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  1. Day/Night cycle ?

    On first map i've played when Beta 17 was out, there was a day night cycle on Sumari (early on in daytime switching to cloudy, ending at twilight/night time). Since then, i never saw it again. Was it a bug ? Is that planned for later ? Depends of the map layer ?
  2. The FOB side needs a big overhaul. Would be much appreciated if that is done BEFORE the official 1.0 release. The FOB Building SHOULD have its own UI, so when holding T key and selecting the FOB building, it should exit the T key main interface and switch to a SPECIAL FOB Menu. There is some render at the end of the post. From the building UI side Holding T to access the building is not great, have a special static menu where you can navigate easily. Circle UI is bad and restrict the number of thing they could offer to built, have a classic "windows explorer" kind of interface but base on shortcuts rather than point & click. Make it smaller, place it on top left/right of the UI so you can see what you are placing and how you are placing it without exiting the building menu Navigate it through number key 1 through 9 to unfold menu or select item to place. 0 and backspace could be the next/previous shortcut when there is more than 9 items available. Right click could be the shortcut to fold the menu layer after layer to get navigate through the building stuff type (fortification, emplacements, etc..). Left click keep the validate action to place the stuff blueprint selected in the UI. Keep the last sub-menu open so if the SL want to place X sandbags he doesn't have to go through all the menu again, he just have to press the same number to get the same blueprint. All the sandbags and fortification that can be pilled up should have a layer system directly accessible when the SL is placing the blueprint. Raising the cost with each new layer by using mousewheel up, lowering the cost with mousewheel down. You just want to make a basic level protection where you can hide behind on prone only or you want 2 layers, 3 layers, 4 layers of sand bags/hesco/woods barrier ? That should just be available on a mousewheel action directly. These changes, give the SL more freedom to build FOB. User interface is easier to read, easier to manipulate, gives the ability to make better fob, easier, faster. From the building side All the sandbags and protections should be autolinked on their own when place along closely enough by the SL. No micro-managing space for the SL anymore. Enforce rounding the edge when placing sandbags, hesco, razorwires close to each other on an "approximate" (!!) 45° or 90° angle. All the building with open space should be compatible with bipods. Have you tried using the US open bunker with a MG class soldier ? It doesn't work at all... The ressource should not be used directly when the blueprint has been placed, but slowly consummed when the building is being built by the players ! And that should allow to get the opposite then, ressource cashed back in the FOB ressources when a friendly player (so not a foe !?) is unbuilding stuff. Add a new option to REINFORCE a preset building from the vanilla map. Transforming a map house into a HAB when the radio is inside that building (still cost the same amount of construction The SL just have to be inside the designated building to reinforce it. Taking FOB to a new level where it is not only BUILDING from the ground up. But using map assets as more or less discrete FOB. Option to place static weapons emplacements at windows in the FOB range (with the same per FOB restrictions) Option to reinforce windows with woods protection (hiding what's inside but not blocking high caliber) Hope dev reads player feedback and suggestion here. I've taken a little bit of times to make a quick mockup/in-game menu display. I am not a pro, i just have ideas. I've basicly taken in-game elements, reasses what can improve a lot the interface for FOB building. It's just the basic idea, a professionnal with the tools to design the UI can do much better on the render side of course. Feel FREE to suggest your own ideas to add to the list. Here are some visuals to help understand the UI thing (click to enlarge image) :
  3. FOB Construction

  4. Royal Battalion

    I had a very bad experience at your server tonight. Basicly i was accused of teamkilling while i can't control what every player does when joining a squad. (false accuse or not, i cannot say) My ressource were stolen on purpose, by another player named "RvN | J.Gango" with his helicopter, who got shot in response because he couldn't help ITself and keep picking up the ressources we were delivering to our FOB. I know that's bad, but what should we do ? Leave the server when a player plays anti-fairplay ? He said the FOB was useless, while it was covering at least 2 flags and a riverun that goes through all middle of the map.. we killed infantry, helicopter, mrap, trucks... The stranger thing, he was stealing our ressources to bring it to a 1 player spandrel squad... which was played by a member of his own clan. I could have spoke to admin, but your discord link on the game server is out of date (?!), and honestly "squad royal batallion" doesn't ring a bell to Google. I dig a little bit the forum to find this feedback topic on your server. I can't say if the server is a oftenly a mess like that. But i think some player do abuse right they should not have, and that include players stealing ressources just for the purpose of killing your own playthrough, tactics. It's not like i was soloing a vehicle which kept delivering supplies only to a member of his own clan with a helicopter during all the map... In nearly 2000 hours of playing, that's the first time i see a player harassing a FOB on ressource just because he wants you to play the game like he believed you should be playing it.