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  1. [WIP] Korengal Valley [Vanilla]

    looking nice, keep it up man can't wait to get a taste from this wonderful map!
  2. Fatal error, crashing

    I heard if you ram is not greater than 16gb then you need to uncheck pre load texture in squad menu> graphic if that didn't work you will need to wait for the other
  3. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    @tatzhit The thing is free resupply shouldn't be a thing, it make no sense that you can place fob out of nowhere and get free ammo/rpg/explosive
  4. Release: Alpha Version 9.6

    please for the love of rifleman please give them ammo bag.
  5. How/Where did you discover Squad?

    Been Hearing this project through Bluedrake42's Youtube Channel, But I also addict with PR at the time so that why I follow the new of the PR2 and Squad.
  6. Squad unplayable with no players

    well we'll have to wait and see about that right? at least V10 we might get a new urban map(I forget it name, some kind of europe city?) maybe Community will hype again once Brit's force and Chopper/MBT get release lol
  7. Squad unplayable with no players

    I dunno maybe with the update of A10 ppl will start coming back again, here in Thailand our problem is way worse than you guy. They're like very few player that still play squad today(those who play before start to turn to new game like Rising strom2 or PUBG) even I myself is stop playing squad at this time, just wanna wait for the next patch and see what is there for me.
  8. Release: Alpha Version 9.4

    Now Those Super FOB need to be punish ROUND COMPLETE, SPLASH OUT.
  9. When they putting in aircraft

    Agree on this even elite/Veteran Pilot still get shotdown by AA from time to time so CAS is not that OP, its just another tool that can be used in combine arm. but ofc Jet burning in flame while fall from the sky is a sight to behold
  10. Price drop?

    Thats weird in my region. Squad standard price is around 20$ (10$ while free week end) Their price used to be 35$ at release but now its got cheaper. Maybe its depend on where you live? anyway still purchase it from kickstarter package 70$ lol
  11. GPU or CPU problem?

    GTX 780 have quite good perfomance isn't it? not sure thought use to have 20-40 fps ish when using AMD R9-270X Now I shift to Nvidia GTX1060 and got pretty resonable 50-70 fps PS. both use CPU I5 4460 with 8GB ram Windows 8.1
  12. Why do we have only wide open maps?

    I hope it muttrah city with out US carrier(course build up that model would be really pain for dev lol)
  13. vehicles are to weak

    I want them to be able to pop smoke not sure with BTR but I think its need more optic.
  14. Netcoding is off ???

    From my experience during free weekend, I usually drop enemy in one burst (3-5 round) in cqb 2 bullet is enough to kill somebody. Maybe its just server lag?
  15. Official Squad Forum Alert Level