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  1. [Faction] Brazilian Forces (BRA)

    Combat Footage of brazilian troops in Haiti
  2. I remember when i played Battlefield 2, in the end of the round, in score screen, it shows the best squad of each teams (PR has it too) and it shows the top 3 players of the round (We can measure this with the players with most teamwork points) (see image1) , and it shows too the best players of each role (see image 2) i think it will rise significantly the level of teamwork of the team, everyone will try to get better teamwork tro try to appear in these "Top Players" Image 1 Image 2 https://imgur.com/a/e9Kmxxz (in case images dont appear)
  3. World of Warcraft - Combat Priest!

    I think it is a good idea (Heal on backseat of transport assets) but I think it should heal the same amount of player at the same time with the same amount of medics in the vehicle For example, in heli, we have 1 medic and 3 wounded, it should heal 1 by 1 and not all 3 at the same time and the heal should be altomatic. If a player is bleeding, i think it should have an option to player use his bandage or not, and it should be slower, because the vehicle is in movement.
  4. 8gb ddr3 ??

    I have the same processor and the same amount of RAM (ddr3), but I'm using Win 10 Pro, 1050 TI 4GB and running from SSD I am playing with everything at medium and AA off and it works well at 40 ~ 60 fps most of the time. Every 10 minutes after loading the map, the game gets laggy, I don't even try to go into battle because whenever I point at an enemy, the game freezes, but after that, the game starts to run smoothly. My suggestion is Try to run the game on a SSD or install Win 10 Pro x64 (i think it manages better the resources of your machine, making it more powerfull)
  5. Report admin abuse not working

    Whenever i try to create a new post in report admin abuse, i got the following error HTTP ERROR 500 The Page is not Working