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  1. *************************************************** PROBLEM SOLVED NOW WITH ALPHA 12.1 PATCH ***************************************************
  2. November 2018 - Squad's Next Phase

    looking forward for this 12.1 three weeks later edition
  3. Game constantly freezing

    so... are they any fix on this yet? I'm really frustrate with this random stutter/freeze in the past few game
  4. Time using on setting up a FOB

    Hey just wanna know how much time do you usually use setting up the fob? and should I build other defensive stuff like sandbag, wall etc etc as inf sq with 9 ppl? ty in advance
  5. V12 issues - RP and INS Game mode

    you should post this in 'suggestion' not the 'question' forum but anyway: while I do agree that vehicle and INS gamemode is clearly still have room to improve. I think the other thing what the dev implement in this patch is excellent, RP is suppose to be a rally point. 1-2 attemp for atking an objective is sound reasonable if it fail then you fallback to nearest FOB that have ammo crate on it and R&R your squad while revise your strategy isn't that sound good? isn't bigger map mean more room to mannuver? everybody else also seem to appreciate the bigger me or is it just me? lol
  6. I think in term of Vehicle balance ru might get more variety of IFV such as BMP-2, or BMP-3. And yes I still think Infranty should pack more heavier punch like Javelin, SRAW, Eryx, or SMAWW

    I think squad is the only game that make logistic and supply line become very important for infranty to hold the front, and I'm really love it.
  8. damn sorry to hear that look like we have to wait for other to answer I'm running out of idea as well, hope you can get the fix soon
  9. hahaha or like i post ealier you can try use spare mouse just to make sure its not cause by your current mouse anyway hope this working
  10. Maybe this will help, I find it on Did you take a long break from Squad and just came back? Welcome back! I need to remind you that Unreal Engine 4, in which Squad is designed with, had a major update on September of 2017. If it was before that time you played the last, you MUST do a clean re-install of the game. Click ‘Reveal hidden contents to see how to:
  11. it sound like your control input is causing a bug maybe you can try this 1. Did you try clear user cache data via ingame menu? 2. if problem still persist maybe try verify cache with steam 3. maybe try change a mouse just to be sure that trouble isn't cause by your device ^^^^ if all of this still didn't help then must wait for someone else to answer

    maybe with the introducing of supply Helicopter but yeah its really pain sometimes when none want to do the logis job
  13. V12 no ammo

    Come on man you have been playing this game for 2300 hours and still struggle to find ammo. With the currently V12 update you have so many way to get ammo. (except respawn at HAB or Rally) like working with your SL to make sure your squad stay in shape. Grab an ammo from vehicle, rifle ammo-bag
  14. when loading in to server

    Did you try this yet? 1. uncheck the full texture loading in ingame-Graphic menu 2. clear-cache 3. verify cache in steam
  15. Hello Last two night I had play some squad v12, everything look good except few stuttering then and there. But my major problem is when I try to connect to game server, my computer tend to stuck and sometime will restart itself(very rarely) This are thing that I already try: 1. Uncheck full texture cache 2. clear caching After V12 hotfix yesterday the problem still persist maybe I can send some logs or screenshot of my systems for troubleshooting? thank you in advance here's my spec: OS: Windows 8.1 - 64 bits CPU: I5-4420 RAM: 8GB VGA: GTX 1060 with 6GB ram HDD-SSD: Squad install on SSD(can't remember the model name) PSU: Jaguar 750+