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  1. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    I was very wrong about the reloading speed, both about the exact time and also about the obvious fact that in a warzone and with imminent risk of death one would be slowed down and thus reload more carefully, and also yes I've never even fired a gun in my life but I have great respect for the military (of all nations) and what they do, it's one of the reasons why we're all here and why I am writing this instead of simply leaving the game and maybe look for a refund (I won't refund it, just wait it out). With the weapon handling and gunplay what I'm referring to is how clunky and unresponsive most actions feel. I don't want any call of duty in this game, I want it to be as realistic and accurate as possible, and that also means making you feel in actual control of the soldier and present, capable of responding to threats quickly like you were there, instead there are a lot of factors which make the game feel unreliable and unfinished, like it's still missing essential elements. (Another big bug, in auto fire there's a chance that when firing 1 bullet the sound of a 3round burst will be played instead, this makes the audio very unreliable because every encounter sounds like 5 people shooting when instead it's a one on one.) As for the community I didn't find much of the negatives I read, I found it very easy to cooperate and managed to both join great communicative and fun squads and help mantain or create good effective squads (especially one I had with 5 indian dudes, suppression fire with two LMGs to every single enemy encounter, just beautiful). The community is great, and if you find really bad servers you should just leave, and get into the good ones like TLR, PA etc. so for that it's the thing that makes me sometimes wish to re-install, but then I remember the rerrible performance, the bullshit deaths due to bugs, the need to wait hours to play in good servers and sometimes even get a horrible squad that can't play together with no better choices. Too many negatives and too few positives for me, I was attracted by a cool military game with huge maps, huge playercounts focus on communication and deep strategy, and what I got was a game with excellent communication, very good foundation for an excellent experience but very little of said excperience, still a very unfinished game that it's a bit jarring to see sold at 40 euros, this should be 20 max, you just managed to get a lot of good marketing so you got a lot of sales, this doesn't mean your game is ready to be at that price, also because 98% leave the game! 3.000 over a million is a bit telling, in my opinion..
  2. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    -1 or just implement a very basic fixing feature that works similarly to the bipod but is much faster and mobile -2 actually I have yet to glitch through the terrain so far, I'm talking about feet and guns sticking from the walls of buildings, something so basic it should have been fixed at the start of the game -3 in optimal conditions and optimal training I've seen videos where they reload from empty in 1,3 or something, point being that the 4-5 seconds required in game are a very calm and relaxed reload, and often it is out of sync with what is going on around you. also, I don't know where you get the idea that I'm a cod fanboy -4 with focus it moves just a little but with any scope and no bipod it shakes constantly and I would understand this if you could fix your gun, but given that you can't.. -5 - -6 here maybe I went off a little and of course I didn't mean it literally, meaning that in this game you're often thrown into very difficult situations without an optic and I don't see a good reason for it -7 let me elaborate on the maps, I think they are laid out well (even though are mostly very generic terrain) and have good roads and seem plausible, I'm referring to how boring and lifeless the game looks, it's all too generic and I really find it boring to look at, in the moments when I don't cooperate with my team and I'm just in the gameworld, it looks so uninteresting and barebones. I know a good deal about how a game is produced and how more objects and complexity have multiple impacts that have to be considered, but if you put it like this than you're simply justifying incompetence, as many games achieve a very good level of open world pleasant maps (still realistic and simple) but full of details and even interactability (destruction, mechanisms that can be manipulated etc,) and also exceptional performance compared to this (which is also a badly optimized game, looks average and is twice as demanding as much more beautiful games) I don't ask that much, but I think such a realistic game should have more realistic enviroments and not be so barebones like it is at the moment, it would benefit greatly in terms of immersion I'm not at all disrespectful, but disappointed and not so convinced by a game I purchased and I just wanted to share my opinion, which may also explain why this game is losing players and cannot achieve a stable high playberase, maybe think a bit outside the bubble, this is not a remote opinion.. you think only 5000 players are interested in Squad? there could be so many more that are turned down by things that you simply justify instead of address, and so they never even buy the game, like me for years. didn't mean any disrespect if you felt any, but even if it was the case I don't like this kind of approach to games, it leads to sub-par games that lose focus over time.. and to also respond to your question, I think there is nothing like squad at the moment (apart from PR) all the rest has some of its qualities but too much different stuff (insurgency old and new, battlefield, rainbow six, I have some hope for ready or not) so I really can't answer your question
  3. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    You're getting me wrong if you say this, because this is exactly what drew me to the game and what made me spend my money, I watched hours worth of content on youtube and I thought that it looked damn interesting and fun, and requiring a lot of effort and cooperation to enjoy properly, and I'm exactly this kind of player and I noticed I can have better teamwork than 90% of other players and even bring a squad together when it is breaking apart (which happens always but it's not the fault of the developers, just stupid players) so don't think I'm some kind of COD fanboy who is just here to hate on the game, it's the opposite (and also the maps are good in layout and maybe colors, but everything is so low detail and so featureless that it becomes an eyesore to play after a while) In fact I am writing this (and I hope the developers read) because I'm disappointed and I see a lot of similarity with scummy indie developers, who maybe even add content and "release" the game but it's always a mediocre experience that only changes in stability, graphics and a bit of content when it gets out of alpha. Squad still needs a lot of fundamental work in the absolute basics of an FPS and it's base quality, which is still very low. It's clunky, it's all the stuff I wrote before and more which will come to mind to everyone who plays it. The cooperation factor can mask this for some people, but there could be three times as many players just waiting for the game to become more enjoyable, and polished. But all I see is trying to add content, as if all the basics are already done when they are not..until then I will not suggest Squad to anyone, because I see a lack of care in it..
