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  1. Free look / TrackIR Support

    I can't even believe we're still talking about TrackIR implementation. TrackIR support should have been added along time ago. Now there's choppers it's a no-brainer to have TrackIR support. Of course, people who don't own a TrackIR will be selfishly arguing against TrackIR support with some BS advantage argument. TrackIR makes games immersive and Squad should have implemented it years ago. All the little snotty nose cry babies who don't own a TrackIR will of course continue to argue against something that is just common sense.
  2. Sniping Massacre

    Even if you're using a bipod, once the weapon fires the recoil throws your last scoped target off. You're then having to reshoulder the weapon, realign your eye through the sights, control your breath whilst also possibly shuffling your legs around if your new target isn't near where you last shot. Your body has to lay naturally inline of your target. You cannot forcefully hold the rifle left or right to where you last shot as it will throw off the aim when the rifle's fired. Same when you squeeze the trigger. You have to slowly depress the trigger oppose to snatching it. Sniping requires the shooter to be calm and relaxed. If you have adrenaline you'll have better luck throwing the rifle at your target.
  3. Sniping Massacre

    I'm also ex-military and I've spent my fair share of time on the ranges, so I've got good insight to how realistic/unrealistic the simulation is. Arma3 did a pretty good job of the recoil and scopedrift, but of course, people complained because it stopped them being a god with the rifles. Anyone who believes that Squad's current simulation of sniping with a sniper's rifle is anything but an arcade game is deluded.
  4. Sniping Massacre

    Watched a video of the 'helicopter inserted marksman' and I wasn't impressed by the lack of scope drift, recoil, breathing, blur and fatigue. It looked a case of repeatedly and effortlessly just placing the mouse over the target and clicking whilst racking up the kills. It really looks just like shooting eels in a barrel. I'm hoping the devs will work on this. Although it begs the question why this hasn't been addressed yet as I would have thought it would have been a priority. I love sniping but the balance is way off and sniping is way too powerful and unrealistic.