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  1. Jamming Comms!

    Thank you for your consideration gents!
  2. Jamming Comms!

    This idea comes from one of my members in the 3rd Special Forces Group squad unit, SGT Knave. What do you guys think about the potential for an EMP style strike that makes radio comms broken and unreadable for a certain period of time? Perhaps using the UAV, over a period of maybe 30 seconds to a minute, the UAV can point at a section of the map and anything not on local within maybe 200m becomes garbled. Disrupting enemy communications is an incredibly useful battlefield tactic used today to prevent the potential for reinforcements, ground and air support, evacuations and more. What do you guys think?
  3. Beta 17 Public Testing

    Commander role will be a huge game changer. Can't wait!
  4. Stop making vehicles useless.

    Cool! I learned something new today. Could you PM me the article your friend did? Would love to give it a look
  5. More stamina consumption

    "Whoops, sorry guys, I landed funny and now I have massive hemorrhaging . Gotta put a bandage on it!"
  6. I don't quite understand the idea behind making a tank only able to fire either a shell or the coax. Even if it's a matter of one person not being realistically able to do that much (I'm not a tanker so I have no clue how they operate) then it should at least fall to the point that you shouldn't have to load coax from your SABOT in order to use it. Is it a cooldown workaround? As for helicopters, I don't quite understand the idea behind putting a collective in the game if you're not going to work a way out for joysticks to be able to control that collective with better accuracy. As it stands now, the flight mechanics are very difficult, especially for new pilots. Is there a fix in the works for this in the future? Lastly, Thermal optics for crewed vehicles like Armor, APCs, even hopefully gunships when they come out. Yeah they're a little cheap, but it's sort of the idea. Thermals allow armor to be a threat from a greater range away. So it's up to the other team to find a way to find a way to flank them using defilade, distraction, anything they can to close the distance, or learn to shoot from a much greater distance which improves the skill level you'll find in servers. I love the game and I love the potential, and I know it's still in alpha, but these three things would make the fundamental mechanics so much more fun!
  7. No more collision-enabled leaves and twigs!

    The trees should be felled if a tank drives into them, that mechanic has been in games for over a decade (I seem to recall the original COD having such a mechanic) Should do absolutely no damage to a 60 ton tank.
  8. Helicopter Joystick Support

    I agree with this 100%. What's the point of introducing a collective flight mechanic if you're not going to allow joystick flight!?
  9. Defensive Class

    Right? Can't find the ones who'll take it too seriously if you just admit to baiting!
  10. Stop making vehicles useless.

    It really is a pain to drive off road because of the loss of speed. An Abrams tops out at 45mph, I don't think a 3% grade in the terrain should hinder that very much. And seriously, having coax would be SO much better as a secondary fire than as one you have to load independently. What's up with that? With thermals, I can only imagine how much of a pain it is to code that. Heat signatures, terrain temperature, the differences in how they appear. I doubt it's easy, but if BF2 PR had it, then come on guys!
  11. Squad Mortar Calculator App (Android)

    Apps like this are what makes Squad a better simulation of combat. Mortar fire definitely keeps people from going places the enemy doesn't want them! Much more fun than room clearing all the time.
  12. Stop crew taking damage in flipped vehicles

    This is more venting than it is a suggestion. Instead of only talking about a gameplay mechanic and what you don't like about it, might I suggest that you instead offer a solution so that it could be discussed further? For instance: Making the damage a direct consequence of fire that starts when a vehicle is flipped would better explain the loss of health. Does that really happen? Sure! Not always, but it is a potential hazard of a vehicle trying to drive upside down.
  13. 3rd Special Forces Group

    Bump We now have more than 10 members. Most of the time people like to play later in the evenings, after 1900EST, though we do have some that play earlier and others that go later.
  14. SQUAD could be amazing, but it lacks care

    I have noticed this too, and progressive leaning (which giammotto covers later in the post) would be a great concept to have in order to peak corners and over windowsills enough to engage the enemy while presenting yourself as small a target for them as possible. No, no they can't... professionals can definitely reload very quickly, notless than a second. 2.5 is about as fast as I could believe, but you have to consider that you have to realize "I'm out", get the magazine out of the pouch that you have to keep it from falling out on the move, clear the empty magazine, insert the new one, and charge the weapon. This is not a "Less than a second" operation. For someone to be able to do that is inhumanly fast, even if you drill it. This I agree with, the movements show no true sense of urgency. If I'm under fire and need my sidearm, I want that second weapon as fast as I can sling my primary over my shoulder and draw. Hold Shift to stabilize your weapon by holding your breath for those tougher long range shots. That's smart! I can honestly say in the years that I've played on and off, I've never even considered that move! That's pretty annoying. Giammotto goes on for some time about this "Lack of care" put into the game, but I disagree with that entirely. These developers have a tough job, bridging the gap between reality and gaming while still making it fun. With all the battle royal and CoD style shooters where it's every man for himself, they have a game where only teamwork will truly prevail. Yeah, there are a lot of flaws, but short of having experience or education in game development, who are we to tell them that they "Don't care"?