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  1. vehicle tickets :D

    how about we make a tank cost 40-50 tickets so we have a reason to yell at people for wasting assets and hopefully having more experienced crew take the vics instead of some new guy who treats this game like counter strike
  2. Will my PC Run Squad?

    Thats gonna be a rough one
  3. Squad has become too "gamey" and meta.

    Vewt just explained it in one sentence.
  4. check your memory? maybe a leak?
  5. Exponential RAAS

    well if they actually made it random, then it would fix the problem
  6. The Insurgency Force

    Well yesterday i had a REALLY close game of INS vs brits on mutaha invasion... it lasted 1 hour and 50 minutes and they held their ground even when being bombed by arty and ran down by A-10's, not to mention the 2000 iq squad leaders on both sides. ''Outmatched'' lol your post is irrelevant
  7. dshk bug

    so i was using a dshk gun, i tab out for a moment, i tab back in i see the gun is glitched and facing my way and so is the camera. i press shoot and i shoot myself point blank with a .50cal. very not cool way to die
  8. In a nutshell: Yes windows 10 is better for gaming (dont quote me on it pls). It supports directX 12, and if im not wrong gives you better FPS in general
  9. profile pictures

    a higher size limit for profile pictures on the website?
  10. Trenching & Portable HMGs

    Having to literally remove a part of the map to make the trench fit, and having it plop back in in case of it being dug down or destroyed is unlikely to be implemented into the game
  11. Some New Nations Idea

    I'd personally love to play a K2 Black Panther from the south koreans
  12. Stop making vehicles useless.

    why do you guys want this to be battlefield
  13. Vehicles

    I see so many people complaining about how ''vehicles are broken'' and this and that needs to be different. literally does it not come to your minds that this is not call of duty or battlefield? this is squad and youre obviously not going to rush in a tank into a cap zone. in this game you need actual brain power to play vehicles. That you need to watch out for TOWs, bigger guns, AT's and everything else that can kill your vehicle, yes. this is not battlefield or cod
  14. I'm giving up on this game.

    this man just explained it all
  15. new player UK

    Well, i myself enjoy the higher quallity of gameplay. If you want i can play a game or two with you tomorrow? If you're interested: flappie#2581 (discord)