday, November 23, I submitted an application to the server administrator (Zagnaniy). I really want to help Squad evolve! Thank you so much!