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  1. Avoid SAM and TLR servers

    I find it hard to really think this game could propel its self to any further then beta, a mass online fps game that has very little player anti abusive systems in place. instead relying on server admins and owners to deal with you in any toxic way they can, servers are like the wild west and this makes no sense to me at all. why should new players like me or any player really invest time into this game if it can be spoiled so easily by such little effort? I feel its a clash between players just playing and those who want to pretend they can make it to some big contest, by which you have to be harsh and a d@ck to gain entry to. iv had my fair share of toxic dirt bags on overwatch, which I had mentioned a few times on this forum, that's fine I mute them, but the way in which playing the game can lead to kicking and bans purely because you don't play a certain way is by far the most stupidest thing iv seen in a game in ages.
  2. hi, as a relative new player with 161hrs played since the recent free weekend I just wanted to put it out there to any other new player. avoid the SAM and TLR servers at all costs, they are rude, toxic and will frequently kick you for not listening to them and forcing you to play the game you paid for they way they want it. that mostly applies to the SAM server but the TLR server is VERY toxic indeed I have played only a handful of games on it yet almost all have been arguments among SL's who are members and an overall poor experience for anyone just wanting to hop on and have fun playing a game they enjoy. I played a game just an hour ago on the TLR server and around 5 Squad leading members of TLR were arguing among themselves, I made a suggestion of not flooding comms with toxic chat and the reply I got was "if you don't like it leave" standard fun times over at TLR server. AVOID.
  3. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    thanks for the laughs! teamwork: hardly any, one SL might make a mistake and some squad members will venture off and do what they feel is right. some cases they are right because they have played more. In BF you can see a players rank, this is simply a time played thing but at least you know they are some what capable of the basics. squad doesn't have that which creates mistrust. communication: so far in a lot of my games you might have an SL whose getting an ear bashing from the other SL's which makes him toxic to his squad mates thus spreading more anger. Some SL's are "do what I say or get kicked" and if other squads are full you sort of just float around not able to do anything at all and having to leave the game and go que into a 15 deep server. zZZZzZ some players can be very negative from the start to any suggestion of tactics, purely wanting to meat grind the entire squad in the hope/chance of regaining a cap, instead of retreating, regrouping and pushing as one. Again a mention of an idea can lead to arguments and kicking. some players play squad to have fun first, some want to pretend they are in Kajaki around 2006 and shout, be abusive and pretend they are gunnery sergeant Hartman and you are private pyle makes playing an FPS game quite unpleasant. IV played for 2 weeks now, every day and im seeing similar issues the OP has layered out. some I can adjust to and others are baked into a game that brings random players together into an arena that takes team work above all else to win. I played tons of Overwatch before coming to my first milsim game, squad. Overwatch is kinda similar, you see this amazing teamwork going on maybe on twitch or some youtube video and you want some of it, you join your first game and one guys blasting music out not stop, everyones triggered no ones working together the blame train comes in and shouting matches begin. on one side of the coin this amazing experience that you have to climb Everest, do a 540 back flip in a car and go to the moon to have. Everyone else is just in the mud, tramping through the crap one game to another. squad has the exact same issues that overwatch has, people. people make or break games like this and for me im having more negative interactions then positive ones, a shame really because I enjoyed overwatch and I enjoy squad but it takes people to really have the best time in these types of games. blizzard did a stella job of trying to make overwatch less toxic, easier for teamwork to be at the forefront and the toxic babies dealt with, squad isn't even close to that, servers are like the wild west I saw a karmakut game and it wanted me to come to squad and try my first milsim game, after maybe my first 10 games I could see already the abusive nature and server admins who make you jump through hoops or kick you, one game I had muted two other SL's because they wanted me to do exactly what they were doing, throwing themselves and that of the squad into a meat grinder, no flanking no thinking. turns out they were admins this made them keep kicking my squad members making them angry in the process because I wasn't adhering to the quite stupid way of playing. smaller things like playing against a full squad of clan members all talking all playing as a squad is very frustrating, even more so on new player friendly servers, this creates toxicity through all SL's because they cant seem to figure out what to do or whose blame is it we are getting steam rolled or not dealing with this Bradley way out in the sticks spawn camping because no one can get close because hes part of the mentioned clan squad. anyhow ill give squad a little more time but for me I think it needs 2+3 years of work before it can really deal with player issues and basic fps game standards.
  4. 8gb ddr3 ??

