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  1. Stop making vehicles useless.

    I don't think they are useless. IRL tanks like the abrams are pretty tough to kill, and theres such a restricted number of HAT in the game, that tanks seem to have pretty good survival rates against infantry in my experience. BTRs have always been tin cans, and can barely stop a 7.62 Nato round. I think things are modeled pretty accurately. The problem right now is that people still have not mastered vehicle/infantry tactics. Instead of supporting the infantry, vehicles insist on going off by themselves unsupported. I don't know how many times I see tanks completely alone, on the other side of the map, tracked, and the crew dead from jumping out to repair. Vehicles are not being used properly, and teams pay the price as a result.
  2. I am new the the forum, but I have about 650 hours in squad. I was extremely excited to see the commander role finally enter squad. I was a faithful Red Orchestra player for many years, and the timely role that commanders played in providing support dramatically aided momentum swings, and improved the experience. I am also a big RTS guy, and have many hours in the Company of Heroes, Total War Series, and more recently Steel Division II. Since Squad is essentially an interesting fusion of FPS with a healthy does of RTS, the commander adds a huge layer of tactical coordination. Steel Division II gives its players the ability to pre-build decks of vehicles that can be deployed based on a capped amount of units and a steady flow of resources. While I don't know if squad needs resources per se, allowing the commander to either "build a deck of vehicle cards" to be deployed at his leisure throughout the game, or simply decide which ones will be deployed at which times, would add a whole new meta to the game, and allow for counters and reactions. Each vehicle could be valued differently, perhaps using the current ticket costs, and instead of losing points at the point of the vehicles destruction, you'd lose it at the point the commander delpoys it at main. You could economize when things are low, or you could spend a bunch of resources up front for an armored rush. Alternatively, you could have a separate fix vehicle resource counter for each map. Either way, the commander could choose what vehicles to deploy based on his current needs, and really restrict the current issue of vehicle over-saturation on some maps, because the set amount of vehicle points could be spent at any point. This would open up a variety of tactics in the game. Steel Division paces the vehicles, by making only certain vehicles deployable in various phases of the game, with the heavier ones often coming later. I just feel like the commander could really take control of the whole game's meta this way, and really improve the strategic focus moving forward.