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  1. British Machine Gunner Gameplay

    The rally at the end scared the crap out of me, hope you enjoy the video
  2. Useful Tips For Players New To Squad

    Hopefully you guys find at least a few of these tips useful! Currently working on a few guides to help out new players and squad leaders
  3. AnimalMother's Gameplay and Short clips

    I think I played a match on Mutaha with you earlier today on the Project Awesome #2 server. We were US vs Russians and you and another guy had some bad luck in a door way multiple times lol. Nice videos, nice to see another content creator staying calm instead of overreacting every few seconds
  4. Chaos in Kamdesh

    Medic Gameplay in an Invasion match on Kamdesh - had a lot of fun playing with some Squaddies from SYCO and UF. The firefight at the beginning was more intense for me in person than it probably comes across to others watching.
  5. Thunder in Talil

    5 minute cinematic movie highlighting the best moments of an all armor event hosted by United Front and Stryder Company. The perspective is from admin cam and primarily from the U.S. forces view since that's where I was getting the radio chatter from. Hope you guys enjoy it! I didn't forget to post the link this time!
  6. Battle of East Novo

    Gees, that's embarrassing! Thanks for pointing it out, I did edit the original post and fix the link
  7. Battle of East Novo

    The Squad community is awesome and I wanted to share one of my favorite matches. I've got more videos in the cooker that I consider better than this one, but I really enjoyed the atmosphere and Ziggy did a great job as SL, so I posted this one first. Enjoy the gameplay, it's a little slow because I was still new at the time. I welcome any feedback and tips you guys want to give!