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    There is so much toxicity on the internet, a very difficult topic for many developers and social media sites. It is impossible to tackle every little issue, but that's not what this post is about. When people step over the line, we're not talking about just abusive comments, people can be blocked/banned/deleted... it's when trolls go beyond that... - Seeking you out on Facebook, messaging friends / family members / calling your work. - Sending death threats online / via post. - Creating fake accounts to get around blocks / bans just to continue. - Editing medium / hate groups / channels just to continue. - Stalking online It's not just squad, but many games online brings together all characters. The developers are sick and tired of it all. You would expect adults to be mature and respectful, obviously that's not the case. You realise people commit suicide or self harm because of this, but that is probably funny to you. Start acting your ages, this is a computer game, but it is meant to be a mature community from Project Reality which has itself matured into this game. Take a look at yourself, take a look at how you are wasting your life. People play games to escape the reality of life / work. Not to come online and be harrassed. Grow up or get out. Developers should have the full power to game ban people that cross that line. Is this just a vent? Is it just a waste of time? Probably.