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  1. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    I have noticed this too, and progressive leaning (which giammotto covers later in the post) would be a great concept to have in order to peak corners and over windowsills enough to engage the enemy while presenting yourself as small a target for them as possible. No, no they can't... professionals can definitely reload very quickly, notless than a second. 2.5 is about as fast as I could believe, but you have to consider that you have to realize "I'm out", get the magazine out of the pouch that you have to keep it from falling out on the move, clear the empty magazine, insert the new one, and charge the weapon. This is not a "Less than a second" operation. For someone to be able to do that is inhumanly fast, even if you drill it. This I agree with, the movements show no true sense of urgency. If I'm under fire and need my sidearm, I want that second weapon as fast as I can sling my primary over my shoulder and draw. Hold Shift to stabilize your weapon by holding your breath for those tougher long range shots. That's smart! I can honestly say in the years that I've played on and off, I've never even considered that move! That's pretty annoying. Giammotto goes on for some time about this "Lack of care" put into the game, but I disagree with that entirely. These developers have a tough job, bridging the gap between reality and gaming while still making it fun. With all the battle royal and CoD style shooters where it's every man for himself, they have a game where only teamwork will truly prevail. Yeah, there are a lot of flaws, but short of having experience or education in game development, who are we to tell them that they "Don't care"?
  2. I'd be down for that! Sort of like how Project Reality in the day had Co-op with bots. I do think it'd be important to separate the two styles though between co-op against bots and regular PVP. That was a big issue for co-op players when someone would jump to the other side.
  3. I'm giving up on this game.

    Yeah that comment about arrogance was a bit uncalled for, buddy. Confidence is not arrogance. I hope this guy finds a clan that can reinvigorate his love of the game!
  4. 3rd Special Forces Group

    Looking forward to meeting those of you interested in the brotherhood. Di Oppresso Liber