  4. Hello guys I'm a new player and I've been playing SQUAD in the last week or so, I have a lot of praise for some aspects of the game, but there are some things which ruin it for me and I don't know if I will continue playing, but for the sake of feedback and helping the developers create a better game I will at least write this: I know it's an alpha, but some things are inexcusable, like the inability to shoot from 50% of the windows in the game. I mean, this alone shows such a lack of care that it's baffling and makes me want to quit. You have an enemy right in front of you yet you can't shoot him because your bullets come out of the barrel, and your soldier is incapable of raising the gun a few centimetres. You create a new building and you don't even check if you can shoot through the windows? are you serious? Clipping through buildings has now officially become a game mechanic, maybe instead of adding maps and helicopters you should achieve the basics of an FPS,, and from what I read it's been like 4 years and this hasn't been fixed.. again, it's lack of care in my opinion. You can add all you want to this game, until you fix the basic stuff players will keep leaving. Inability to lean progressively and generally bad movement and animations, In real life, an operator can reload an AK in less than a second, but the tactical masturbation doesn't allow us that so we must make all animations unnecessarily slow and sluggish like the soldiers in the game are slightly retarded. When will developers understand that realism cannot be achieved like this? if you need to get your pistol FAST to save your life, and you see your soldier without any stress slowly put the rifle away and.. bam you're already dead. IRL he wouldn't put the rifle away, he would just take the pistol out and shoot. It's frustrating and destroys the immersion. Same with grenades.. you lose 5 seconds watching your soldier hold the grenade in his hand and do very slow moves when the grenade should be such a quick thing.. The inability to fix your gun in any way and achieve a well aimed shot is also very annoying, the exact opposite of realistic, it makes shooting far targets a game of luck and memorizing the muzzle sway. Also, has the soldier got Parkinson? (no offense to who suffers from it) he's completely incapable of holding his gun straight even at 10 meters, just very strange and not realistic at all, he is also incapable of holding his breath. The shooting in this game is probably the best out of every single FPS on the market, yet the lack of care makes it a very frustrating experience to deal with, and not as good as it should be, given the quality of sounds and animations. Rallies are completely against the "realism" that you want to achieve, mainly because of the magic spawning of enemies and second because it is a supernatural source of intel on enemy positions, some leaders put the rally in an FOB just to see if there are enemies nearby. If you want realism, do it, this middle road is very inconclusive and frustrates everyone. Customization: I don't understand why most tactical games are so strict regarding gun customization, it actually goes against the real world because for all I know soldiers are free to customize their guns (to a certain extent) and make them as comfortable as possible. Yet in this game there are classes that don't even have an optic, and if there are too many optics in the team you can't use it, what is this garbage? it's just limiting and annoying, not at all realistic or "tactical", again, tactical masturbation in my opinion and nothing more. I don't want 650 gun attachments, but the ability to freely use grips, preferred optics, and maybe muzzle attachments would be nice, very basic stuff. I understand that you don't want to promote shooting in some classes, but taking away their firing capability altogether just seems limiting and stupid to me, but everyone can disagree Last one, the maps are abysmal, sorry for the bluntness but it's true. They're the most boring and mundane maps I've ever seen, and it's not the terrain nor the fact that they are very large, it's because they're so lacking in love and care that it hurts. I'm sick of seeing the same tree copy and pasted everywhere, bad textures, completely empty houses and enviroments, houses that wouldn't even exist in real life (one house makes me laugh everytime, just one big room with 9 windows unevenly spread on all sides, wtf is even that?? who designed it??) In conclusion, SQUAD is on par with a lot of horrible early access games that get cancelled, but the developers got lucky with the fanbase and they are still supported by a lot of people, but I feel as though they're not better than many other indie developers. Lacking in care and quality and seemingly unable (after YEARS) to fix incredibly basic stuff, but at the same time very competent and capable in some other areas, enough to keep the game going and give a semblance of progress and making the game better. After a couple matches, you start to see how shallow and empty this game would be without it's amazing community, and it's a pain beause this game could be so much more.