    im trying really hard not be triggered by this comment. try be a little more mindful to those not willing to spend 4+ grand on a pc that they play 5 months of the year when the weather is shit. squads a big game and needs the help of a better pc to run sure, but when the dev's own minimum requirements are as you say "low end" you shouldn't really be pointing fingers at anyone about supposedly hindering game development. take red dead redemption 2, awful awful optimisation so bad in fact those with 5 grand rigs were struggle to get 30 fps constant. I have a ryzen 5 1600, 8g ddr4 and a 1060 6g. the only thing wrong there in the dev's eyes is the 8 gig ram. its a big game but not a graphically demanding one, personally the only time my game suffers is when you have lots of fobs and built up objectives.
  5. Low FPS

    it does seem like you need a monster rig to play with smooth frames even with medium to lower settings, some maps its ok for me and some its fkin awful and barely playable. although I would recommend dropping effects to medium.
  6. mic doesn't work

    ignore post just read about the steam bit sry.
  7. Stop making vehicles useless.

    As one of the "free weekend noobs" its not been easy to get time on vehicles, don't get me wrong I played every day of the free weekend and purchased the game even after I started to notice the game having overwatch style issues with team work, toxicity and language barrier problems (eu). first, most servers will not allow single player usage and some other commander will give you shit for it and ask you not to waste the asset, but in most games tanks and apcs sit in main base all game, so makes no sense to me. second, if by some chance you get someone willing to squad with you and play the roles in lets say an mbt you start getting into issues with commander vs driver vs gunner. what I mean is one has this idea the other has another idea and you kinda just have to live with it and let them do what they want to get some time in on the tank, I suspect that's a trust thing because im noticing players treat almost everyone as if they are new or stupid and playing SL is the best example of this. if one of the members has no mic it gets even less fun.. coming from a BF series player Bf2mc, bad company, bf3,bf4 etc tanks do take a lot more effort to not only get into a good position but to be effective too. im not sure being new if explosive armour is a thing and its clear we don't have things like trophy or similar in the game either. I do think having better vision types to the corresponding tank would help, maybe a bigger backblast/smoke trail after rpg shot fire? I don't know but I run the game at medium settings and that might not help too. the t62's commander is also a fat target to being headshot with no way of buttoning up. and there's flipping and getting stuck on things like rubbish bags, my last game I got stuck twice in a t62 on stuff a real tank would squash and the crew wouldn't even feel. with the implementation of air strikes by commanders the only real way to play an mbt without getting fragged in the first 5 minutes will no longer be viable, plonk your tank at a part of the map and own that area. after v16 goes live I suspect that will die a death with no crew member wanting to attract a10's. It is frustrating over all to play anything other then foot grunts I understand the issues laid out by covalent.
  8. Hi, iv had quite annoying graphics issues since I started playing squad, iv ran it on medium settings mostly with view distance being on epic my issue is that im getting fps hitching but its big leading to freezing and mostly in firefights or mortar strikes. it effects comms too not just image, I ran the benchmark just for giggles but ended up on all epic, I went into test range/training grounds to see how badly my pc would crash but strangely its running as if the textures are low are worse. memory usage is very high 70+% so much that I have to close web browsers just to gain a little back, is having 16gig memory going to make a huge difference? am I just suffering from a lower end machine or is this related to something else? any ideas greatly appreciated. Edit* after a restart textures returned to normal but frame hitching remains. ryzen 5 1600 3.2 1060 6g 8g ram
  9. Squad Mortar Calculator App (Android)

    when the new stuff goes live, the drones will give mortars an incredible indirect (pun intended) buff. I personally prefer squadMC on a side note.
  10. I was really hoping for a console controller, maybe in the future I guess. I have practiced some with a mouse and its not too bad after 10 minutes practice.
  11. as the title says are we or do we already have support for controllers for vehicles, I prefer to use a controller to fly and tank in games that have them. its quite a faff to use a mouse when flying, not so much a tank.
  12. hi, im playing on the dreaded free weekend with a hope to purchase all being well, 5 hrs in and im not so sure about that. abuse from seasoned players because of this or that, my mic isn't working in game for some reason but again abuse follows. I want to try find players that are happy to let new players LEARN the game, I joined only "newbie welcome" servers but still ran into c@ck wombles. im an fps gamer, since unreal tourney but I want that experience I see on karmakuts youtube or just a fun game with other new players. Beard.