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  1. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    Good point, but I lean towards the argument Nightingale87 and BatSithCrazy present: Persistent ammo doesn't do quite enough to justify a less punishing rally system. There is certainly a balance that can be struck, however, that I would prefer over the current system.
  2. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Maybe we can all agree on this. I certainly enjoy the game, regardless of whether or not it fits my exact wishes.
  3. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    I'm not arguing for that. The rally holds a key role in the way squads operate. You made me spit out my coffee. Top lol m8. Also, I agree with the rest of your post.
  4. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad

    The rally mechanics from Project Reality are more punishing for sure, and I prefer them over the mechanics currently in squad. This is because: 1. The larger range requirements for placing a rally would help slow down the pace of a match by keeping player spawns farther away from combat. It also makes it harder to pinpoint where the enemy is if you get the "enemy is too close" message. 50m vs. 125m 2. The temporary nature of the rally point encourages using it to regroup with teammates who couldn't be revived, and less as a permanent spawn for your squad to trickle out of. Take note that it is still permanent within a certain range of a radio, which allows for more spawning options when defending, flanking, etc. This also puts more importance on building a strong network of FOBs. 3. Rally is overrun at 125m instead of 30m. The squash distance is too small for my taste. In Project Reality if you fought another squad one on one it was pretty obvious when their numbers were dwindling. One team would get the upper hand and either force the opposing squad to retreat or be wiped out. In Squad it's more like fighting a loose conga line of bad guys until you finally reach their rally point. 4. The increased timer when a rally is overrun only helps to reinforce the idea that you should not use it for direct reinforcement into combat. It further helps to slow down the pace of the game by encouraging players to spawn away from the front lines. While I do appreciate what Project Reality accomplished, there are some things that I like about Squad's current rally system as well: 1. Not requiring the squad leader kit, with the punishment of requiring more squad members nearby to place the rally. It lets a squad lead take a different kit if he so desires, and gives a squad who's SL might have disconnected a chance at regrouping. 2. Wave spawning is... good? I'm not entirely sure how I feel about it to be honest. I like having all my guys spawn in at once, but I feel like spawn timers are a tricky subject for a different post. TLDR: I prefer PR mechanics for rallies because they support a slower pace of the game and make combat more unforgiving. (With exceptions)
  5. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    @Nightingale87 Well said!
  6. Commander Role

    That's a good point. I would argue that kicking a squad member isn't equivalent to removing a squad leader, since a kicked player can immediately join a different squad or even make their own. A player still has freedom to take charge of how they want to play. You bring up a good point about server rules, and I'll agree with you there. There isn't really much difference between the mechanic you've suggested and simply having an admin step in. Those who blatantly disregard server rules or outright choose to sabotage a game should be removed, we agree there. I think the fundamental reason we disagree is that I don't want the commander to become the absolute authority for a team. I enjoy the freedom that squad leaders currently have to execute their own plans and ideas. When squad leaders communicate and form a plan together, that's when games shine! When one SL takes his squad off to some remote spot, that's just something you have to work through with whatever resources you have left. At least, that's the way I see it. There's always going to be someone doing something that you think is wrong, or that you could do better. On the opposite side of the coin there will always be someone who can show you something new or tell you every mistake that you make. That's what makes Squad so appealing to me. There is a social aspect to this game that you cannot find in any other game (except PR). As for the commander role, I completely agree that he needs something more. As for what that is, I'm not sure. In project reality he could spawn a command rally that the entire team could spawn on, but that wouldn't work with the current way that rallies work. The more I read through our arguments so far, the more I see that this issue is deeper than the commander role. I feel like I keep peeling back layers of this game to think about and analyze. Holy cow this game is awesome! Thanks for keeping this discussion going @Zylfrax791, you're giving my brain a real workout! TLDR: Don't give commanders the authority that only admins should have. Squad leaders are more important and I think they should lead first.
  7. The Rally System: Project Reality vs. Squad The purpose of this post is to clearly display the differences between the rally point system in Project Reality and Squad to foster discussion. I want to know what people like and dislike about both systems. I’ll post my own opinions in a comment. Project Reality · Squad Leader kit required · 2 squad members nearby · No enemies within 125m · Disappears after 60s unless within 300/600m of friendly FOB or APC o The range depends on the size of the map (2x2km/4x4km) · Is disabled if any enemy comes within 125m · Rearms every 60s o Overrun rally takes 5min to rearm · Players may spawn as soon as their timer runs out Squad · Does not require Squad Leader kit: o With SL kit only requires 1 squad member nearby o Without SL kit requires 3 squad members nearby · No enemies within 50m · Does not disappear automatically · Is disabled if any enemy comes within 30m · Rearms every 120s · Players must spawn in waves every 60s As you can see these systems are quite different despite sharing the same basic concepts. I’ve made some very crude graphics to help illustrate the differences in distance on both a 2x2km and a 4x4km map. Each point of origin is a common radio placement/objective area. I chose popular maps to help players visualize the distances. Fool's Road (2x2km) *Ignore 10m circle, squash radius is 30m* Tallil Outskirts (4x4km) If anything is unclear or you have questions please let me know! P.S. I realize that there may be issues with Squad that go a lot deeper than just the rally mechanics, and I'm ok with discussing those topics. However, I would ask that everyone try and keep this thread focused primarily on the rally system and what we want from it. Thank you!
  8. Commander Role

    This is what worries me. It doesn't matter if the commander or the admin makes the decision, it's still taking freedom out of a player's hands based on another player's opinion on how the game should be played. You do make a good argument, but I still think it's a bad idea. I doubt we can change each other's minds on this one. Good discussion!
  9. Increase Realism.

  10. Commander Role

    Adding a new type of weapon to the game is not equivalent to adding a mechanic that allows one player to decide if another player needs to be kicked out of a role they chose. Your argument seems to be that since you were right about knives, that makes you right about this. One good idea doesn't make all of your ideas good, that's a fallacy. If you want to refute my argument, answer this question: What's stopping a player in the commander role from demoting every single squad lead that doesn't do exactly what he wants? As for the philosophy of the game vs. the actual game, I completely agree with the philosophy you described. I also agree that some players can be foolish with assets and play without teamwork, but that doesn't change the core philosophy that you described. Most games I play, the majority of squad leads want to work together and communicate. It's my understanding that the commander supplements teamwork and communication between squads, only if the squad leaders trust his decisions and leadership.
  11. A simple leveling system

    I would love to have a real simple system for recommending squad leads. Give each member of a squad the option to recommend their squad lead at the end of a round, every vote goes towards a "rank" that's displayed when that player creates a squad. Maybe have to votes fall off with time? I feel like a negative vote option would lead to a lot of trolling.
  12. Humvee Gunner Crouch/Duck-Down?

    If this happens I will squeal like a little girl.

    @Jevski I stand corrected. Thank you for doing the research that I should have done. That being said, I am a big fan of these respawn mechanics. Has there been any discussion as to why Squad doesn't use them?
  14. Commander Role

    A commander that can demote squad leaders sounds like a bad idea. It would be abused constantly and would only serve to further disorganize teams. I think the command role can seem very lackluster when you have squad leaders with their own agendas who don't care about an overall team strategy. This is especially apparent in the current 'spam the flag with infantry' meta. Once gameplay slows down and engagements become less frequent/more meaningful (hopefully) then I think the commander will be much more useful for coordinating squads and making sure everyone has good intel.

    What do people think about the respawn system in Project Reality? The more frequently you gave up (Dead dead) the longer your spawn timer became. I think it added something like 15 seconds every time a player gave up in order to give more value to a life, since dying repeatedly made you have to wait longer and longer for a respawn. Maybe Squad could even go a step further and increase the ticket cost every time you give up? Thoughts? See Jevski's post below.